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Qubit Labs OÜ Terms and Privacy Policy

This privacy policy document informs the clients of Qubit Labs about ways in which the company collects and uses their personal information. The policy also covers cases and procedures of client information sharing, storage, and disclosure that takes place during the site visits, materials’ download, and subscription to the receipt of any company materials via email or live chat communication at (further referred to as the “Site”).

Types of Collected Data

Visiting our site, you automatically confirm your agreement to our use of certain personal information that we can collect about your device such as the type of web browser you are using, your IP address, the time zone in which you live, and a set of cookies contained on your device. Furthermore, we collect, store, and analyze the information about your navigation of our site, i.e., the pages you visit, keywords you use, and your overall length of stay on each of them. This type of collectible data is referred to as “device information.”
Qubit Labs conduct device information retrieval via the following technology use:
We collect and analyze cookies, which are the data files stored on your device and including some anonymous unique identifiers. They do not disclose any personally identifying information but can give information about your recent browser history. If you do not wish to give this data to Qubit Labs or any other Internet resource, find out how to disable cookies at,, or
We analyze all site visitors’ log files that pertain specifically to our site’s use. These cover the visitors’ IP address and browser type, their Internet provider’s name, date and time stamps, as well as pages at which they start and end the visitation sessions.
The way in which visitors navigate the site are captured by our data analytics system with the help of web beacons, tags, and pixels – electronic files containing the information on browsing behavior of users.
In addition, visitors of the Site agree to share their contact information when they subscribe to our newsletter or download some materials from the Site. This contact information includes the first and last name of the visitors, their email address, and physical location.
This Privacy Policy covers contact information and device information in terms of privacy. If you don’t wish to share this information with us, feel free to visit the Site anonymously.

Qubit Labs collects your data by means of these tools:

– Google Analytics;
– Facebook;
– HotJar;
– Hubspot Sales.

Modes of Personal Information Use

Personal information collected from Site visitors in any of the aforementioned ways may be used by our system for:
Customization of your experience with better responses to your needs
Site improvement based on the data and user feedback
Customer service advancement via quicker and more efficient responses to requests and provision of more effective support
Administration of contests, promotions, surveys or other Site campaigns
Provision of company news and updates to subscribed users.
Note: Site’s users no longer wishing to receive company emails can unsubscribe any time. Instructions for doing that are included at the bottom of each corporate email to you.

How We Share Your Data

Our Privacy Policy also presupposes the sharing of visitors’ personal data with legal authorities in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. This is done in a response to subpoena, to fulfill the requirements of a search warrant or any other lawful request submitted for the data our company stores. The company also leaves the right to submit collected data to third parties for analysis with the purpose of understanding the behavior of site visitors. However, based on the company’s agreement with third parties, they are not authorized to use that data for purposes other than intended by the company.

One of the modes in which we apply personal data of Site’s visitors is to provide targeted advertisements selected in accordance with visitor preferences and needs. You can find out more on the principles of targeted advertising at the Network’s Advertising Initiative’s (NAI’s) educational page:

You can also refuse from certain exposure to targeted commercials at the Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out portal (

Do Not Track

Please take into account that your browser’s Do Not Track settings do not preclude the collection of the aforementioned personal data from your device.

Blocking Cookies

Site’s visitors can activate cookies’ blockage on their devices by changing the browser settings. In such a way, you can block storage of cookies on your device and disable access to that information for the sites you visit and their analytics. Please keep in mind that such practice may cause the blockage of essential cookies, which may result in the restricted access to some website parts and the entire Site, as well as restricted use of certain Site services. To learn more about cookies’ blockage, visit or

For European Residents

If you reside in the EU, you are entitled to access all personal data stored at the Site and request its correction, updates, or deletion at any time. To do so, please fill in the contact form and voice your request.

Please keep in mind that we need some of the personal data collected at the Site to be able to fulfill our contractual obligations to you as a customer (this applies to clients who fill in the contact forms) and to follow our aforementioned business needs. Qubit Labs signs the Data Processing Agreement and Standard Contractual Clauses that comply with GDPR with all customers. Data collected from European residents may be transferred outside Europe, which should also be taken into account.

Data Retention Period

There is no limitation on the storage of personal data from clients shared via filling of the contact form, making a subscription, or downloading materials from the Site. Once you wish us to delete your personal data from the site, please file a request to support, and the relevant data will be deleted within 48 hours after the receipt of that request.

Data Disclosure to Outside Parties

Qubit Labs never shares clients’ personal data with companies non-related to its service provision. The third parties with whom personal data is shared include services responsible for the Site’s technical operation, business procedures, and service provisions, under the condition that these third parties guarantee data confidentiality. Release of clients’ personal data may also happen once the company considers it appropriate for compliance with some law or enforcement of site policies to protect rights, property, and/or interests of the Site and/or other involved parties. However, this pertains to personally identifiable information only, while non-PII may be shared with other parties for marketing and advertising uses.

Your Consent

Use of our Site means your confirmation of our Privacy Policy and knowledge about our use of your device’s cookies, tracking of device information, and processing of data we may collect in these ways. If you do not wish this data to be collected, disable or remove cookies from your device, change its privacy settings, or take any other privacy measures you deem necessary. If you wish to withdraw an earlier consent to using your personal data, please file a request through our contact form or contact our support at

Privacy Policy Changes and Updates

The Privacy Policy may be updated or changed from time to time pursuant to any organizational or legal changes. The last policy update was done on October 1, 2018.

Contact Us

You can get additional data on the privacy practices of Qubit Labs, ask relevant questions, or request deletion of your personal data at or by sending us a letter to the address: Kazymyra Malevycha 86, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000.