What kinds of software outsourcing services Qubit Labs provide?

Qubit Labs performs software engineering outsourcing services as the team’s recruitment based on your individual needs. We can also compile an expert team of developers for relocation to your main office in case you need to expand your in-house team. Here you can also find agile outsourcing services, all kinds of IT consulting.

Where Qubit Labs can hire developers for my project?

We can hire developers in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

What programmers can I employ?

We offer a wide variety of IT specialists, including developers and engineers, testers, software analysts, project managers. Our team also includes experts in DevOps engineering and UX/UI development.

In what programming languages do you produce custom enterprise software?

With a large number of IT specialists in locations where we hire, there are no limits to the programming languages and technologies we provide. Qubit Labs can locate any professional for your project based on your needs and specifications. To date, the most popular programming languages include:

  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python

Rarer, newer languages are also actively embraced by local developers, so you may find any needed specialist with us. Contact us with your requirements, and we’ll do the job for you.

How much does outsource development work cost?

Qubit Labs starts recruiting software developers for free; once the team is set up, you’ll pay a fixed monthly fee that consists of the developer’s salary, taxes, vendor’s services like HR management of your remote dedicated team, providing them with equipment, etc.

In which location will my outsourcing development team work?

Qubit Labs hires remote developers and build remote teams in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

How much does the team’s creation cost?

Qubit Labs sets up your team, charging the clients monthly for HR management of your team, providing it with the needed equipment and software, etc.

Do you handle the HR and administrative routines as well?

Yes, we’ve got you completely covered with our HR and administrative personnel support. Once you set up a team with Qubit Labs, you receive a personal manager keeping you informed about the team’s progress while you manage software development or any other project type. The legal experts and accountants of Qubit Labs manage all the payroll and taxation documentation so that you don’t need to deal with any paperwork.

Can I come to my dedicated team at the Qubit Labs office?

Yes, it would be great to greet your team in person and make a personal acquaintance before starting to work together. Personal meetings are good at establishing trustful, committed working relationships in the software outsourcing business. If you wish to organize business trips, contact us and will help you with additional information.

What intellectual property protection do you offer?

Qubit Labs is seriously engaged in the protection of clients’ intellectual property. We sign NDAs with each developer as an IT software outsourcing company, but the clients should also do the same to enhance their property protection.

How does Qubit Labs assist my dedicated team?

We make sure that your dedicated team is on track and working productively. Retention managers of Qubit Labs organize team building activities to improve the staff’s morale and satisfaction. You, as a client, can also invest in the developers’ professional training by letting them attend all local technology conferences and events on offshore software product development.

How will I manage my dedicated team?

We host your dedicated team, but its only manager is you. You may assign a Project Manager to it at your home office or instruct us to hire an additional team member – the part-time or full-time Team Lead overseeing the team’s work, planning and monitoring it, and reporting to you on the progress.

Can I hire one outsourcing code development specialist?

Yes, Qubit Labs can do it for you. You can always start with one dedicated developer and expand the team on demand.

Can you host large development teams?

Yes, Qubit Labs has enough resources to meet the large-scale software product outsourcing needs of clients. You can expand your dedicated team as much as your project requires.

Do I need to handle the team setup expenditures when hiring software outsourcing services?

No, you don’t as Qubit Labs has advanced IT software and handles the entire complex of IT needs for your company once the team starts working on your project, including all the software and hardware required for the developers, and the legal/employment documentation.

How much time will you need to create my software outsourcing development team?

On average, the recruitment process doesn’t exceed 4-6 weeks, but with rare skill sets and innovative technologies, the search for a perfect match for your project may take a bit longer. To get a precise estimate of the timeframe and the approximate rates, contact our managers with an inquiry.

How do outsourced software product development companies deal with the time zone difference?

Offshore software development inevitably involves time zones’ differences. Here are the strategies of Qubit Labs to ensure a significant time overlap with the client’s office:

  • Discussing the time overlap requirements with the client;
  • Setting visual schedules for overlapping hours;
  • Setting up several efficient communication channels;
  • Scheduling joint meetings with the client’s in-house team during the overlapping hours;
  • Consulting and implementing project management software.
Why choose a custom software company instead of collaborating with freelance developers?

It’s much better to hire an offshore software company instead of a group of freelancers because:

  • The developer works only on your project;
  • You are in full control of the software development processes;
  • Our team takes proper care of the smooth and hassle-free workflow of your dedicated team;
  • The company signs an NDA with you, thus guaranteeing protection from data leakage;

Your project is handled with expertise and professionalism.

Will an offshore outsourcing software development company keep my sensitive data intact?

Qubit Labs is a reliable, professional company with many years of spotless reputation in the market. Thus, data security is our number one priority. We sign NDAs with clients before starting the work and take additional measures for keeping all project details confidential, and all our developers sign individual NDAs with us. NDAs between a developer and a client may also be signed on demand.