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Social application helping family members

You will be a part of our client’s company, which is a social application helping family members to keep in touch with each other even when spread around the world and traveling every day for work. The company is built by 2 co-founders: the CEO lives in San Francisco, CTO is living in Japan. The marketing team is based on the east coast in the US. They have remote working in their blood from the beginning. They recently left their incubator and are now recruiting their first team members to help them develop and improve the product.

React Native Developer

Kyiv Qubit Labs

Digital Agency & Software Development Company

The company develops high-end bespoke software & applications, mobile apps, and websites across all commercial and not-for-profit sectors. It is based in London with a growing office in Barcelona. It has 3 development teams, and you will be joining one of them. You will work on a new project that has just started, so it’s a great opportunity to prove yourself.

Senior Front End Engineer (Vue.JS)

Kyiv, Ukraine Qubit Labs

Digital platform for instant lending and learning portal

You will join a company that holds products for clients and ships them when people buy things; it’s similar to Amazon. The company currently works on developing an application that will deliver a seamless and elegant user experience. As a senior full-stack engineer, you will work with several other teams, namely those engaged in backend development, UI/UX, product, and design.

Full Stack Software Engineer

Kyiv, Ukraine Qubit Labs

Digital Marketing Agency

Our client is a Digital Marketing Agency, which designs high-end user experiences. Also, it delivers high-value traffic targeted for specific markets. It aims to develop a unique CMS system, which will help create efficient solutions and optimize the websites’ performance. The company highly values flexibility and follows a Kanban-like approach to work. You will join a close-knit team, which strives for innovations and changes and provides an excellent working environment, inspiring you to achieve new heights.

Platform Where Brands Find Their Influencers

A project which aims to help brands to tap into the social side of social media. It enables capitalizing on authentic social connections and consists of several microservices from the technical point of view. The company is developing a project focused on analyzing their customers’ content and giving recommendations based on the received information. You will work in an inspiring and creative environment, which is committed to using technology to ensure effective and transparent communication.

Middle PHP Developer

Kyiv Qubit Labs

Platform for Products Digitalization in 3D

A company focused on creating a platform for 3D-Configurations, mass image production, realistic 3D models and data preparation, working as a 3D visual studio for 4 years. Company decided to expand its team, which currently has 10 members, including 3D artists and programmers. You will help the company to bring the existing platforms on another level and introduce updates.

Web Cybersecurity SaaS Startup

Join a cybersecurity SaaS startup from Israel that solves the biggest challenges in Web Client-side Security. Our client is looking for a developers who will become a part of the research and development team for a long-term and embark on building the next-generation Web security product. The company has a well-reputed board with several major funding rounds and exits in Cybersecurity in the past years. You will work with strong and breakthrough tech in a top-tier remote team.

3D Video Chat Platform

Our client is a startup headquartered in Silicon Valley. As a part of a team you will join the project focused on improving the existing product, a 3D video chat platform built for business-social events. The product helps people to stay in touch while providing them with top-notch digital visualizations. The existing team has three developers, and you will work alongside them to help accelerate the company's product roadmap. You will work on a promising project, standing at the origins of the product, which might turn the industry of video chat platforms upside down.

Wroclaw-based Development Company

Our client is a Wroclaw-based company, which specializes in JavaScript technology. It works with customers from all over the world, including the UK, Germany, Norway, Australia, and the US. Millions of people use the applications created by the company. You will be a part of the team that values honest feedback, strives to deliver excellent results, and aims to make the developers feel proud of their work. The vacancy implies working as an outsourced employee, which is a great opportunity to become a part of the thriving international company and take part in different international projects.

React Native Developer

Kyiv, Remote Qubit Labs

Local Home Services Platform

A British project created from scratch aims to change the industry of local domestic services. Our client’s product helps to facilitate the process of ordering the home services by reserving them along with one’s neighbors. For example, if the client needs to repair the boiler, he/she will minimize the expenditures on this service by sharing the price with the neighbor. So, our client wants to set up a development team in Ukraine, that will join a UK team which currently consists of six professionals. Alongside, you will create an innovative platform in the home services industry.

Last-Mile Delivery App

Our client is a brand-new marketplace with the support of venture capital, which connects businesses and couriers, specializing in last-mile delivery. The company aims to reassess the working conditions of delivery agents because they are the core of the delivery market. As a  Full Stack JavaScript developer, you will be a part of the project, focused on creating the product, which will enhance the couriers' communication, transparent and fair payment, and route optimization. Our client is passionate about the projects it makes. So, you will work in a team of professionals following game-changing ideas.

B2B and B2C Applications Development

A software development company specializing in creating B2B and B2C applications,  mobile and web solutions needs an experienced professional to be involved in the ongoing project. Moreover, it produces solutions optimized for certain devices, as well as corporate software designed for streamlining business processes and enhancing their efficiency. You will join the local team from Ukraine, including two Senior Back-end developers, a junior Front-end developer, and a UX-designer.

Senior Front-End developer

Kyiv, Ukraine Qubit Labs

Shopping Loyalty CRM

You will join our client’s team to work on one of the leading shopping applications. The tech company you will be working at is a dynamic and rapidly expanding business, which provides full customer involvement, software, CRM and Loyalty services. It cooperates with top international property developers, malls, and retailers. You will have a great chance to work in the company, the products of which are used by over 17 million consumers in more than 5,000 locations.

Mobile developer

Kyiv, Ukraine Qubit Labs


City-builder simulation game that offers an exceptional opportunity to develop 3 interlinked zones. The in-game economic system is comprised of Farming, Industrial and City sectors. It provides players with a rich simulation that includes zoning, roads, services and more importantly crafting of both industrial and farming goods that are needed to make citizens strive.

Senior Unity Developer

Kyiv Qubit Labs

Senior Game designer

Kyiv, Ukraine Qubit Labs


Qubit Labs is the partner for tech companies around the globe. We build and maintain remote development teams and offices for IT-product companies from USA, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, and Israel. You can be a part of core team that work directly with advanced enterprise and startups teams, work gain knowledge and grow together with the best mentors and engineers.

Junior PR Manager

Kyiv, Ukraine Qubit Labs

IT Recruiter

Kyiv, Ukraine Qubit Labs


We are a team of self-driven professionals, passionate about new technologies and creative ideas. Our company is committed to excellence and strong knowledge sharing. Each employee is a proactive member and drives our business forward. Our primary goal is to provide build and maintenance development teams in Ukraine for an international product companies with the exclusively good services by creating a unique atmosphere of mutual understanding and friendship inside.


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