We know that sometimes it is hard to cope with a bundle of problems rolling over you like a snowball, especially if they are the technical ones. That is the main reason we developed a remote technical support program. You do not have to deal with all that complicated code and other stuff anymore as Qubit Labs is here for you to help you and solve your technical issue in no time.


Qubit Labs is an Estonian Software Development House with R&D office in Ukraine that helps bring your creative and innovative ideas to life. Daily we work side by side with our clients from Europe, USA, and Canada to empower their projects with additional resources they need. We are a responsive, agile team that is head over heels with modern cutting edge technologies and fine taste in design. We pride ourselves on being fundamental in our work and bring tech outsourcing to the highest standard. Qubit Labs is a reliable outsource development partner. That is the main reason why we are also great technical support to our clients. We work daily with different projects and have enough experience to fix almost any bug. Let us be a technical support for your business.


Qubit Labs can do all types of outsource technical support and customer care for the project we developed, starting from minor changes like adding a contact form to your online store to complex 24/7 technical support solutions for large corporations that need to maintain continuously flawless work of their tech system.


The main reason of getting an outsource tech support is that it is more effective to hire a qualified group of people able to deal with different types of tech problems faster than a customer on his or her own. Small business IT support provided by Qubit Labs includes managing your tech issues needing only a couple of hours of tech help per month to support the work of your website. It is always better to outsource this type of work to an agency than to a freelancer because the former is responsible for the quality of the services it provides to a customer and you can be sure that your inquiries will be addressed timely and effectively.

But not only small and medium business can be a customer of an outsource tech support company. Large corporations often outsource their tech support to optimize costs. It is cheaper to hire a team of 5 tech support engineers in Ukraine than 2 in the USA arranging a proper workplace for them, providing them with social compensation package and paying employment taxes. In the era of global Internet communications it is unnecessary to sit in the same office to work effectively together. That is why it is a very wise decision to outsource your tech support to professionals. Qubit Labs has prepared three standard offers for you to choose the one which suits your needs better.

Standart support
-20% discount if billed annually
  • 10 hours of monthly outsource tech support
  • Personal account manager
  • Fixing of minor bugs in 24 hours since the customer inquiry
Enterprise support
  • 100 hours of monthly outsource tech support
  • Personal account manager
  • Online fixing of the minor bugs
  • A dedicated team of support engineers that will be working only for you

Choosing the right outsourced technical support is absolutely critical if you work with customer engagement because of the variety of online stores and services. Moreover, if your website or mobile app does not work in the way it is supposed to, there’s a big chance that your customer can leave without buying from you to find a service that has no tech problems. Qubit Labs can help you minimize this possibility of losing customers by providing a qualified outsource tech support. Rest assured that we will work tirelessly to provide you with the qualified services no matter what size your company is. Outsource tech support is also a good idea when you have a season-influenced business because you can upgrade or downsize your team easily to fit your current need for tech support. For example, online stores often face problems with their websites on Black Friday or during Christmas season when all the people try to buy presents and need 24/7 support to make sure that the website is up and works the way it should. Having a broken website during these holidays means losing a large part of the profit and may even cause bankruptcy of a company. But what to do if your in-house engineer is on vacation and you need to fix some bug immediately? If you have an outsource vendor to support you it is a piece of cake. Qubit Labs is always ready to be at hand for you when you are in need of a reliable outsource partner for your business.


Apart from the outsource tech support of your web and mobile apps, we also can develop new features for them. Qubit Labs can do the UI/UX design, software development, quality assurance, project management, SEO, SMM, PPC, and copywriting. Our customer gets a team of experienced professionals that have done tens of projects and are willing to share their extensive expertise with you to make effective and innovative technical products together.


If you need a reliable partner to take care of your software and help maintain its stable work, Qubit Labs has all the needed expertise to support you daily with your project. Qubit Labs will be your first-aid tech support if you decide to give us an opportunity to work for your business.