Webinars by Qubit Labs


Webinar: Understanding the Hyper-Casual Game Industry and New Publishing Approach

Start date: 19 November 2020
Location: Online
Find out about how the hyper-casual game genre is winning the mobile market, which hottest new trends has this industry and if you have a game startup - how to keep afloat in crazy times and make your game earn money.

Innovate with InsurTech

Start date: 26 August 2020
Location: Online
Listen to our special guest Nabil Aidoud from InsuranceMenu about insurance trends that is shaping industry now.

HealthCare Digital Transformation Trends That Will Shape Our Future: Breaking the Barriers

Start date: 15 July 2020
Location: Online
Listen to our special guests Dr. John Stagl and Rom Linhares from Avydium about healthcare digitalization trends that will shape our future.