Guide on IT Recruitment in Poland: All Tips Where to Look For the Best Candidates

Inna Coker
Talent Mapping Specialist

The IT sector in Poland is growing faster than we can imagine. And it is not surprising! The Polish tech market is competitive and full of skillful professionals from different industries. Do not forget about cultural fit, strong ethic, high level of education – it is all about polish software developers. In this article, Qubit Labs prepared useful facts about IT recruitment in Poland, how it works and if it is worth investing.


Why is IT Recruitment Poland Beneficial for Your Business?

Poland counts around 250,000 talented programmers and at least 1/3 of the Polish IT job market focuses on international projects. Moreover, 15,000 students with a concentration in information and communication technologies graduate from Polish universities each year. In addition more than 80,000 students are studying to become software engineers. As you can see, the country is full of skillful talents who focus on getting knowledge and work experience in the IT field and find themselves working for international companies and projects. 

There are many IT recruitment agencies in Poland which provide their clients with quality research and recruiting of best tech talents in Poland and other countries. 


Pros and Cons of IT Recruitment in Poland 

So now, let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of recruiting software engineers in Poland, so you can easily analyze if this country suits your requirements. 


  • Strong and Skillful Workforce

As we mentioned above Poland is a country with highly-skilled software developers and the number of new talents keeps growing significantly. The Polish IT market is expanding at a steady rate of between 5%-10% per year. According to the BulldogJob report, Java and JavaScript are the most popular programming languages in Poland, and when it comes to the programming languages that developers want to learn, Python is number one. Polish game developers are also known as one of the best worldwide.

  • Cultural Similarity 

Polish programmes are strongly orientated on Western market work culture and extremely easy-going personalities. You can make sure, if you hire coders from Poland they will easily integrate in your corporate culture. They also differ from other nationalities being hard-working and diligent individuals. 

  • Convenient Time-Zone

Poland has a perfect geographical location and a great time zone for the majority of countries. Moreover, the country provides many direct flights to the US, UK and other countries in Western Europe. For example, it is only 8 hours and 30 minutes from Warsaw to New York.


  • More Expensive Recruiting 

Compared to other countries like Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan or Azerbaijan, IT recruitment in Poland is relatively more pricey due to different factors like economic situation, taxes, fees, lifestyle, etc. Based on these factors IT recruitment agencies in Poland charge more for their service.


Rates of IT Recruitment Agencies in Poland Per Hour 

According to Clutch the cost of IT recruitment services in Poland will depend on the company’s portfolios, cases, range of services they provide and range of countries they can recruit for you. 

On average IT recruitment agencies in Poland charge from $25-$50 per hour minimum, and the rate can go up to $100 per hour of their services.


Average Salaries of Tech and Non-Tech Specialists in Poland

According to the most popular salaries resources like Salary Explorer, Glassdoor and, we have presented average monthly salaries of the most popular specializations on tech and non-tech specialists.

Specialisation Salary per Month
Front-End $1,500-$3,000
Back-End $1,550-$3,200
Full-Stack $1,150-$3,000
QA $1,443-$2,500
Technical Support $1,300-$2,000
Marketing Manager $1,800-$2,600
Project Manager $1,300-$2,500


List of IT Recruitment Agencies in Poland

Let’s take a closer look at top IT recruitment agencies Poland which simplify your choice among tons of others companies

  • Qubit Labs

Company focuses on IT recruiting, RPO and IT outstaffing of the best professionals in the tech sector. Qubit Labs cooperates with many international companies worldwide and is looking for experts in the top tech hubs of Europe and Central Asia. 

  • RemoDevs

Company provides recruiting tech talents and hiring the best software engineers from Poland, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Has many clients from Europe, USA and Israel. Recognized for the quality of candidates, lightning speed of recruitment, and effective recruitment processes.

  • DevsData LLC 

Tech recruitment agency specializing in challenging projects. Extensive vetting process of the candidates and very high clients’ satisfaction rate is what they are recognized at. 

  • DNA325

It is a global digital recruitment agency connecting international companies with European and Latin American candidates. Company implements unique and structured recruiting methods into the process and possesses the skills and tools necessary for successful hiring of the world’s best talents.

  • dotLinkers IT Recruitment

Recruitment company that provides companies from all around the world with best tech talent. They focus on recruiting and hiring processes, helping with integration and onboardings.

