How to Hire Software Developers in Ukraine

How to Hire Software Developers in Ukraine

This article will discuss how to hire developers in Ukraine, what is better – to find a software development company or to hire a freelance developer or maybe hire a team and rent an office.

Also, we will provide average engineers’ salary ranges to help you make a decision. Why do companies from the U.S and Europe see Ukraine as a great destination to hire developers for their projects? Few factors make this option attractive:

  • A high number of professionals
  • Avia travel proximity
  • Lower salaries
  • Alike work cultures
  • European time zone
  • A large number of English speaking people

Competitive prices for Ukrainian developers, an ever-growing talent pool, and extensive experience in this sphere gave a great push to a fast-growing industry. Bid development hubs are located in Ukraine and employ thousands of developers who work on projects for Google, IBM, Panasonic, Mercedes-Benz, and more. This is a good indicator of the quality of code and management.

It indeed can be a good idea to check the Ukrainian IT sector and see if it can become a good solution for your project and your budget.


How Can You Hire Developers in Ukraine?

How Can You Hire Developers

Clients may hire Ukrainian developers in four ways:

  1. Hire offshore development company;
  2. Hire freelancers;
  3. Turn to recruitment agencies;
  4. Search for proper talent at work search platforms directly;

Hire Offshore Development Company

How about outstaffing or project outsourcing? This is a model of employment presupposing specialists on an hourly rate, teams, or even entire companies for development projects completion.

Project-based outsourcing is widespread in Ukraine. Project-based outsourcing is when a team works on your project, starting from brainstorming and finishing with technical support. The software development company has all necessary specialists employed, and they add them to a team that works on your project when needed. Usually, those companies employ developers, UI/UX specialists, Business Analysts, QAs, PMs, and Account managers that will be your point of contact with a team. It’s a good decision if you are not a techie and you want to delegate managerial work to your vendor.

This type of company usually works on several projects simultaneously. Suppose a company is developing enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 companies. In that case, a team of PMs and developers will work full-time on those projects and act as a dedicated team.

Other companies that we describe as medium and small can apply developers for different projects at the same time.

Hiring Developers Through OutStaffing Companies

Outstaffing staff augmentation is a method of employment that means that a developer or entire development team is working as your full-time employees in a staffing company’s office under your supervision.


  • Candidate recruitment is conducted professionally based on your specific requirements;
  • You interview candidates on your own and make hiring decisions;
  • Recruiters check candidates’ soft skills and tech stack.


  • More suitable for long-term cooperation.

This variant is ideal for companies that are looking to set up a team of developers in Ukraine for the long term and treat them as a regional office and team extension. With a dedicated team model, an outsourcing vendor hires one or a few dedicated developers, hosts them in their office, provides equipment, and manages HR.

You provide requirements to candidates, and the company’s professional recruiters search for a suitable applicant by reviewing resumes and weeding out non-fitting job seekers. Qubit Labs provides this type of service in Ukraine and connects clients with the best Ukrainian software developers.

Offshore Development Center

When a customer needs not only dedicated developers in Ukraine but also a technical lead and project manager, they address an outsourcing vendor to set up an offshore development center.

R&D center

With a turnkey R&D center solution that is currently gaining momentum, a provider establishes a separate office for a client’s team, hires world-class Ukrainian software developers, and manages all questions related to office operation at the beginning.

Those R&D centers mostly are prospected to become local offices for companies.


Freelancing is a type of employment presupposing a free schedule to an employee and his/her work from home.

Many Ukrainian programmers prefer to work as freelancers today because this gives them a flexible working time and the freedom to work on several projects.

Freelance projects are available for developers across the globe, which doesn’t limit the job search only to the developer’s physical location.

A considerable freelance advantage is a physical mobility. Numerous Ukrainian software developers become digital nomads traveling for pleasure and working from various locations.

Today it’s quite easy to find a suitable freelancer at such global platforms as Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, or LinkedIn.

Working with a freelancer has some pros and cons employers should consider before making employment decisions.

Pros of hiring freelancers:

  • Ability to find proper talents without geographical limitations;
  • Low price work as compared to in-house specialists;
  • You don’t need to provide a working place, equipment, tax payments from his/her salary, and social package.

