Modern technologies can make the processes in financial and banking industries more flexible and as a result is much more profitable and customer-friendly. Information technologies for these industries are not limited to just reporting and ERP systems. Here at Qubit Labs we can create financial applications that will make your customer experience easier and seamlessly integrate into your clients’ lives.


Qubit Labs is an Estonian Software Development House with R&D office in Ukraine that works side by side with financial and banking companies from all over the world. We help create a new, smart approach to financial software development, banking processes and information management. We are a responsive, agile team that is head over heels with modern cutting edge technologies and exquisite taste in design. We pride ourselves on being fundamental in our work and bring FinTech project outsourcing to the highest standards.


Not only banks but also various insurance providers, asset management companies, financial service providers can benefit from modern FinTech software. Qubit Labs has extensive expertise in developing customized modules for such complicated financial software like SAP. We have developed financial modules like SAP FI, CO, TR, IM, and fine-tuned the non-financial modules like HR, PP, PDM etc.

Apart from complex long-term software development projects like SAP, financial companies rapidly develop new kinds of solutions like online banking software or bank account apps for their customers to make their user experience more seamless and integrate all kind of banking and payment methods to our everyday life. Finance industry rapidly transfers from online back to the real world but does it in a smart way.


Nowadays smart technologies give us green light to change the financial services scene. More and more wireless payment solutions are emerging all over the globe, and the trend continues to grow. Qubit Labs can help you develop a new channel of communication with your clients that will enable them to interact with your bank or an insurance company in an innovative way through their smartphone. Wireless payment, quick ID verification, chips and sensors instead of a whole wallet are just a few of the fresh ideas that we can implement for you to gain a new creative approach to customer management.


Qubit Labs can help you not only manage your complex BI systems but develop mobile apps to make your business more flexible. If you need payment API that will integrate easily with any software, we are always happy to give you a hand. Qubit Labs is capable of creating all kind of solutions that will automate and increase the efficiency of all your business processes to bring more value to your company.

Your financial business needs a custom technology solution? Qubit Labs is ready to start working with you today and deliver a financial software of the best quality on time and in budget. Just send us your project requirements so that we could analyze your ideas and come up with 100% matching solution.


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