  • Team Up IT Recruitment 

IT recruitment agency Poland dedicated to delivering impactful value by inspiring real teamwork. They have a unique team sourcing method and help foreign companies  achieve their IT development goals.


It is an IT recruitment company that provides the greatest candidates based on the knowledge and experience gained throughout the years. Each recruitment process they approach in the same way – by getting involved in 100%.

  • Talentplace

IT is an innovative recruitment approach based on the community of professional recruiters spread around Europe. Their  model allows us to transform the hiring process to make it more efficient, cost effective and 100% successful.

  • About HR

Company  is specialized in IT recruiting and executive search. The agency has been on the market since 2012. Among their clients are companies from 20+ countries all over the world, including the USA, Israel, Canada, Germany, Poland, Romania etc. 

  • Talenger

Recruitment company that focuses on IT with a great experience in recruiting experts for demanding projects. Within this time, they  matched hundreds of people with IT market leaders.

  • Alcor

Alcor is an international recruitment service provider that offers an alternative to the traditional IT outsourcing model: your own Software Development Center fully backed by our recruitment support. They have 40 tech recruiters on board, we can offer access to 600,000+ IT talents in Poland, Romania, and other Eastern European countries 

  • FlairHub

Company focuses on connecting world-class developers with international companies. Their services allow  you to quickly and transparently discover developers through their platform. With 25 000+ engineers, interview chosen developers, and hire full-time, pre-vetted developers shortlisted to fit your requirements. 

  • Bee Talents

IT recruitment agency Poland that focuses on quick progress and growth by recruiting and hiring experts worldwide for international companies. Their long experience in recruitments allows them to find the best talent easily. 

  • Perception Box

Company helps with recruiting, hiring, onboarding and other hassles that companies can face. They speed up the process of product development by building and scaling your software teams and R&D centers with top remote talent (flexible staffing and full-time staffing).


IT recruitment company based on technical knowledge and great organizational skills. They provide comprehensive IT Recruitment services like IT permanent recruitment, IT body leasing and IT recruitment leasing.

  • Next Technology Professionals 

Agency focuses on providing the best IT specialists in a positive, respectful and innovative way. From conducting over 500 recruitments throughout 6 years of operation, they know what problems employees of both startups and corporations face. 


How to Choose IT Recruitment Agency Poland

As you can see Poland is a great tech hub with numerous recruitment agencies which are ready to provide you with their services. But how to choose which will match your budget, goals and needs? There are few tips of how to choose recruitment agency and what to pay attention at:

  • Company Values

You will definitely find a perfect match with the agency which has strong values and oriented on results and make sure their clients are perfectly satisfied with their service. If you have the same point of view and are motivated to accomplish the same goals – you have a match.

  • Interview the Agency 

When you are on the way to start cooperation with an IT recruitment agency Poland, ask as many questions as you need to understand the company’s services (it recruitment, remote recruitment, talent mapping, etc.) conditions, ask for a portfolio and similar cases. All of these will give you an immediate impression of whether or not they are capable of meeting your needs. Think about such queries and dig deeper into their background. This will reveal how prepared and professional they are, as well.

  • See How Recruiters Work

Check the experience and diligence of the recruiters. You can talk to them directly and ask what their methods are. You can also ask how they source candidates. Seeking actively on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and others are given. This is effective because you know that there are individuals there looking for employment.

  • Check Your Budget 

Being cost-efficient it’s a crucial thing for every business. Make sure you and your agency you choose have the same expectations about payments. Discuss in advance about agency fees and any extra payment if there is some. 

  • Perfect Fit 

At the end of the day, we start to cooperate with people we are the most comfortable with. Make sure you feel good and secure with your agency. If you find the team of the agency to be motivated, easy-going and diligent individuals – that’s probably the right thing to go with them. 

If you are still a bit unsure about what agency to choose – we know one that has all features and benefits that we mentioned above. Get the best recruiting experience with Qubit Labs. We provide high-quality expertise about each candidate, have a variety of services you need and can find the greatest experts from the most prospective tech destination. 


Wrapping Up

As you can see, IT recruitment in Poland can significantly simplify your journey of looking for the perfect team. Choosing any recruitment agency is easy, but choosing the right recruitment agency for you can pose more of a challenge. With Qubit Labs you minimize any stress and hassles about IT recruitment and receive the best tech talent to fill any skill gaps in your company. 


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