Cons of hiring freelancers:

  • Communication challenges (cultural or time zone-related);
  • Less employee commitment to projects;
  • Lower reliability (e.g., they can disappear or not finish the project).

Consider these strengths and weaknesses before hiring a freelancer. This employment mode works for short-term projects or for the completion of certain insignificant project aspects but not for long-term and core tasks.

Again, numerous freelancing sites provide an excellent choice of talent from an entire world, and outsourcing teams work at Freelancer and Upwork. Other popular resources include Elance, Guru, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, etc.

Hiring Through Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are intermediaries between a company looking for a new employee and specialists looking for employment.

While small companies usually don’t have recruitment departments at all, large corporations’ HR departments are often overloaded with tasks. Any business may require assistance provided by a recruitment agency to delegate recruitment processes to outside professionals that know effective candidate search channels.

Why hire a Ukrainian recruitment agency?

  • They are in constant research for more candidates and have big pools of developers who are not actively looking for a job but might be interested in your proposal.
  • Agency will look for matching candidates for you until they find a perfect specialist.
  • They mediate communications, feedback, and set up interviews; you just have to choose the best programmer from candidates.

Pros of hiring developers through a recruitment agency

  • Recruiters can’t check candidates’ soft skills as precisely as you would expect or do it yourself.
  • They don’t provide onboarding support or any cultural integration.

Try Job Search Websites to Hire Ukrainian Developers

This is the most traditional employee search method, implying CVs’ selection at work search websites and via your company’s vacancy publications. Usually, sites ask for fees for a vacancy publication, and you need to conduct a proper candidate search, reviewing thousands of non-suitable resumes.

Pros of job search websites

  • Cost-efficiency and access to thousands of resumes to select an ideal candidate fitting your project.

Cons of searching Ukrainian developers through websites

  • Most of those websites are in Ukrainian;
  • Time-consuming.

Google search will provide you with useful resources to start with. You can also check a list of useful websites here.


10 Steps to Hire Top Ukrainian Developers

How to hire developers in Ukraine steps

1. Choose a vendor

Don’t select 10 companies at once; limit your choice to 2-5 companies based on client reviews on trusted resources (e.g., and recommendations by colleagues and friends.


2. Find out as much as possible about your chosen vendor

Evaluate key issues, like a vendor’s services range, years in a market, a process of candidate selection (whether only tech skills or tech and soft skills are reviewed, whether candidates’ English proficiency is checked). Inquire a vendor about services and pricing, compare results.


3. Write a detailed job description and share info about project

Give as much detail as possible so that you get the fitting Ukrainian developers and don’t waste your time and resources.


4. Set up a dedicated team structure

Determine how many Ukrainian programmers you need for your project. You can start to search from one developer and then expand a team gradually or hire an entire team at once (team recruitment may cost less, with appealing discounts provided depending on how big a team is).


5. Get acquainted with your recruiter

As soon as a negotiation phase is over and you sign a contract with an IT staffing company, you get a recruiter for your specific project. Communicate your preferences to him/her for better results.


6. Review your email regularly

Ukrainian  IT market is booming, so candidates have job offers to choose from. Make sure to regularly review candidates’ resumes you receive from a recruiter so that another company does not hire a candidate while you’re making a decision. A recruiter may also have questions, and reply promptness determines hiring process outcomes.


7. Interview candidates

The IT staffing advantage is your opportunity to interview candidates directly. Your recruiter arranges a suitable schedule for you and your candidates, introduces them to you, and you conduct job interviews on your own.  Clients decide how many stages the interviewing process has, whether candidates complete test tasks, etc.


8. Give feedback

Both a recruiter and job candidates wish to know the client’s opinion. If something goes wrong, a recruiter needs to understand how to adjust candidate search.


9. Hire programmers

Think twice before making a hiring decision, but don’t wait too long. Unnecessary delays may spoil your image, and a candidate may refuse to wait for interview results, preferring to accept another employer’s offer.


10. Start working

Work with dedicated teams differs from that with in-house staff. In both cases, a team needs an onboarding procedure. Start a new employee’s (or team’s) working day by introducing them to a team, their responsibilities, and working toolkit.

