Hiring in Georgia: Why is It a Top Spot For Finding Software Developers?

Vlada Sirosh
Research Specialist

Georgia is considered a top-notch spot for IT outsourcing because it offers unique opportunities for businesses. Many companies of different sizes opt for this country due to its specialized “free zone” focused on the IT sphere. Also, Georgia ranked 7th as the country in which it’s easy to establish a company in the annual global list named “Doing Business.” And it landed in 1st place among the countries of European and Central Asian regions

Qubit Labs considers Georgia one of the perfect locations for establishing a business. Many factors positively affect the growth of any company that hires developers in this destination. So, this article will tackle the peculiarities of the IT market in the country, cover simple outsourcing Tbilisi, and tell more about software developer salary Georgia.  


Benefits of Hiring a Top Developer in Georgia

Georgia has a unique geographical location because it’s the only country in the region that has a direct connection with the European infrastructure. Local authorities are considering turning the country into a digital hub, significantly affecting foreign companies’ chances of finding top developers in Georgia.

As for the main advantages of hiring a developer in Georgia and establishing an office in the country, these are the following:

  • Saving money on taxes. The IT businesses in Georgia aren’t subjected to the tax burden. Most firms that cooperate with foreign companies don’t have to pay taxes, including the tax on profit received outside of Georgia. 
  • Absence of bureaucratic impediments. You don’t need a stack of papers to register a company in Georgia. The main paper you need is a confirmation certificate. The paperwork takes no more than 10 days, and you don’t need any additional permits or licenses at all. 
  • Minimal requirements. You can create a company in the country by hiring only 1 developer in Georgia. Also,  your employees don’t have to be residents of the country. Notably, you can register the IT business remotely, so the person you hire may not even stay in the country, which is convenient.  
  • Convenient financial reporting terms. Georgia didn’t sign the international CRS Protocol. It obliges to introduce a single standard financial reporting and automatic exchange of information. So, when doing business in Georgia, you can be sure that the financial and banking institutions won’t be transferring your financial information to other countries or organizations. 

Also, the Georgian government puts significant effort into attracting IT businesses to the country. Now, it’s much easier for people to conduct business in Georgia than several years ago. Also, the country signed an agreement on the double taxation of double taxation elimination with over 50 countries.  


The Best Locations for Outsourcing in Georgia

Georgia has a notable amount of agreements about free trade with a number of countries. This makes it easier for the companies registered there to enter the international IT market. Speaking of the prominent software development hubs in Georgia, these are the following:


Tbilisi is a multi-national city with a modern and fast-developing infrastructure. The average software engineer salary in Tbilisi is around $800 per month, but it significantly depends on the tech stack and specialization. The city keeps growing in terms of the opportunities for tech specialists, introducing various regulations that help companies grow faster. Also, the software engineer salary in Tbilisi is probably one of the highest in the country because it’s the country’s capital.


This is the second-largest city in Georgia, so it also offers many local programmers opportunities for career advancement. Speaking of the average software engineer salary in Georgia, especially Kutaisi, it’s around $700–$750 per month. The rates are significantly lower than in the US because Georgia has a different level of economic stability. 


Batumi is probably one of the fastest-developing IT hubs in Georgia because many foreign companies opted for this city as a location for establishing their R&D offices. This city boasts an attractive software developer salary in Georgia, which is around $850–$950 per month. Also, local authorities support tech businesses that open their offices in the city by eliminating the amount of paperwork they need to get done.


Does Tech Education of Local Developers Make Hiring in Georgia Easier?

Georgia is an advanced country when it comes to technical education because it offers a diploma in different fields. The country has various technical colleges known for their refined curriculums and well-thought-out technical background. So, when graduating, the students have high theoretical and practical knowledge levels. 


The Average Software Developer Salary Georgia by Technology

It’s hard to name a specific salary of a top developer in Georgia because it’s uncommon for the local companies to mention this information online. Yet, we have managed to get the approximate numbers, which are the following:


Node.js $9,700
Unity $9,500
React $8,600
JavaScript $8,200
Java $7,500
Python $7,000
PHP $6,900


  • The average Node.js software developer salary in Georgia is $9,700 per year
  • A Unity specialist in Georgia earns around $9,500 yearly
  • When hiring in Georgia a specialist keen on React, the company pays around $8,600 per year to this developer
  • A mid-level web developer salary in Georgia is the same as the wage of a JavaScript programmer — about $8,200 annually
  • A top developer in Georgia who specializes in Java earns around $7,500 per year
  • The average Python software engineer salary in Tbilisi, and in Georgia in general, is around $7,000 per annum
  • An average PHP software engineer salary Georgia is $6,900 annually


Software Engineer Salary Georgia by Specialization

Now, let’s tackle the average software developer salary in Georgia by the area of the focus:

Front-end $7,800
Back-end $8,000
Full-stack $10,000


  • The average front end developer salary Tbilisi is around $7,800 yearly
  • A back-end developer in Georgia earns about $8,000 per year
  • The average full-stack developer in Georgia is paid approximately $10,000 per annum

(You can also check software engineer hourly salary in Georgia in our new article).


Hire Software Developers in Georgia with Qubit Labs

Qubit Labs is a professional outstaffing company that has been on the IT market for over 5 years. Our HR managers and software developers have significant experience working with Western companies. We focus on hiring software development engineers from Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Poland

You can build a dedicated development team, offshore development center, or R&D center with us. Also, we handle recruitment and relocation alongside all the activities related to finding and onboarding new employees.

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Vlada Sirosh
Research Specialist

Vlada Sirosh is a research specialist at Qubit Labs with 5+ years of experience working in the information technology and analytics industry.