What is Talent Mapping and How It Helps Your Business?

Inna Coker
Talent Mapping Specialist

The IT sector is the fastest developing industry in the world. Nowadays, more and more companies prefer to hire remote teams to accomplish their business goals as it has many benefits. 

However, choosing the country where you will hire your team is a big challenge, especially if you have specific requirements for your future team. Talent mapping is what can help you to choose the destination. We have prepared an article where you can find all essential facts and benefits about talent mapping and why you should try this service from us.


What is Talent Mapping?

Talent mapping means deep research, including the calculation of tech and non-tech specialists in every industry or specialization you need. In addition, talent mapping includes research about salaries, rates, level of education worldwide. It also helps to identify new roles necessary to fulfill the evolving company strategy. It is part of the annualized strategic process or shortly after that. 

Talent mapping is an essential step when you are looking for your team extension but struggling about choosing a country. After the talent mapping analysis it will be extremely simple for you to choose the right destination full of candidates you want. 


What is Talent Mapping in Recruitment?

Talent mapping refers to the set of practices that enhance an organization’s talent acquisition. Talent mapping in recruitment includes finding the required talent and putting them in the right roles. This is a recurring activity that keeps evolving with changing business requirements.


Benefits of Talent Mapping

  • Surrounds You With Great People 

If you require special skillest for your company, talent mapping works the best as far as hiring is concerned. It provides you with new insights about the workforce of each country you are interested in. 

  • Reduces Extra Expenses 

You can hire as many people as you need and don’t need to worry about extra expenses and any additional fees. With talent mapping it is also quite simple to predict your budget and use it efficiently. 

  • Builds Strong Team 

Talent mapping in recruitment tech talent gives you an opportunity to build your own team just the way you want. You can choose from thousands of skill sets, experience, education, etc. Surrounding yourself with the right people will grow your business significantly fast. Talent mapping also should be a part of your talent acquisition process.

  • Scales Your Current Workforce

Talent mapping helps companies grow strategically. Rather than wasting time and money on unnecessary hires, it allows you to prioritize open positions that will have the biggest impact on company growth.

  • You Focus on Your Goals

Instead of spending your valuable time on the research candidates, analyze the market, compare rates and salaries – a company that provides talent mapping does it all for you.


How to Build Talent Mapping Strategy?

However talent mapping is beneficial in many aspects, it is quite challenging to do it by yourself. First of all, it is time consuming and requires certain knowledge about the market. To prevent such a headache we would recommend a talent mapping service from a real experts.

Qubit Labs will build a detailed strategy for you. We will help you to identify perfect locations with a great number of candidates that fit your needs. We search and analyze the amount of tech specialists, level of education in the country, English proficiency, salaries, income taxes, etc. After the detailed research we provide you with a list of candidates that are perfectly matched with your company’s needs.


How to Do Talent Mapping: Talent Mapping Process

  • Talent mapping starts even before vacancy in your company starts to exist. Everything begins with a description of your perfect candidate persona, his experience, proficiency, level of skills, budget, and preferable time zone. 
  • Then we help you with options of perfect destinations, and the search begins. Talent mapping includes analyzing the number of IT specialists, rates, salaries, level of education in the country, English proficiency, etc.
  • We always stay in touch with you while providing the best options for potential candidates, their benefits, and their interests until you choose the perfect fit. We will send you a list of the best candidates after the research.
  • If you need help with the recruiting, interviewing, and outsourcing processes, Qubit Labs will happily help you with that. We have a vast spectrum of services that helps you build your remote team.


Reasons Why Companies Need Talent Mapping 

  • Personal Approach 

Talent mapping allows you to find specialists who match your company’s needs and requirements. You can choose among thousands and thousands of talents worldwide and choose the best leaders in the field. 

  • Saves Your Time 

Searching for suitable candidates yourself in different countries is overwhelming and time-consuming. So instead of doing it yourself, give professionals who know all talent mapping tips and tricks.

  • Provides Best Talent 

With talent mapping, you get a list of candidates that fit all your requirements and can grow your business quickly. With this service, you can cover the skill gap in your company easily and cost-efficiently.

  • Easy Scaling

Talent mapping is also needed to cover new company roles and crave new talent. Qubit Labs can always provide you with a list of new talent worldwide. 


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a company that provides careful and high-quality talent mapping, constantly learns new things about the IT world, and follows market trends – message Qubit Labs. We provide talent mapping worldwide with deep market research to find specialists that fit your needs and budget. 


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Inna Coker
Talent Mapping Specialist
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