Recruiting Tech Talent: Where to Find Candidates?

Inna Coker
Talent Mapping Specialist

Skillful and diligent tech talents are always in the highest demand worldwide. Every company is hunting for the best specialists to accomplish its business goals. However, recruiting tech talent is a big challenge even for experienced recruiters because it requires deep worldwide knowledge of the IT markets. 

This article provides essential information about clever ways to source tech talent and how to make the hiring process smooth and flexible. 


Where to Find Top Tech Talent?

You should consider the best hiring destination to build a robust remote team. The country should fit your time-zone preferences, have a good number of software developers, affordable rates and income tax, competitive tech education, and English proficiency. Qubit Labs can recommend you to pay attention to the next IT outsourcing hubs: Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. These countries have shown a significant growth of IT specialists from 2017 to 2022. 

Country Number of IT specialists 2017 Number of IT specialists 2022 Amount of increase in %
Georgia 1,100 8,000 727%
Bulgaria 25,000 60,000 240%
Poland  250,000 400,000 160%
Ukraine 126,990  285,000 124%
Kazakhstan 110,000 160,000 45%
Azerbaijan  51,000 70,000 37%
Moldova 13,000 16,500 27%
Romania 170,000 187,781 10%


  • Georgia

Georgia has the lowest income tax in Europe and Central Asia which is only 1%.

  • Bulgaria

The country has competitive tech education and great English proficiency.

  • Poland

Polish software developers are focusing on Western tech market’s productivity and will be a cultural fit to any company.

  • Ukraine

Great number of software developers, one of the most attractive salary levels in Eastern Europe.

  • Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan supports the local programmers by holding various lectures, contests, and fairs aimed at helping technical experts meet and exchange ideas.

  • Azerbaijan

Software developers in Azerbaijan have one of the most affordable rates compared to other countries. The average salary starts from $700 depending on technology and experience. 

  • Moldova

Moldavian tech professionals are fluent in 2 languages at least, the most common being English, Russian, German and French.

  • Romania

Romania has an extremely law proccee if you would like to open an R & D center. It takes a few days to deal with law issues and payrols. 


If you don’t know where to find top tech talent, we also prepared platforms where you can attract new candidates: 

  • Linkedin

LinkedIn is the top job site and social media platform for professionals. The site has nearly 800 million users in more than 200 countries. More than 122 million job seekers have landed interviews through the platform. Plus, 36 million users have been hired by a connection they made on the site. LinkedIn is a great place to find out not only about candidates’ experience but their interests, hobbies, and culture. 


Indeed for employers, it is one of the most common websites for recruiting tech talent worldwide. The website has 100 million resumes and an audience of 200 million monthly users. In addition, they claim that 65% of new online hires come through their platform.


This platform gives you access to many accounts of the best candidates in Ukraine. You can get all resumes and contact details to get in touch with potential candidates or do posts of vacancies in your company, so people can contact you as well.

  • Djinni

It is an effective platform for seeking candidates in Ukraine. You get access to more than 50,000 profiles of tech specialists. In addition, you hire more experienced talent for less money, you save up to 40% on favorable taxes in Ukraine.

  • Monster

Monster is the platform which gives access to 14,7 million monthly users through their SearchMonster feature. SearchMonster ranks candidates based on your criteria. As a result, you don’t have to wait for candidates to apply to find out if they’re a good fit. Instead, you can view the candidates you’re matched with and chat with them directly on the platform.

  • ZipRecruiter

Another popular platform for searching for the best candidates. You can create job postings on ZipRecruiter and distribute them across 100 sites and 25 million monthly active users. Then the online job board scans thousands of resumes and identifies perfect-fit candidates, delivering an efficiency-boosting list of relevant specialists and inviting them to apply and interview. This site is perfect for looking for employees worldwide.

  • AngelList

This platform gives you access to their 3,2 million job seekers community, specifically developers, designers, and marketers. For recruiting top tech talent, you can use a few crucial tools like posting and promoting vacancies, integrating your applicant tracking system, creating a company profile, and gaining valuable insights. If you are looking for workers in the US and Western Europe – this platform will be a good match.


How to Attract Tech Talent?

We have prepared 9 simple tips on how to attract tech talent effectively and make the recruitment process quickly and smoother for both sides. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Offer New Opportunities

When you attract new tech talent, offer not only a job, but business opportunity, and an excellent environment for developing soft and hard skills for your team. Motivate your potential candidate with the opportunity of career growth and of course, salary increase and bonuses. Introduce your values, goals, and interests toward your candidate’s future development. 

