Talent Acquisition Specialist Salary: Worldwide Overview

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Successful companies are built by successful people. Nowadays, it is a big challenge to find specialists with outstanding hard and soft skills, matchable mentality, experience, etc. It has to be more than just an excellent recruiter to find specialists for long and productive cooperation. It would be best if you had an expert who deeply understands your company’s needs and values. This job is for a talent acquisition specialist.


What is a Talent Acquisition Specialist?

A talent acquisition specialist is a part of the HR team but has a more specific and narrow-profile role in a company. They source, attract and interview prospective employees to find the perfect match for a company’s long-term goals.

Moreover, such people build a business strategy for the company’s development and team growth. They focus on finding specialists who will fit not only the company’s requirements but will be a match to corporate culture, brand, values, and goals. Due to deep analysis, they consider which talent you will need soon and which one will be in demand in the future.

Responsibilities of a talent acquisition specialist include:

Responsibilities of a talent acquisition specialist


Talent Acquisition Coordinator Salary in the USA

We have analyzed annual salaries in the US to find out the annual talent acquisition specialist salary.

State Average Salary
Florida $57,500
Georgia $55,000
New York $65,000
Texas $60,000
California $65,000
New Jersey $74,550
Virginia $62,621
North Carolina $60,000
Ohio $52,500
Michigan $54,600
Illinois $65,000
Pennsylvania $55,000
Arizona $65,000
Washington $60,714


Overall, our IT salary survey shows that talent acquisition salary is relatively high in the United States. It will also vary based on the state and level of skills and experience of specialists. In the USA, talent acquisition manager salary ranges from $55,000 to $74,550, based on the state.


Talent Acquisition Specialist Salary Worldwide 

Talent acquisition specialists are demanded in every country. However, based on different factors like cost of living, taxes, economic situation, income taxes, yearly bonuses, talent acquisition manager salary vary significantly in different countries.

Talent Acquisition Specialist Salary Worldwide 

Country  Average Salary
Canada $63,108
India $6,076
Australia $80,000
Philippines $7,163
Kenya $6,500
Singapore $8,000
UK $49,000
Germany  $42,000
Japan $45,422
Ukraine $11,000
Poland $23,000
Georgia $9,766
Bulgaria $18,000
Moldova $14,064
Romania $10,897
Kazakhstan  $16,056
Azerbaijan  9,000


The highest talent acquisition salary we found in Australia and Canada with $80,000 and $63,000 yearly income. Germany, Japan, and the UK are countries with high-standard lifestyles and stable economies, which make talent acquisition salary relatively high, approximately $45,000 on average.


Difference Between Recruiting and Talent Acquisition 

Although talent acquisition and recruiting have a similar goal of closing skill gaps, they are relatively different.

Recruiting focuses more on dealing with current open positions in the company and trying to find specialists as soon as possible. In contrast, talent acquisition focuses on cooperation in the long run. Recruiting is there when you need to fill vacant roles quickly. There’s a clear short-term goal: fill the job and move on to the next.

Talent acquisition is an ongoing process of attracting and engaging talent with specific niches, skills, experiences, and perspectives. It’s also more strategic. It plans for many current and future business needs and is flexible enough to adapt as those needs change.

As you can see, recruiting and talent acquisition share the same goals, but focus and responsibility are different.

Respectively, talent acquisition manager and recruiter salaries will be slightly different. Let’s see how they range in popular tech hubs worldwide.


Recruiter vs. Talent Acquisition Specialist Salary

We have picked a few top tech countries to compare the difference between recruiting and talent acquisition salaries. We calculated how much recruiters and talent acquisition specialists earn per year.

Country Recruiter Salary TA Specialist Salary
USA $50,000 $56,000
UK $34,427 $49,000
Poland $17,000 $23,000
Ukraine $8,000 $11,000
India $4,500 $6,076
Australia $75,000 $80,000
Kenya $4,330 $6,500


Based on our research, talent acquisition manager salary is a bit higher than recruiters. It is because talent acquisition requires more specific skills and knowledge like analytical skills, building strategy, understanding different brands’ goals and values, and attracting talents effectively.


Final Thoughts

Talent acquisition specialists will be essential to your company’s growth. Real professionals can attract the best-skilled candidates who will build your company with passion. But talent acquisition salary is relatively high; for some companies, it can break a budget.

If you want to create a strong company successfully and cost-efficiently – work with Qubit Labs. We provide a great package that includes talent mapping, talent acquisition, recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes. This option will be a handful for startups and medium businesses that don’t need to hire a huge in-house HR team. You receive all-in-one with us. We support you in all growing stages, from building the strategy to a smooth adjustment process for your new team members.


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