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The ed-tech industry is at the stage of rapid development, and the ever-changing situation in the world makes all the processes adapt to the current and upcoming conditions. Software for education is aimed to bring fundamental changes in the personal, academic, and professional areas of development. It is expected to increase dramatically within the next five years in multiple key segments. Ed-tech should be perceived not only in classical understanding of education, as universities and schools, but also in terms of training employees by implementing purposefully-designed mobile apps.

Apart from that, many people strive to improve their skills in certain areas to be able to move up the career ladder. Thus, that’s when the flexibility and considerable quantity of specialized apps come in-handy. If you have any educational sector projects, it is a good call to hire competent developers. Qubit Labs will help you to yield benefits from the applications by attracting adept professionals into your team.


Qubit Labs is a reliable provider of offshore education software services with headquarters located in Estonia and an R&D office in Kyiv. We have acquired a solid reputation over the years and provide immaculate services to our clients. In case you need a single software developer education or a well-built team, our flexible and alterable hiring model allows us to find a perfect candidate who will match the client’s requirements. Moreover, in Ukraine, there is a large pool of professionals to choose from, so you can be confident they will deliver world-class eLearning software.

You can count on Qubit Labs regarding the objectives related to providing staff with an office and equipment, as well as all the employment-related activities. Our offshore software development company assures the flawless team’s performance by implementing project management assistance while you have the opportunity to devote resources for more urgent business tasks.



Education software is in demand across various spheres of human activity, so it is crucial to understand what kind of projects you are oriented towards. Our software design company is capable of providing you with developers who are skilled enough to face any challenges. Among multiple eLearning software solutions, we offer to develop the following ones:

  • eLearning apps for school management. Our specialists can deliver products that will include databases of knowledge materials, performance analytic tools, documents-related functions, synchronizations with schedules, and various planning resources. We ensure providing academic software that will engage the usage of cloud bases, tools for onboarding processes, and students’ success monitoring, as well as manage events and expenditures.
  • Customized education systems. Any professional software developer education can create such kinds of apps that companies can implement to make the process of employees’ training more productive and result-oriented. Such tools also allow to decrease the workload put on certain team members that have to mentor newbies.
  • Self-learning applications. Our software development company has experience in building systems for time-management and processes’ monitoring because the eLearning application of this type is sought-after among users with varying demands and targets, from learning new languages to obtaining skills in some infrequent areas.
  • Online learning platforms. Educational software for schools must be focused on providing an excellent user experience for all people involved and adapting to the specific requirements. Although you can choose one of the most renowned platforms, it would be more efficient to create your own one that will be designed per the particular demands.
  • Teachers applications. It is essential to keep in mind all the organizational tasks, class schedules, and bring new ideas to increase students’ engagement in the learning process. Our software development company can create unique apps that will provide the opportunity to communicate with colleagues and students virtually and on the go. Moreover, if the requisitioner finds it essential, these applications can include study materials, notifications set, to-do lists, and many other tools one mentions.

If you have never worked with educational software companies, Qubit Labs will provide transparency at all the cooperation stages and assist in the recruitment process. We will find experienced employees who will be able to implement any requested technology to meet your expectations regarding the project’s outcomes.


Qubit Labs understands that software development education is also targeted at keeping students engaged in the course of study, so one of the finest ways to achieve that is to apply gamification. Our developers are capable of turning simple math equations into entertaining and practical tools that can identify students’ understanding of the class material and enhance their performances. Besides, the need for putting software for students into use can’t be overvalued. It allows learners to boost productivity and focus on significant tasks without spreading themselves too thin.

Thus, if you faced the need to hire a competent software developer in education, you can count on Qubit Labs. We stay in touch with the local developers and can promptly find fitting candidates. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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