Java Developer Salary in 2023 by Experience Level and Location

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Java is one of the most common and probably most demanded technologies worldwide. Due to its adaptability and wide range of applications, Java is one of the fundamental programming languages on which modern software development is built. Java is frequently utilized in numerous software categories, from building web, cloud, mobile, and enterprise applications to even games and chatbots. 

Java developers are always welcomed in tech companies due to the multifunctioning of technology. However,  the gap between coders based in countries with historically lower average salaries has narrowed due to salary inflation, particularly over the past few years. However, there still needs to be a sufficient gap to indicate that companies operating in high-wage economies still find IT outsourcing in nearshore and offshore locations appealing and popular.

Let’s see what is a Java developer salary:


What Does Java Developer Salary Depend on?

Java developer salary depends on many factors: experience, level of skill, specialization in specific Java applications, spoken languages, especially English, and location. It is still a fact that the country in which software developers, including Java developers, are based has an impact on their salary level, even though the gap is narrowing rapidly. 

But let’s look closely at the factors that affect Java developer salary: 

  • Location

Of course, Java developer salary will depend on the destination they are based. For instance, Java developers earn an average of $10,893 annually in India compared to $105,647 in the United States. This is not just because, although that is undoubtedly true, more businesses in the United States are hiring and paying well. It also involves supply and demand.

  • Experience

As you require more skillful and experienced Java developers, the price for their job will increase. Counts not only years of work, but also level of skills, education, English proficiency, amount of certifications and additional knowledge. 

  • Demand and Supply 

There is a significant shortage of Java developers despite the high demand. This is because there are a lot of open jobs and new businesses opening every day. Additionally, numerous existing companies require additional Java developers to meet their expanding requirements. 

  • Certifications 

For Java developers of today, certifications and credentials are essential. They can assist you in rising through the ranks, earning more money, and landing the job of your dreams. Any developer who wants to work with Java will benefit from a certificate from a school that offers a course on the language


Job Description for Java Developer

Now, let’s see which roles and responsibilities have Java developers of different levels:


Entry Level Java Developer Job Description

Entry-level Java developer designs database architecture and server scripting to: 

  • integrate applications;
  • researching and establishing connectivity with search engines;
  • information servers, and network systems;
  • uses authoring tools to make multimedia applications;
  • completes the development of applications by participating in team meetings; 
  • troubleshooting production and development issues.

Under close supervision, junior developers create code-focused, small features with minimal effort. Even though they typically do not require an awareness of the “big picture”, their experience as junior developers will enable them to take on greater responsibilities in subsequent positions.


Middle  Java Developer Job Description

As for mid-level specialists, they primarily:

  • define the goals and features of the application; 
  • writing the code and keeping it up;
  • evaluating and incorporating best practices for coding into the project’s code;
  • access the project’s technical requirements and adjust the code to meet them; 
  • identifying and developing areas for future project revisions;
  • implementing software tests;
  • developing software project quality assurance procedures.

Estimate the requirements of users, designers, QA testers, and other software development team members. Mid-level developers typically concentrate on writing individual components of the “big picture,” working under significantly less supervision than junior developers. Mid-level developers can write entire classes or methods, whereas junior developers have to write individual lines of code or elementary algorithms.

Mid-level developers should also be able to think strategically on the team and independently come up with novel solutions.


Senior Java Developer Job Description 

Senior Java developers are computer programmers with extensive experience and expertise in creating Java-based applications and programs. They perform at a higher level and with little oversight or assistance, but they serve the same general tasks as junior or mid-level Java developers, such as 

  • coding 
  • designing
  • fixing
  • implementing

Senior developers connect technical solutions to business requirements on the job using hard-earned intuition. Not only do you need to have a thorough technical understanding of the Java programming languages and the parts that go along with them, like Java Servlets and Java Beans, but you also need to have soft skills and expertise in project management.

Mentoring trainees, interns, and junior developers is another vital role for a senior developer. Senior developers are the “captains” of their respective ships, whether they are in charge of the entire project or just a small but significant portion of it.


Average Java Developer Salary by Country

Average Java Developer Salary by Country

To understand better the annual average Java developer salary, we analyzed and calculated the average wage in different countries. All these locations differ by their cost of living, tax system, law regulations, economic situation, etc. 