Ukrainian developers are comparably popular on the market, so it is quite hard to hire qualitative and responsible freelance developers, especially when they are in contact with potential clients.

It is much simpler and more reliable to use outsourcing companies’ services, as they already have a pool of vetted and interviewed beforehand.

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Ukrainian Software Developers

Benefits of Hiring Developers in Ukraine

1 – A lot of startups and IT companies with vast expertise

A comfortable environment for IT companies in Ukraine is strengthened by a large talent pool with a great education, hands-on expertise, and convenient taxation.

Ukraine hosts almost 2,000 IT companies (1,650 in 2017) with impressive growth tempos and productivity indicators.

In 2016, 10 Ukrainian companies were included in IAOP’s Global Outsourcing Top 100 list, evaluated by various criteria:

  • size and growth;
  • customers’ recommendations;
  • certificates, prizes;
  • innovations and corporate responsibility.

Global Outsourcing Top 100 for the year 2018 lists 19 Ukrainian companies.

In 2019, the number of specialists hired by the top 50 Ukrainian IT companies had grown by 32,000 or 20%. Most Ukraine software development companies are planning to continue actively growing in 2021, and this rate is predicted to be at 20% to 25% a year.

2 – Ukrainian developers are educated and flexible

In 2018, over 36,000 students graduated from technical educational institutions with theoretical and practical knowledge mixture of Ruby, Python, QA, PHP, JavaScript, C#, C/C++, Java, and database development.

IT education integration and practice will continue to grow in Ukraine, with numerous curricular and extracurricular activities and internships organized by leading IT companies.

3 – Local programmers are avid learners and open-minded people

They are not afraid to ask questions and voice their opinions. Alongside formal higher education, numerous experts receive vital IT knowledge and skills at IT sources.

In 2016, the number exceeded 43,000 people, and their number is growing persistently.

4 – Cultural fit and creative mentality

Ukrainian developers possess a laborious, hard-working, and resourceful nature that fits IT companies’ requirements ideally. Clients won’t face any major cultural differences while working with Ukrainian development teams.

5 – High qualified developers number

The qualified Ukrainian programmers pool today is almost 192,000, research by DOU.

Ukrainian IT job market shows a 20-30% growth rate compared to the previous two years – 160,000 in 2018 and 130,000 in 2017.

With this rate, IT services may become the biggest export in Ukraine in just 7 to 10 years. Over 60% of Ukrainian developers have a higher education degree.

6 – Going with world trends and developing skills for up-to-date technologies

Ukrainian software developers grow and advance together with the market by exploring the latest technologies in demand (e.g., Erlang, Apex, Groovy, Objective-C, Scala, Kotlin, etc.).

Thus, clients might find developers specializing in rare technologies for which a job supply is scarce.

Java takes almost a quarter of the market and still remains the most popular technology in Ukraine, followed by JavaScript and C#, both at 16%, PHP at 13%, Python at 7%, C++ at 5%, and Swift, Ruby, and Golang and, all covering 4,5% of a market.

Top 10 is closed by TypeScript. Although Java is still headlining, new technologies are gaining followers and increasing their share.

For the most contemporary technologies, the average developer’s experience in Ukraine varies between 2 and 8 years but is higher for older and more complex technologies like C/C++, Pascal, Perl, Scala, and SQL.




7 – Convenient time zone

An insignificant time difference is comfortable for numerous European companies when they work with Ukrainian developers and teams.

Even if a client company is located in the USA or Canada, you will have a few overlapping working hours to hold important meetings and calls.

Besides, there are many flight destinations, so there won’t be any issues with visiting your remote offices. Some of the most popular international flights are the following:

  • Copenhagen – Kyiv.
  • Dusseldorf – Lviv.
  • Helsinki – Kyiv.
  • New York – Kyiv/Lviv.
  • Stockholm – Kyiv/Odesa/Lviv.
  • Toronto – Kyiv/Odesa.
  • Chicago – Kyiv/Lviv/Dnipro.

Ukraine International airline destinations

8 – Affordable rates and salaries

Any company can find a highly qualified candidate in Ukraine at an affordable hourly or monthly rate, several times lower than IT developers in European countries and the USA.

