IT Outsourcing to Bulgaria: Destination with Amazing Perspectives

Inna Coker
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Updated 25 April, 2024

Software development outsourcing to Bulgaria describes an arrangement, in which an organization chooses to hire an external software development agency to effectively carry out all the tasks of a software development project that could be done in-house instead.

Bulgaria is a prospective destination for your investments for a few solid reasons. According to research from Clutch, there are over 2500 IT outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe and Bulgaria counts 400 outsourcing companies providing high-quality service and fast-growing R&D and software development destinations in the region. The market size, measured by revenue, of the Software Development in Bulgaria industry is €832.9 million in 2022. This article will provide you with an overview of the pros and cons of Bulgaria IT outsourcing from the experience of Qubit Labs team members, its biggest IT hubs, and a review of the average software developer salary made by our recruitment team. Let’s get started! 


IT Outsourcing in Bulgaria: Overview

Bulgaria is famous for its power in the IT field:

  • There are around 400 IT companies, which is impressive in a country with 7 million people.
  • In addition, if you decide to start cooperating with Bulgarian outsourcing companies you will be sure that you will find professionals with the right skillset since the country is ranked 8th in the world regarding the professionalism of programmers.
  • IT outsourcing in Bulgaria is a process that can bring to your business software developers who will fit your requirements at affordable prices. Moreover, finding and hiring such employees will cost you less than if you were looking for them in the United States or most other European countries.
  • Any investment will pay off as ROI will be much higher than the cost of software outsourcing to Bulgaria.
  • Finally, the government of the country welcomes such schemes of work as it is constantly working to improve the economy and promotes investment in the IT sector both internally and externally. 

IT outsourcing to Bulgaria offers a high-quality service for its clients and considers the issues of the development of successful strategic partnerships in outsourcing practices.


IT Outsourcing to Bulgaria Pros and Cons 

Of course, every destination will have its advantages and disadvantages. Our recruitment team has provided the strong and weak sides of IT outsourcing in Bulgaria, so it will be much easier for you to analyze all the pros and cons and make a decision about the opportunity to hire a team there. 

Pros of Outsourcing to Bulgaria

  • Strong Government Support 

The Bulgarian government aims to improve the country’s business environment by offering a range of incentives for foreign investors. The country currently has one of the lowest personal income tax rates in the European Union, and it provides fiscal citizenship to foreign nationals working in Bulgaria. As a result, IT outsourcing to Bulgaria has improved the country’s score in many rankings. Among other notable achievements are 17 on the Global Services Location Index in the 2021 A.T. Kearney ranking and an improved Ease of Doing Business score. 

  • Competitive Technical Education

More than 5,000 students graduate with technical degrees every year. There are over 38 academic institutions across Bulgaria. For the last five years, more than 10,800 Bulgarian students graduated in computer science, software development, mathematics, and statistics. In addition, specially developed academies such as Telerik and SoftUni support future developers’ fast-tracked but quality education in full-stack, back-end, front-end, and quality testing tracks. Furthermore, in 2022 AIBEST worked in collaboration with Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” to launch a master’s program in outsourcing. 

  • Big Tech Talent Pool

Bulgarian IT talent pool counts over 24,000 tech specialists with a high level of education, technological knowledge, and great experience in cooperation with foreign companies. These factors make outsourcing to Bulgaria sector one the most attractive for several reasons: convenient geographical location, strong work ethic, and membership in the EU (which comes with legal transparency and sound economics).

  • Good English Proficiency 

According to national statistics, there are 220 high schools that offer Information and communications technology education combined with professional English language courses. As a result, more than 70% of Bulgarian software developers are familiar with English. Furthermore, technical academies work closely with foreign and Bulgarian IT services companies to provide quality internships or first workplaces for graduates. These parameters indicate that Bulgaria can deliver on its promise of an agile, highly-skilled, and qualified IT workforce which makes outsourcing to Bulgaria quite attractive among other countries. 


  • Communication Issues 

However the high English proficiency among Bulgarian IT specialists, there is still a risk of having language issues and misunderstanding. For example, it could happen due to cultural differences, and time-zone differences which are relatively high with the US.

  • Onboarding an Augmented Team

Onboarding an augmented team can be challenging and time-consuming. However, consider contacting a talent-sourcing vendor like Qubit Labs to deal with that issue. Our practical experience in sourcing the requested candidates and deep understanding of the destinations’ market make scaling an in-house team with remote developers more accessible and efficient. 

As you can see there are far more advantages of outsourcing to Bulgaria than its weakness which deservedly make it one of the tech-centers of all Europe. 


Software Developer Salary in Bulgaria

Affordable rates and reasonable salaries are other attractive factor for foreign companies to hire software developers there. It ranges from $500 to $8700 per month. Let’s have a closer look at Bulgaria software developer salaries, collected by our recruitment team, based on technology and level of experience. 

Technology Junior Middle Senior
C# $1100-1800 $2000-3600 $4000-5400
C++ $600-1500 $1700-3500 $3700-5300
DevOps $900-1800 $2600-3200 $3900-5600
Java $650-1500 $1650-3500 $3700-5100
JavaScript $650-1850 $1800-3500 $3600-5500
Data Scientist $900-1800 $2200-3800 $4100-6000
Node.js $900-1900 $2000-3900 $3900-5700
Cybersecurity Specialist $550-1700 $1800-3700 $3700-5200
Python $800-1600 $1800-3500 $3600-5400
QA Automation $500-1400 $1400-2600 $2600-4000
Angular $800-1900 $1700-3700 $3700-5700
React Native $700-1600 $1800-3400 $3600-5200
Cloud Architect $1400-2200 $2400-3500 $3900-8700
Salesforce $900-1700 $1900-3700 $4000-5600


Outsourcing Companies in Bulgaria

Bulgaria counts more than 400 IT companies which are very well experienced with foreign companies. The biggest IT hubs in Bulgaria namely Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, and Burgas. IT outsourcing in Bulgaria is a process that provides you with the best-driven and motivated software developers who definitely match your business. 

Let’s have a look at the most popular outsourcing companies in Bulgaria.

  • Qubit Labs

Qubit Labs hires remote IT specialists in Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Brazil, and Mexico. We take care of talent mapping, talent acquisition, remote recruitment, onboarding and retention, payroll and taxes, HR management, and much more.

  • Bianor 

Provides the best service for its clients since 1998. It is an award-winning software outsourcing company with more than 20 years of experience in developing custom high-tech solutions for leading companies in the technology, media, telecommunications, and defense industries.  

  • CodeCoda Ltd

CodeCoda is an innovative global IT and BPO services, solutions, and provider, in one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. They were found to provide a stable way of working for their clients and being true to their understanding of true customer dedication and technical excellence.

  • Collabor8

IT services company focused on customer success and satisfaction. They use an amazing combination of strong and experienced R&D management and top European technical talents.​We bring offshore development costs to a local team experience.

  • Crazy Web Studio

It is a web development company that is focused on presentation to promote your business on the web and to find the best approach for this individual. Crazy Web Studio has projects in different fields and areas, and customers with different needs, but always works in one direction – to provide the best service for its clients. 


Outsourcing to Bulgaria With Qubit Labs: Get the Best Experience With Us

IT to Bulgaria gives you an unlimited opportunity to find software engineers from a prospective location with many benefits. If you still have any doubts or don’t know where to start – Qubit Labs will happily help you. 

Qubit Labs is an offshore team hiring services provider that makes building dedicated teams easy and risk-free. With us, you can scale your team by hiring vetted developers in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Mexico, and Georgia. You’ll focus on core business goals while we handle the back-office hassle.


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