Country  Average Annual Salary for Java Developer
Canada $100,000
UK $95,000
Australia $110,000
India $15,500
South Africa  $30,000
Germany $65,000
Norway $75,000
Denmark $80,000
Poland $40,000
Ukraine $33,600
Moldova $26,600
Bulgaria $37,000
Romania $30,000
Georgia $28,000
Kazakhstan  $31,500
Azerbaijan $29,000
Brazil $32,000
Mexico $27,000

Canada, UK and Australia are the highest paying countries for Java specialists compared to other countries. Java developers there receive about $100,000 as an average annual salary. 

In Western Europe, specialists get approximately $40,000-$50,000 yearly while in Eastern Europe, the average Java developer salary starts from $30,000 and goes up to $45,000.


Java Developer Salary in US

Java Developer Salary in US

The US is one of the highest-paying countries for IT specialists and Java isn’t an exception. 

In the United States, the average Java developer salary is $117,000 per year, or $56.25 per hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $149,964 annually, while entry-level positions start at $99,971.

  • Java Developer Salary California: $130,000
  • Java Developer Salary Texas: $117,000
  • Java Developer Salary Atlanta: $120,000
  • Java Developer Salary New York: $130,000
  • Java Developer Salary Virginia: $124,477
  • Java Developer Salary Florida: $112,514
  • Java Developer Salary Ohio: $107,250
  • Java Developer Salary Michigan: $119,000


Average Java Developer Salary by Experience Level

Entry Level Java Developer Salary

Let’s start our Java developer salary overview with entry-level specialists. Let’s take a closer look how it ranges in different countries:

Country  Entry Level Java Developer Salary
Canada $90,000
UK $48,196
Australia $110,000
India $8,000
South Africa  $23,795
Poland $32,601
Germany $45,000
Norway $60,000
Denmark $55,000
Ukraine $9,600
Moldova $19,000
Bulgaria $25,455
Romania $26,000
Georgia $20,000
Kazakhstan  $25,000
Azerbaijan $20,000
Brazil $22,000  
Mexico $15,320  

Despite the affordability of entry-level Java developers in Nordic countries such as Norway, Denmark and Western European countries like Germany, hiring Java developers is money-consuming. 


Mid Level Java Developer Salary

Mid level developers perform a perfect price-to-quality ratio when you hire skillful specialists and don’t break your budget. Lets see what the average mid level Java developer salary:

Country  Mid Level Java Developer Salary
Canada $120,000
UK $67,270
Australia $132,000
India $16,000
South Africa  $34,677
Poland $46,089  
Germany $78,000
Norway $80,000
Denmark $79,000
Ukraine $33,600 
Moldova $25,900
Bulgaria $34,000
Romania $32,233
Georgia $31,000
Kazakhstan  $37,500
Azerbaijan $30,000
Brazil $27,000
Mexico $26,474      


Senior Java Developer Salary

Now, lets see how senior Java developer salary ranges in different countries:

Country  Senior Java Developer Salary
Canada $145,000
UK $102,418
Australia $155,845
India $20,000
South Africa  $49,000
Poland $61,560
Germany $98,500
Norway $100,000
Denmark $100,000
Ukraine $50,400
Moldova $37,000
Bulgaria $42,000
Romania $40,000
Georgia $44,000
Kazakhstan  $45,000
Azerbaijan $38,566
Brazil $40,000
Mexico $34,200

As the most experienced specialists, senior Java developers receive the highest-paying rates. Still if we look at the rates of Eastern European countries or the Caucasus region, they are still affordable for Western market.


Find Best Java Developers with Qubit Labs

Java developers may find themselves working on even more diverse projects and technologies due to Java’s wide range of applications and uses. Java developers frequently collaborate with other developers, software engineers, and business managers to deliver valuable products, depending on the scope of the job or project. As a result, the average Java developer salary is increasing each year and can reach about $150,000 if we talk about the US, Canada, or Australia. 

But, there are some destinations where you can choose suitable specialists without breaking your budget. Qubit Labs knows how to hire Java developers in top tech hubs like Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Mexico and Brazil. The average annual incomes there are more attractive compared to Western European markets. At the same time you receive a skillful tech workforce successfully and cost-effective. 


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