9 – English proficiency

Almost 80% of Ukrainian programmers have intermediate English proficiency, which enables them to work with literally any international project.

Half of Ukraine software development specialists speak English freely, which mitigates language barriers and makes collaboration with them easier.

10 – Broad market experience

The outsourcing sphere started to rise in Ukraine in 1990 and created an active, vibrant, and professional community. Ukraine is on a contender countries list in the EMEA region with great potential in providing quality IT services and hosting professional IT talent – see the report by Gartner. Moreover, Ukraine has recently become an Offshoring Destination of the Year.


What Ukrainian Cities Are Best for Hiring Developers?


Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine and the most populous city with over 4 million inhabitants, has to offer the best educational and employment options. Most local developers are educated in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Taras Shevchenko National University, and Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.


Historically, Kharkiv (1.5 million) is the most technologically advanced city in Ukraine with strong high education establishments; the most notable are KhNURE and Kuznets KhNEU.


Lviv is a less populated city (~760 thousand) but is a very popular place to hire Ukrainian software engineers and IT outsourcing companies due to its close location to Europe. Local programmers are educated at Ivan Franko Lviv National University or Lviv Polytechnic University.


Odesa is another large city (~1 million) with several educational options as well. Surprisingly, IT companies often offer salaries higher than in Kyiv, which attracts some developers to the most expensive city in Ukraine.


This list is closed by Vinnytsia (~ 370 thousand), which raises tech specialists in Vinnytsia National Technical University, and the Vasyl Stus National University of Donetsk. Vinnytsia has a surprisingly large talent pool for such a small city.


Developers Salaries in Ukraine

Technology/Seniority LevelJuniorMiddleSenior
PHP Developer$500-1000$1500-2500$3000+
Ruby On Rails Developer$800-1500$2000-3000$3500+
iOS Developer$500-900$1200-2000$2500+
Java Developer$800-1200$2000-2800$3000+
Android Developer$500-900$1200-2000$2500+
C++ Developer$800-1200$2000-2800$3000+
Unity Developer$500-900$1500-2000$3000+
Salesforce Developer$1000-1500$2500-3500$4000+
Angular Developer$500-1000$1500-2800$3000+

Salaries of software engineers in Ukraine can range from a few hundred dollars for juniors and reach 6-7k in case you need a leading system architect. Naturally, actual salaries heavily depend on technologies, locations, and experience. But if we take average monthly salaries, the figures for 2021 would be the following:

PHP Developers

A Junior PHP developer in Ukraine makes around $800 a month. If you want to hire a Ukrainian middle-level software developer, the monthly cost for you would be $2,000. Ukraine developer salary of a senior PHP programmer is almost two times higher – $3,500. Top-level system architect receives $5,000.

Ruby On Rails Developers

RoR developers are a bit more expensive than PHP programmers, but no shocking sums anyway. To hire an entry-level programmer, your budget should be $700. Middle and senior RoR developers get $2,400 and $4,200 on average, respectively.

iOS Developers

A few observable points are a margin growth between the entry-level and senior positions and junior salaries increase in technologies like Objective-C. The average yearly Ukrainian IT company budget on a junior developer’s salary is approximately $720 a month, while a senior iOS developer can get up to $3,200.

Java Developers

In 2021 Java remains the most popular language among Ukrainian developers taking about 20% of the Ukrainian IT market.

Due to the high demand for this technology’s specialists, the salaries are the following: an entry-level Java developer gets around $880 per month. Pay drastically rises for a middle Java programmer – 1,600 while hiring a senior developer would cost you $4,000 and more.

Android Developers

If you want to hire a Java Android developer, salaries would be a bit lower. Junior’s monthly income varies from $500 to $690. Middle’s salary reaches $1,200 point, and senior Java Android developers usually ask for $3,060.

C++ Developers

C++ developer salary in Ukraine is around $1,000 if we mean a junior-level programmer. A senior C++ programmer’s salary goes up to $4,000 and more. Middle developers would earn about $2,450 a month.

