Start your own R&D center

Looking for an opportunity to open office and hire your own offshore/nearshore development in Ukraine? Opening a development hub is a great opportunity for your business to extend capacity in easy way. The number of qualified IT specialists exceeds 120 000 in Ukraine, so it won’t be hard to find a software developer with a needed tech stack and seniority level to join your company.

Qubit Labs brought together specialists with 10+ years experience in HR management, recruiting, onboarding and building teams for various IT companies in Ukraine and abroad.


Be you an ambitious startup or a world-known enterprise, setting a development center in Ukraine will be the best solution for launching a new product or growing your business.


Qubit Labs provide a flexible services for setting up and running your own R&D center. Our mission is to build a high performing teams for our clients. To provide that we do office space search and establishing, recruiting based on your needs and provide legal support.

On demand we can support your employer brand management, talent management, business trip supporting, provide concierge services and project management support. In addition, we can consult you about popular benefits packages, so your company will be attractive for employees from the very beginning.


Let’s Get Started


Ready to schedule a call to discuss? To give you maximum flexibility and suitability, we can put together various services.


We will give you the estimation and process details of your future IT hub according to initial requirements.

Opening R&D center

We start working to establish your center according to approved roadmap.

Launching project

Your team will achieve maximum and results by brand loyalty and teambuildings.

They [Qubit Labs] can accommodate either a fully staffed project or a personalized augmentation. They’re more professional than other firms and have access to better developers. They even offer reasonable prices considering the quality they deliver.
David, Roomeze
Once you submitted a query, you can be sure every corner and niche in candidates market will be thoroughly scanned and checked, every right LinkedIn profile connected. Beside this, recruiters have psychological background and natural ability to feel people contributed to hiring not only good professionals but good, company-culture-fitted, open-minded persons.
Alex, VP or Product at Geozilla
Recruiting and HR team truly listen to your needs and scout for candidates that fit, you feel real personal approach. They don’t only hire, they also take care of our team, help through the adaptation period, monitor and support the team spirit and manage the team with our needs in mind.
Alex, Nexteum

Need an R&D development center in Ukraine?

Why build IT R&D Center?

Your own employer brand

Your own R&D center works under your employer brand. It grows loyalty and grows your visibility on market.

Reasonable prices

Throughout all the projects, Qubit Labs preserves a balanced quality-to-price ratio to meet your financial expectations.

Extensive expertise

Qubit Labs brings 10+ years of experience in a field to build R&D from scratch or to maintain established R&D.


We take care of your confidentiality to ensure the highest level of security and legal protection for our clients.

Direct management

You will have a full access to your office and team. Bring your values, goals and share the product vision directly.

Legal support

No legal hassle while launching your R&D center. Based on your choice we will help you open legal entity



1 Recruiting

We hire professionals according to your needs. Our experienced IT recruiters will find the proper candidates matching your requirements and support you through all steps.

2 Accounting

Get accounting support to make all the necessary financial reports, calculate salaries and taxes for your IT R&D center.

3 Office

Tell us your expected hub size and we will find you an office. Depending on service we can also provide administration and support.

4 Office perks

Qubit Labs can share insider info on how to make your team feel comfortable in your IT R&D center.

5 Talent management

We can give you consultations about local market, salaries and benefit packages.

6 Qubit Labs Support

If you plan a small unit, but you still want a separate office our in-house experts can provide you back-office support.

Why Ukraine?

If you are looking for best ratio of professionalism to talent market size and location with a convenient time zone Ukraine will be your perfect match. Qubit Labs is a reliable partner for opening turnkey R&D center with no hassle.


Qubit Labs has the needed expertise to launch your offshore team project. If you are ready to develop a new product or expand your business, contact us to get more details about turnkey R&D service or schedule a call with our advisors to discuss your requirements.