Webinars by Qubit Labs


Webinar: Specifics Of Hiring IT Talent In Ukraine: Answering Most Popular Questions

We are talking about specifics of hiring process in Ukraine and things you should know before hiring developers in our country. Answering questions that will help you to take your recruiting process to the next level.

Webinar: Understanding the Hyper-Casual Game Industry and New Publishing Approach

Start date: 19 November 2020
Location: Online
Find out about how the hyper-casual game genre is winning the mobile market, which hottest new trends has this industry and if you have a game startup - how to keep afloat in crazy times and make your game earn money.

Innovate with InsurTech

Start date: 26 August 2020
Location: Online
Listen to our special guest Nabil Aidoud from InsuranceMenu about insurance trends that is shaping industry now.

HealthCare Digital Transformation Trends That Will Shape Our Future: Breaking the Barriers

Start date: 15 July 2020
Location: Online
Listen to our special guests Dr. John Stagl and Rom Linhares from Avydium about healthcare digitalization trends that will shape our future.