Unity Developers

Junior Unity Developer salary in Ukraine varies from $700 to $900. Middle Ukraine software development specialists in a niche get up to $1,700; you can sometimes find devs with a slightly lower income. Ukraine developer salary of a Unity programmer with 5+ years of experience starts from $3,200 per month.

Salesforce Developers

Middle Salesforce developer salary starts from $2500 and reaches $3500. An experienced Salesforce programmer gets from $4000 to $4500.

Angular Developers

On average, an Angular Developer in Ukraine gets $950 if his/her experience doesn’t exceed one-two years. Mid-level specialist costs up to $1,550, while a senior Angular programmer gets from $3,020 monthly.

These are only a few software engineers’ salary examples in Ukraine, but if you compare them with a global tendency, Ukraine appears to have one of the best quality-price ratios in the world.

If you are interested in hiring dedicated developers in Ukraine and want to know more about local salaries, contact us. We will find you the best programmers according to your skill and budget’s requirements.

How to Attract Ukrainian Developers to Your Project?

How to Attract Ukrainian Developers to Your Project

Give them interesting and complex projects

Challenges usually provide a motivation boost, at least for the kind of people you’re going to want to work with. Balancing your project on the scales of challenging and rewarding is your best bet to attract a good developer.

Make use of the latest technology trends

IT people value technological advances, so while it goes without saying that no one wants to work on outdated hardware, there are also so many innovations in technology today. So, make sure you stay on top of the trend and show your employees that your company is riding a technological wave.

Give them a free opportunity to develop new skills

Many software engineers started as self-learners and tended to look for additional opportunities to improve their skills. Play into this tendency and secure some personal and professional growth opportunities for your employees. Provide them with access to free courses, webinars, workshops, and books.

Bonus system

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded for a good job they’ve done? Sending an appreciation email or commending someone for their work in front of colleagues is great, but having a solid and coherent bonus system will definitely attract qualified professionals. They know they will do a good job, so they’ll join a company where this job is appreciated.

Fair salary without delays

Your company’s remuneration system must be fair and solid. Make sure you set a day or at least a certain period in a month when your employees can expect their salaries and do your absolute best to stick to that schedule.

Good developers should be highly paid, but that’s not enough to win them over. It’s about the combination of payment, opportunities for growth, and continuous motivation enhancers.

Career growth inside the company

Usually, if one is looking for a job, he/she wants to stay with the employer long-term, gain new skills and experience and grow within the company. Whether it’s horizontal or vertical mobility, it’s good to ensure your company offers the developers the opportunity to grow and assume more responsibility.

How Do Ukraine Software Development Companies Motivate Developers?


Outsourcing vendors, as well as other local software development Ukraine companies understand that the more motivated the employees are, the better they do their work. So, all the companies try to implement different ways to keep the programmers in a good mood and make them understand that their work is highly appreciated. Some of the most effective and common practices used by software development Ukraine vendors are the following:


  1. Providing opportunities for growth.
  2. Developing infrastructure and providing all the necessary hardware and software.
  3. Praising developers for achieving set goals.
  4. Encouraging healthy communication and a positive atmosphere within the team.
  5. Appreciating and implementing new ideas.
  6. Offering bonus packages.
  7. Promoting education and continuous learning.
  8. Providing autonomy.
  9. Holding internal conferences and informal meetings.
  10. Asking for feedback and highlighting teams’ success.
  11. Setting challenging yet achievable targets.
  12. Encouraging creativity.


How Can Qubit Labs Help You With Hiring Developers in Ukraine?

  • Qubit Labs has been steadily growing our developer database for years now and can boast over 20,000 accessible software engineers.


  • Linkedin is an obvious but influential hiring tool. We are constantly working on improving our already effective mechanisms of hiring top-notch developers through this platform.


  • Since Ukraine is such a well-developed IT hub, local recruitment platforms like,, etc., can be a treasure trove for high-quality developers in a region.


  • Dou is a platform that can be a wonderful base to find an IT specialist in Ukraine. Qubit Labs takes every source of local talent seriously because broadening the search helps pick out the best candidates.


  • Another huge forum and marketplace for talented software developers is GitHub. Even though the platform was originally created for a different purpose, it brings together millions of developers and is a fantastic place for networking and learning.


