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We are constantly in the process of transformation, and the skills that might be complicated for older people are easily understandable by younger generations. For millennials and Gen Z, the usage of modern technologies in multiple areas, including healthcare, is a natural process. The health sector’s fundamental goal is to improve people’s lives by strengthening their health and preventing and treating illnesses. One of the ways to achieve the mentioned target is the digitalization of medicine, namely implementing IT in healthcare. IT and healthcare are interrelated, so if you want to find appropriate solutions in this sphere, Qubit Labs will assist in providing you with top-notch developers.


Qubit Labs is an Estonian Software Development Company, which has its R&D office in Kyiv, Ukraine. We help create a modern and rational approach to healthcare software development. We are heavily into healthcare IT and strive to create solutions that will be able to turn the usual understanding of healthcare’s capacities upside down. Our healthcare software solutions follow the highest standards and our outsourcing opportunities take the projects to another level.



Healthcare app development is an integral part of the current medical care system because millions of people use the applications to monitor the state of their health and receive prompt consultations from specialists without leaving their houses. In the ever-changing environment, it is necessary to move from the traditional approaches and implement IT into usual areas of living. There are numerous examples of technologies our healthcare software development company can create. For example, artificial intelligence is among the most popular solutions because it is usually used for diagnosis, therapy prescriptions, and the interpretation of results.

Besides, we can create chatbots to help patients understand what specialists they have to visit based on their symptoms. Healthcare software development allows using virtual reality, which helps medical students to experience surgery with their own eyes and dive deeper into human anatomy, cadaver-free. Healthcare application development has brought us our reliable “companions” in the form of various apps that allow us to detect changes in health statuses.

Actually, healthcare mobile app development is at a rapid stage of development. Nowadays, one can easily request appointments with doctors, get results, and have remote consultations with specialists while relieving pressure on medical workers. Our healthcare IT recruiters will be glad to help you in building a team that will include top-notch healthcare app developers capable of creating outstanding projects and applying any requested technology.

Healthcare Software Development Solutions


Qubit Labs has access to the pool of the most skilled healthcare developers. They have experience with using cloud technologies to improve the systems’ security and reliability and move the workloads to enhance service delivery speed. Our healthcare software development services allow taking UI/UX design up a notch and provide excellent application interactions both for patients and medical staff.

Moreover, the healthcare IT industry is also applicable for optimizing the costs and enhancing client service levels. Thanks to conducting big data analysis, Qubit Labs’ teams can deliver game-changing results that will help you to improve your strategy and adjust it to patients’ needs. Our healthcare developers will help overcome the information gaps and fill you in regarding every development process step. When it comes to healthcare mobile app development, you can rely on us because we have a grasp of the most demanded programming languages and frameworks.


We hire dedicated healthcare app developers who are always in-touch and can guarantee a transparent working process. In case you have never worked with healthcare IT companies, Qubit Labs can become your assistant and help find a matching solution. Please let us know if you have any questions.


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