  • Remote Work is the Future

Nowadays, most employees prefer working remotely instead of visiting the office. So, giving your future team the flexibility of doing their job wherever – increases your chances of recruiting tech talent. In fact, 30% of respondents told researchers they were more productive and engaged working from home according to the Chicago Institute. 

  • Create a Structured Interview 

Ensure your interview stages are logically structured, convenient, and flexible for participants. The interview should be organized to allow candidates to show their soft and hard skills. If you provide a test task for a potential candidate, give 2-3 days for it to be done, be careful, do not give a test task that may take more than 3 hours of work. As soon as it is done, ensure giving feedback quickly. 

  • Introduce Current Team Members

Let the candidates have the opportunity of getting in touch with the current team. It is always easier to feel if the person matches your company or not through the connection with other people. Moreover, your candidate will be able to realize if he likes your company and it fits with his values and point of view. 

  • Introduce Company Culture 

Before recruiting top tech talent, ensure they will fit your company’s culture and values well. Ensure you introduce them to your goals and priorities to build a strong business relationship. For example, introduce your company’s traditions, corporate events, meetings, opportunities to attend top conferences and summits, etc. 

  • Look Outside the Box 

You can find top tech talent everywhere, even in unexpected places with unusual backgrounds. So it is crucial sometimes to look outside the prominent tech hubs. For example, did you know about the great number of IT professionals in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova or Ukraine? If not, we kindly recommend you to take a closer look at these amazing destinations. 

  • Focus on Flexibility

Flexibility is a must to introduce before recruiting tech talent. Potential employees are looking for companies that can provide them an opportunity for flexible hours to focus on different things besides jobs like family, friends, sport, self-development, etc. Provide information about the number of paid sick leaves, vacations, bank holidays and just days off, so your employees can have a break and avoid burnout.

  • Don’t Forget the Goodies 

It is essential to introduce to a future candidate all advantages they could get by working with your company. For example, it could be good social and insurance packages, corporate events, paying bonuses, etc. 

  • Offer a Good Payment 

A good salary is one of the essential factors in how you can attract tech talents. But, do deep market research among salaries on the specific role. Talent mapping will be a great way to understand rates and salaries of different tech specialists in different countries. Outstaffing companies and recruiting agencies provide such service. 


Recruiting Tech Talent in 5 Steps 

If you are not sure about how to attract tech talent in a convenient way for both sides: company and potential candidates, there are five steps how to make the recruiting process easy and smooth:

  • Find Candidates 

If your company has a strong recruitment team who can find perfect candidates – you are all sorted. Or, if you have some experience in the field, you can always look for a great team yourself. However, if you want access to more tech talents in different tech hubs worldwide and to make the recruitment process quicker and cost-efficiently, message the outstaffing company. Outstaffing companies know the best IT hubs with a perfect amount of skilled and affordable specialists. 

  • Appealing Job Postings

Ensure your vacancies provide complete information about your company, requirements, and responsibilities for future team members. Job postings should be structured and easy to read. Don’t forget to tell them about opportunities they can get working in your company. In addition, job posts should include information about paid leaves, bonuses, schedule, etc.

  • Quick Feedback 

Usually, when tech talent applies for a new position, they do it for different companies, so it is in your interest to give feedback to a candidate as soon as possible. Of course, the perfect scenario is to provide an answer for each candidate within 2-3 working days. 

  • Convenient Interview Stages 

There shouldn’t be endless stages of interview, and if you have just three, it will be more than enough:

  1. introduction call with the recruiter, 
  2. hard skills check (test task), 
  3. visitation with the team lead or CEO

All three stages will open up the candidate’s hard and soft skills and experience. 

  • Introduce Your Team Members to the Candidate

When the final decision is made, it is time for onboarding. To make it smooth and easy for a candidate, introduce him to your current team. Again, the teamwork world is the best for adjusting. 



When you face the issue of where to find top tech talent, and you don’t have much experience in the recruitment process outsourcing and talent acquisitionQubit Labs is always ready to help. We know many clever ways to source tech talent in top IT hubs like Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan.

As real professionals, we are responsible for all hiring stages, from searching for candidates to interviewing them. Then, you just make a final decision and work with real IT experts.


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Talent Mapping Specialist
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