Modern technologies give you a whole lot of options to develop a mobile application or mobile game and outsource mobile app creating. iOS, Android or Windows? Native, Cross-Platform & Hybrid? Should you use gamification or other engagement? What will be best for your business? Qubit Labs being one of the leading mobile app development company and we are ready to help you answer all these questions and develop your mobile app/mobile game project from scratch.

Qubit Labs is an European mobile app development company with R&D office in Ukraine that helps bring your creative and innovative ideas about outsourced app development to life. Daily we work side by side with our clients from Europe, USA, and Canada to empower their projects with additional resources they need. We are a responsive, agile mobile app development company that is head over heels with modern cutting edge technologies and fine taste in design. We pride ourselves on being fundamental in our work and bringing software web and mobile development outsourcing to the highest standards.




Hire Android/iOS developers to build your own mobile development team. We build your turnkey team based on your requirements, using our internal resources and recruitment capabilities.


Let us transform your concept in a business-ready mobile app. Out team of top app developers, PMs and UX/UI designers will take full control over product development.



100% our clients ordered more than one project. Our core values are customer-focus, long term relationships based on smart communication process and transparent reporting.


Outsourcing mobile app design and development to Eastern Europe is a way to save at least 25% on software development rates. You get the best mobile app development rates.

Deep Expertise

Tech person or not, you will feel comfortable communicating with our highly qualified mobile app development company. We will support you all the way from start till the project implementation.

Perfect Process

We constantly improve our offshore mobile app development services to meet your high standards. You will have a personal project manager that will take care of all your concerns and will report you.


Signing an NDA before outsource mobile app is a must for us. We value and comply with confidentiality of our clients. After delivery, you get all intellectual property rights for the apps.

Maximum Agility

You don’t need to waste time on building team. We can scope out and quickly deliver an MVP (minimum viable prototype) for your idea and, once everything is fine, a full-scale product.



Every mobile app we develop is a masterpiece of tech art. Our main goal is to tailor all the features of the application till it meets the exact needs of your users. We can help you design and implement your ideas till they are in Google Play and App Store. The same applies to the outsourcing services of the internal corporate apps with the complex back end. Don’t let your mobile application be dull and disengaging! By using outsource mobile app development you can add the most innovative interactive features like game elements or augmented reality without hiring additional employees in-house. We take our work on outsource app building seriously and verify every single detail till the app goes public. So there’s not only a mobile developer needed to make a great product but also a team of testers, designers, and project managers. Qubit Labs hires the best mobile application developers to be of assistance to you.


Apple users are broadly known for their tastefulness and attention to detail. There are also legends of Apple’s strict acceptance process before the release to App Store. While we develop an iOS apps for iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, we make sure to stick to all the acceptance rules to release your mobile app from the first try so outsourcing iPhone application development will save your nerves, time and money. Our software developers use up-to-date technologies like Swift or Cocoa and can develop a native iOS project of any complexity.


Android devices are taking over the world. There are approximately 107.7 million of Android smartphone users only in the USA, that’s why you need Android app development for your business. Moreover, it is the third part of all the people who live in this country. So if you develop next Facebook, Airbnb or Uber, you cannot help but develop an Android version of your product sooner or later. It is even easier to find a top mobile app development company to build an app for you. Qubit Labs Android app development team will be an eager advisor in application development outsourcing and implementer of your ideas and tasks till the successful launch of the project in Google Play Market. Outsourcing Android app development is an easy way to create an app that can be run on Lollipop, Nougat, Marshmallow, KitKat, Jelly Bean or any other sweet name that Google will come up with for its next operating system. Hire Android app development company to make your idea work.


Sometimes it is unnecessary to develop native products. Or the budget does not allow to work with iOS and Android at the same time. In such case you can outsource a cross-platform mobile app development for you that will successfully run on both operating systems and meet the needs of a higher number of your customers. At our mobile app development company engineers use Xamarin, PhoneGap and other cross-platform tools for these purposes. Outsource mobile app development to a Qubit Labs company, we can build the most suitable solution for your hybrid mobile project. The decision to outsource your mobile app project and develop a cross-platform (hybrid) mobile app may be a smart way to save some money.











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Top mobile app development company must be also very good at front end & web development, as we do. This means that adding any API functionality to your project is not a challenge for us. We practice complex solutions development. You can also visit our web development page to know more about our expertise and how to outsource your front end development to us. Together we can develop the most innovative solutions. Also, one of the trends the most progressive companies are currently following is enterprise mobile application development. If you want to try using one fell free to address our company.


AUGMENTED REALITY. You can develop this technology in e-commerce to let your customers try on the clothes for example or in real estate to furnish a future house. You don’t have to hire app developer by yourself to implement a new feature ‘cause it is much easier just to outsource this specialist from a mobile app development company.

GAMIFICATION. Gamification is more about human psychology than about technology or methodology. All people like to compete and to win. Gamification of your mobile application is a great way to enhance the user experience and develop mobile app engagement. Gamification is a powerful way to develop users engagement in your mobile app.

FEEDBACK SYSTEM. The importance of having some way for users to provide feedback on your application is critical. You should give your users a quick way to report bugs and provide suggestions or criticisms so you could make their user experience more smooth and satisfactory for both sides.

USER CUSTOMIZATION. A very simple adjustment from the tech side will increase your user engagement. Make sure that there is a simple and intuitive way to adjust settings for your app: colors, font sizes and, most importantly, privacy settings if it happens to be a social app it makes your every user feel comfortable. These are small details yet necessary ones.

SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION. How many passwords can an average person remember? Make sure to use Facebook, LinkedIn or any other popular social app that your potential customers use to make a simple way of authorization.

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. To enable a push notification function in your application is a reliable way to develop a straight way to keep users updated. Some of the most successful mobile apps are the ones that have incorporated Push Notifications into their list of features.

Want to outsource mobile app development?

If you need to outsource a mobile app development and boost your business you have approached the right people. Qubit Labs team has all the needed expertise to help you with your project. We can bring your vision to life at any stage, from initial planning of the functionality to design, software development or testing. Contact us today to discuss your ideas.