  • Djinni, however, serves precisely the purpose of an IT talent marketplace, and it would be a big miss to overlook the professionals represented on this platform.


  • Never underestimate the power of social media and the communities they form. Qubit Labs follows the most important social media groups and forums related to software development and IT talent.


  • In Qubit Labs, we value proactiveness and never miss a chance to spread the word about our projects on webinars and meetups we organize and participate in.


  • We delight in meeting other players in our field and learning about trends and developments in it. Attending various tech and business conferences, workshops, and events helps us stay up to date and expand our database with fresh talent.


Possible Risks When Hiring Developers in Ukraine

Check how we at Qubit Labs reduce them:

Fast changes in the technology world

Qubit Labs prides itself on hiring narrow experts who specialize in specific industry fields and stay up to date with their sphere’s latest trends. Such practice helps us to find the right people for certain positions who can perfectly perform their tasks.

Developers are not actively looking for a position

The most desired and superior developers you’re looking for are those who are already employed. A company should have something outstanding about it to be able to attract top-tier IT talent. Qubit Labs offers excellent working conditions and wins IT professionals over with a comfortable and pleasant office, contractual employment, convenient working hours, and a transparent and welcoming environment.

Developers are costly

Qubit Labs prefers Ukrainian developers because their cost to quality ratio is one of the most attractive in the world. This is easily explained by the general cost of living in the region.

Hiring a Ukrainian developer is not South-Asia-cheap, but the flexibility to hire high-quality talent that is unavailable locally makes this ratio so favourable. Ukraine is one of the most prominent hubs for offshore software development, and Ukrainian professionals are highly valued around the globe.

Lack of management

Qubit Labs supports a development team during the working process. Also, we communicate with developers and a client to get feedback from both and step up when necessary. In this way, we can ensure a project’s success. A client can also hire a full-time or part-time PM to control the processes.

Working issues and conflicts

Qubit Labs takes upon the establishment of transparent and effective communication between the client and offshore developers. Here, we don’t let a discussion and disagreements grow and become problems.

Qubit Labs monitors all conflicts and solves any communication issues in a friendly and reasonable manner, mediating all collaboration processes between the client and a team, as well as within a development team.

FAQs About Ukrainian Developers


  • Is it safe for businesses to outsource the development of core products to Ukraine?

Ukraine has a well-established system of working with international companies, and even some famous tech giants, like Google and Microsoft, outsource software development Ukraine. Besides, there are more than 200,000 talented developers that have expertise in almost any technology you might need. Local vendors, like Qubit Labs, will make sure to follow cybersecurity policies and guarantee that the provided services are of the highest quality.


  • Has the global crisis affected the availability of Ukrainian tech specialists?

The remote work has already been popular in the country even before the pandemic outbreak. Most companies and developers treated it as the opportunity to widen their expertise and work with a larger number of international businesses. The amount of developers has increased since the quarantine took place, and the number of posted vacancies grew as well.


  • Where do Ukrainian developers come from?

Some of the advanced Ukrainian IT hubs are Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa, and Kharkiv. Due to the availability of programmers in different locations, your team will consist of hand-picked developers from all over the country.


  • Is it cost-effective to choose Ukrainian developers over local talent?

It’s true that the cost of software development Ukraine is usually multiple times lower than in other countries, like the US or Western European ones. The local taxes are much lower, as well as the salaries, because the economic level in Ukraine is on another level, compared to other states. Moreover, software development Ukraine is flexible because you can hire a single programmer or a team of specialists.

How Does Qubit Labs Hire Dedicated Development Team for Clients?

Suppose you want to hire developers or build a software development team in Ukraine. In that case, it is a comparably easy task considering the number of great local developers for a competitive price.

Ukraine has talent, and we offer outstaffing services to help you work with the best technical specialists from the country.

The task of hiring developers becomes even easier with our talent pool, IT recruiters, wide connections in the outsourcing world, and incredible corporate culture.

Are you looking for a software development team that can become an effective extension to your in-house team? Or maybe want to set up an independent offshore development team that will be the primary executor?

Contact us for a short call to discuss your needs!



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