IT Outsourcing to Moldova as an Opportunity to Put Your Business on New Level

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When we talk about hiring developers in Eastern Europe, we always think about Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, etc. Sure, IT developers there are experienced and diligent specialists, but most people don’t even know about one country with a big talent pool in the IT sector. This country is full of specialists in data analytics, UI/UX design, development of software, application, mobile software development, and even data visualization. Don’t forget a great location, reasonable salaries, and outstanding educational level. And it is all about Moldova. Are you surprised? We are not, and there are a few reasons why hiring in Moldova is an excellent decision for your business. 


What Are the Benefits of IT Outsourcing to Moldova

Moldova is a promising and fast-growing IT area with many young, driven, ambitious developers with immense experience and plummy portfolios. So if you think about IT outsourcing to Moldova, you should pay attention to the following benefits:


  1. Excellent IT education 

Approximately 2,000 IT students graduate every year from technical universities in Moldova, and most of them work in companies that offer software outsourcing services. The Technical University of Moldova and the State University of Moldova, among others, are top-ranked universities. This is because they produce talented engineers and developers every year. In addition, most Moldovan professionals are fluent in 2 to 3 languages at least, the most common being English, Russian, German and French.


  1. Convenient time zone 

The UTC+2 time zone makes Moldova quite convenient to communicate with and communicate with the Western market without any issues. The geographic point is also well-located as it is only 2-3 hours away from central European locations. In addition, there is a visa-free entrance for citizens to the majority of countries.


  1. Great experience working in IT for foreign companies 

The IT industry in Moldova employs around 12,500 people. Most of them are involved in the export of services meaning that they are engaged with outsourcing and outstaffing companies that hire programmers for foreign companies. 

Moldova has the potential to become a leader of innovations and technology development with highly-skilled, multilingual professionals who are ready to develop complex projects and help companies achieve their business goals. Moreover, the cost of IT outsourcing in other parts of Europe (except Romania and Ukraine) is higher than here.


Outsourcing to Moldova Pros and Cons

Let’s have a look on some strong advantages and some disadvantages about outsourcing situation in Moldova:


Advantages Disadvantages
  • High level of education 
  • Unstable economic situation in the country 
  • Geographical location is perfect for outsourcing to Moldova 
  • Moldova’s GDP per capital is $4,638, which is one of the lowest in Europe
  • Reasonable salaries
  • Good language skills 
  • The IT sector is growing steadily in Moldova as the government implements incentives to create a favorable business climate

As you can see, despite some disadvantages, the number of pros is much higher, which makes Moldova an up-and-coming IT area in Eastern Europe. Developers in Moldova are well suited to web development and basic coding. The most in-demand developers in Moldova are those who know PHP, Java, Python


Average Developer Salary in Moldova is Reasonable

Moldova offers low taxes, dedicated professionals, and decent broadband speeds. In addition, entry and mid-level software professionals benefit from an income tax exclusion that applies to salaries below MDL 9,000 per month, the equivalent of €470. This is set to apply at least through 2016, and has been previously extended.
But let’s have a look more detailed on average developer salary in Moldova per month.

Java $1 527,17
JavaScript $1 650,35
Python  $1 650, 20
Angular $1 227,10
PHP $1 280,68 
C# $1 446,80
React $1 347,50
Ruby on Rails $1 307,47
Node.js $1 540,00
Unity $1340,45
Front-end $1 227,10
Back-end $1358,20
Full-stack $1 420,00


  • The average java developer salary in Moldova is $1 527 per month
  • JavaScript developer salary in Moldova is $1 650 
  • The average Python developer salary in Moldova is $1650
  • On average, Angular developer salary in Moldova is about $1227 per month
  • A mid-level PHP developer salary in Moldova is $1280 monthly
  • The average C# developer salary in Moldova is $1446
  • A React developer in Moldova is $1347 on average 
  • A mid-level Rubi software developer salary is $1307 per month
  • The Node.js developer wage in Moldova is $1540 
  • On average, Unity developer salary in Moldova is $1340 monthly
  • On average Front-end developer wage in Moldova is $1227 per month
  • A mid-level Back-end developer in Moldova gets $1358 per month
  • A Full-stack developer in Moldova salary is $1420 monthly 


IT Outsourcing Companies in Moldova: How to Choose a Vendor

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic business environment, outsourcing has become an indispensable tool for businesses to adapt to changes and quickly fulfill operational needs without the extra costs involved.

With the increased demand for outsourcing solutions, outstaffing Moldova companies have sprung out to respond and meet the needs of businesses. By selecting the right outsourcing partner, you avoid issues in the long term, reduce risks and ensure a smooth working relationship.

If you are looking for outsourcing companies in Moldova, you should pay attention to the next things:


  • Compare services and prices

Please make a list of companies that look the most appealing for you. Check what options they offer, what conditions they work to, in what countries they can hire developers (for example Qubit Labs can hire in Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia – the most promising locations in Eastern Europe; so you we are able to find a perfect team for you very quickly).


  • Look at their experience

Work with a company that can provide proof of a positive track record and a roster of satisfied clients. More than anything else, this experience will bring you the peace of mind you need to get started right away. You’ll know that you’re in good hands from the beginning of the partnership.


  • Compare the realities

Before hiring a team it is essential to realize that you are about to become mind-soulmates for the duration of the project. Having the same type of ideas is of great importance here as those who do not share it will never recreate the desired product for you. So be sure that the vendor understands your values and the final hiring decision will be given to you.


  • Ensure technical competence

Find out if the vendor has the technical knowledge, appropriate qualifications and experienced staff to efficiently handle your project. In addition, check what processes the company follows and their methodology when tracking results and resolving issues.

There are few outsourcing companies in Moldova which are situated in Chisinau. Probably the most popular ones are Pentalog, Endava, and RedSky. Hiring the best developers from Moldova is also something that Qubit Labs can help you with. 


What are the Best Locations for Outsourcing Development to Moldova?

Moldova has definitely shown that it is worth hiring. The level of IT education, relevant experience and amount of IT specialists are growing every year. Moreover, more and more IT developers from Moldova get hired for the most famous international companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and others.
Let’s have a look at the biggest IT outsourcing hubs in Moldova:


  • Chisinau 

The capital city is an epicenter of talented IT developers. The Chisinau airport connects the city with most major European cities within a 3 hours flight, making it an excellent communication sector. Chisinau is the perfect destination for those looking to access the talent pool for data analytics, UI/UX design, software development, application development, game development, and etc. It also provides services to those looking at very industry-specific niches and enterprise application development.


  • Balti 

Balti is the second biggest city in Moldova, the IT sector here is quite shy but full of ambitions. City is growing with a variety of IT startups, developers, web-designers and mobile apps developers. 


  • Tiraspol 

If you are looking at IT outsourcing to Moldova you should pay attention to Tiraspol city. Quite fast-growing and promising destination which becomes a big hub for IT developers. 

Outsourcing Development to Moldova with Qubit Labs 

Qubit Labs is a fast-developing outstaffing company that helps businesses find the right specialists for their teams. We focus on hiring top-notch employees that can reinforce our clients’ teams and take their products to another level. 

You don’t have to handle all the recruitment and hiring tasks yourself because we’ll take care of them. Grow your business while we make sure your team has everything it needs to provide top-rated results. 

Don’t hesitate to schedule a call if you have any questions left. We’ll be glad to address all your concerns during a free consultation call. 




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