Complete Guide on Hiring Developers for Startup in 2023

Oksana Zabolotna
HBD at Qubit Labs

In the present innovation-driven business world, the computerized first methodology is the primary way to flourish. Nowadays, businesses want to invest in digital transformation. So, how to hire software developers for your startup? Let’s find out in our new guide, where you can find all the essential tips.


7 Tips for Hiring a Software Developer at a Startup

Before hiring a developer for a startup, you should understand what stage of development your project/company is at. For example, are you on the way to create an MVP, or have you already built a product and want to develop it? Considering this step will be crucial when you are choosing a hiring model.

7 Tips for Hiring a Software Developer at a Startup

1. Consider Tasks to Delegate 

Before hiring software developers for startup, think about what tech tasks have to be covered and what goals should be accomplished. When determining the size and scope of your future team, you will need to consider the software project factors listed below. It will assist you in understanding the necessary workforce and priorities. You need to differentiate your hiring requirements to recruit software engineers for a startup that will add tremendously to your workforce.

2. Choose the Hiring Model

  • From Idea to MVP

In this case, IT outsourcing will be the best decision. IT Outsourcing provides a cover of your tech tasks on a project basis. In addition, you don’t need to hire software engineers full-time, which makes outsourcing cost-efficient and can fast cover your tech needs. 

  • When MVP is Ready!

If your product is done, you are ready for significant development and ready to invest in the full-time team – outstaffing is your choice. Outstaffing companies provide you with the number of remote IT specialists you need that are prepared to work full-time to develop your product. In addition, outstaffing companies know all tips for hiring a software developer at a startup, what challenges you can face, and how to avoid them. Also, an outstaffing provider covers payroll, taxes, legal issues, retention, insurance and much more.

3. Choose the Country 

For startups, it’s critical to hire developers from the correct country. Although the language barrier and time zone are concerns, some locations are more affordable than others. Ideally, you should hire developers who can communicate in your language or international one, are skilled in their field, and don’t charge a lot.

But which countries to pay attention to? First, there is a list of countries where hiring developers for startup is quick and cost-efficient:

  • Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most famous Eastern European IT hubs with almost 285,000 IT specialists of all tastes. In addition, Ukraine is a well-known country for creating and promoting digital innovation for all industries due to the high professionalism of local software engineers. 

  • Poland

Poland has more than 295,000 software engineers familiar with Western tech market standards and work culture. The country is well-known for its English proficiency and stable economic situation. Many tech companies prefer hiring a developer for a startup from Poland.

  • Georgia

Georgia is a country with a decent number of IT specialists at quite affordable rates. For example, software engineers there earn around $700-$1,500 monthly based on technology and level of experience. 

  • Moldova

If you prefer hiring a developer for a startup with a great IT education, Moldova has an excellent tech education, and over 2,000 students graduate from tech universities each year. In addition, there are over 60,000 software engineers, and the number keeps growing.

  • Bulgaria

One of the fast-growing tech hubs in Europe with 60,000 diligent IT professionals, and it is all about Bulgaria. Many foreign companies have chosen this destination as a preferable way of hiring developers for startup. Moreover, software engineers there have excellent English skills and are oriented toward the Western market to work in.

  • Romania 

Romania ranks 8th as the fastest-growing tech country in Europe. And it is not surprising. The government counts more than 120,000 IT professionals and is well-known for its excellent tech education and affordable rates among developers.

  • Kazakhstan 

Kazakhstan software engineers are focused on providing their service to foreign companies, especially in Western Europe and the USA. They provide significant expertise and a variety of hard and soft skills, which will be a great addition to your business growth.

  • Azerbaijan 

Azerbaijan‘s economic situation is rapidly growing, and as a result, the IT sector is flourishing more each year. The local government puts lots of effort into the tech development of the country, like providing competitive IT education.

4. Find Specialists

If you are considering finding candidates on your own – try common talent marketplaces like: 

  • Upwork 
  • Indeed
  • Guru
  • Angelist
  • Toptal
  • Linkedin

These are the best places to start if you are considering hiring a developer for a startup. You have the option of paying per task or by the hour. Using these platforms, you can filter candidates by skill sets, which helps you hire the right experts for your team.

The other option is to find an outstaffing service provider, who is a real professional in hiring developers for startup. Outstaffing company will also cover payrolls taxes, legal issues, retention, insurance and much more.

5. Verify the Expertise

It doesn’t matter if you hire freelancers or an IT development agency; you must thoroughly investigate their past. You will need to check to see if they have the skills they claim to have and can handle your project. Also, check out previous customers’ reviews about the freelancers you hire through platforms.  

Request a list of their completed projects. It helps you eliminate candidates who need essential project-related skills. When you are looking to hire an IT outsourcing company, follow the same approach. Consult the testimonials provided by previous customers and speak with them for direct feedback. The company’s LinkedIn profile can also reveal a great deal about its reputation.

6. Conduct Interviews

How can you ensure applicants possess all necessary hard and soft skills? Having an interview is the best method:

  • Invite the candidates to discuss the projects they have worked on. You can determine whether they are enthusiastic about their work. 
  • Create a list of questions to see how the candidate responds in difficult situations. 
  • With each candidate, go over the questions and compare their answers. It helps select the best candidates.
  • Provide feedback for each candidate within 1-2 days.

7. Get to Work!

You can award the position once you are satisfied with the shortlisted candidates. First, check that both parties agree with the contract’s terms. Then, give the developer a start work order and be specific about what needs to be done.


Challenges of Hiring Software Developers for Startup

Building a team takes work. However, building a team successfully and fast is an even more significant challenge. Here, you can find the most common issues which you can face while hiring a developer for a startup:

Challenges of Hiring Software Developers for Startup

  • Lack of Local Talent

A common challenge when considering hiring an in-house team: the world is becoming increasingly digital. Businesses of all sizes are rushing to move their operations online. As a result, IT professionals are in higher demand than ever before and there are a lot of IT talent gaps. There needs to be more growth in local IT talent to meet the growing demand. 

  • Lack of Hiring Expertise

A full-fledged HR department is uncommon in startups. You have a small HR team and need help finding the right developers to join your team to grow the business.

  • No Brand Recognition

Hiring developers for startup can be a considerable challenge due to the need for brand recognition and awareness among these new businesses. In addition, new businesses need help attracting and keeping the right talent because resources typically prefer to work with established brands.


How to Hire Offshore Developers for a Startup?

  • Set the Budget

The offshore outsourcing model is well-known as a cost-efficient one as it allows you to choose your future employees from affordable regions. Still, consider the number of tech workers you need, their experience level, and the technology they have to be professional. Read about team budget planning before.

  • Define Tasks

Characterize the reason for your task and the expectations of the engineer. You can outline the exact requirements of your project and the expectations you have for the hired programmers in terms of experience, outcome, and timelines by creating a comprehensive document detailing the purpose and functionality.

  • Look for Vendor 

How to hire offshore developers for a startup smoothly and effectively? First, choose a professional vendor that knows all tips and tricks about offshoring and will provide you with a team that will fit your goals, needs, and budget. 

  • Choose the Location 

How to hire offshore developers for a startup? And an even more critical question: where? If you need more clarification about location, your vendor will offer you a variety of countries with a significant number of software engineers, English proficiency, affordable rates, attractive taxes, etc.


Best Outstaffing Agencies for Hiring Developers for Your Startup

  • Qubit Labs

Qubit Labs is an outstaffing agency with more than ten years of experience providing the best tech talent for startups. They have a wide range of countries where you can find matchable specialists that will fit all our requirements. Due to personal approach and professional expertise, Qubit Labs helps your startup grow significantly. 

  • Adecco

Adecco is one of the world’s most prominent human asset and staffing firms. Adecco connects many professionals with some of the best companies in the world. Adecco has worked in staffing and recruiting for more than 50 years. Accounting, marketing, hospitality, customer service, retail, administrative, manufacturing, and other fields require Adecco’s talent.

  • Mondo

Mondo is the country’s leading staffing and recruitment firm, focusing solely on the niche, high-end IT, technology, and digital marketing talent. Mondo, established in 2000, strongly emphasizes developing a specialized tech-driven network through a dedicated group of recruiters and IT consultants spread out across the United States.

  • Manpower

Manpower is enriching people’s lives by providing meaningful employment and development opportunities with a global presence and years of experience. To guarantee they serve their clients and up-and-comers most effectively, the organization has conformed to accomplices that improve and extend their contributions.

  • Motion Recruitment 

Motion Recruitment is a leading IT staffing company with its headquarters in Boston. From its 21 locations, Motion Recruitment offers IT talent acquisition solutions to all of North America. Motion provides the best tech talent with fast access to an extensive portfolio of prominent tech employers. 


Final Thoughts

Hiring software developers for startup is an extensive and time-consuming process that requires many steps, analysis, and research.  However, your new product will grow significantly as soon as you surround yourself with matchable specialists. 

If you want to make hiring software developers for startup smooth and stress-free, give it to professional outstaffing companies like Qubit Labs. We know how important it is for any startup to see a result of growth and development.

With the IT professionals we hire for you – your startup will grow in little time. Contact us to know more!


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