Team as a Service (TaaS) – Convenient and Profitable Software Development

Inna Coker
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Finding the right team to have a perfect “match” with you and your product can be challenging, especially when you require developers with specific skills, experience, and knowledge. Also, don’t forget about being in a convenient time zone with your team, cultural similarity, and hiring a team should be cost-efficient.

Choosing a TaaS model of cooperation allows you to find knowledge, quality, and experience in software development that will not break your budget but provide you with high-quality service. What does TaaS stand for? This article will help you to have a quick overview about how it works and analyze if it works for your business. 


What is TaaS?

The team as a service is a remote team which is hired by a vendor in other countries based on your business goals. The main benefit of it is that you get a team and work with them directly. Moreover, you don’t put any effort into organizing stuff for them, your vendor will do it for you. 

Generally, it means the variety of services that can be provided, including admin and operations duties, security and high-level protection, HR support, workplace setup and management, etc. In other words you get the whole team of professionals based on your business goal and personal requirements. This solution makes it easy for the team to provide high-quality results without overburdening its permanent staff. 

Contrary to the typical outsourcing model, with the TaaS model, you have control over the team’s activities as the client. This can include building new software from scratch up to monitoring and maintaining existing platforms, workflows, and services, among other integral business tools.


How Does the Team as a Service Model Work?

Getting started with a team as a service model is pretty straightforward. You find the vendor which hires a team for you based on your requirements and preferences, after discussing all these you sign a contract and a vendor hires a team for you which is ready to work straight away. The client cooperates with the team directly, in other words you control all working processes. You are not responsible for any organization’s issues like providing workplace and equipment, paying salaries and taxes, etc. The vendor does it for you. If you would like to add a participant to your team – your vendor will hire it for you.

The main thing that teams as a service can bring to your company is high-quality remote teams. They work with you on your project.


Benefits of Using Team as a Service (TaaS)?

Team as a service can be a handful for multiple types of business. As the greatest advantage of dedicated TaaS is that it helps you deal with human capital demand as the need arises. Instead of forcing your employees to work overtime, you find a partner to help you set up a remote team to gear the increased workload. 

Let’s have a closer look at benefits of using team as a service model:

  • Rapid Business Growth

TaaS provides the necessary expertise and flexibility for rapid solution development boosting. It guarantees you a fast development process and lets your business grow as quickly as possible. You get a highly-skilled and driven team that is ready to work from day one. 

  • It is Cost Efficient 

Team as a service model for a project is usually cheaper than recruiting in-house specialists, especially if the team is located in a different country where development costs are lower. It’s a great advantage to reduce HR costs and cut expenses for the search and recruiting new employees. There are additional savings on workplaces, office expenses, training, etc. 

  • Quick and Easy Integration 

You get a team of professionals based on your requirements and specific needs who are ready to work straight away without extra training and explanations. 

  • High Level of Transparency 

You are fully controlling your team even if they are located in another country.  Besides looking after the whole project, you can make direct daily contacts and calls with the team. This minimizes the risk of missing important updates as it happens if you rely on intermediaries.

  • Access to Unlimited Talent Pool 

Teams as a service give you access to an unlimited talent pool from the most significant IT hubs worldwide. Therefore, it relatively increases your chances of finding the proper developer or team that fits your requirement and budget. Hence, the TaaS meaning is about the team that works for you from every bit of the world. 

  • More Flexibility 

A successful project requires a team that concentrates on work without any distractions. When a TaaS team starts to collaborate with your project, they focus on it straight away until the end, as they don’t work for multiple clients. This gives you the flexibility of allocation roles depending on the present and future plans of the project. It also becomes easy to track progress.


What is Better – TaaS or In-House Team for Your Project?

Almost 54% of all companies prefer to use third-party support teams to connect with customers according to the statistic. Moreover, 78% of businesses that outsource feel positive about the experience and 65% of them are planning to increase their outsourcing efforts. However, a lot of companies still prefer in-house teams as It offers maximum trust, a seamless team structure, and communication. Obtaining the best talent can be challenging, but some companies prefer to build in-house team, and it will work the best for companies:

  • Flexible budget to pay for the local workforce, office, overhead, etc.
  • If your company already has a strong company culture and you don’t want to hire anybody remotely.
  • Time to spend on hiring and onboarding

What does TaaS stand for? Unlike in-house teams, the team as a service model is more budget-friendly as you don’t need to pay for working spaces, equipment, etc.  Team as a service model provides you more flexibility and production efficiency. It will perfectly fit for companies: 

  • have a limited budget 
  • have specific and fixed requirements
  • need the expertise that you lack
  • need some innovations and fresh ideas
  • would like to hire a team in other countries which relatively increases chances to find the right professionals. 
  • for startups who don’t need to build big in-house team 

As you can see there is no universal or “better” option when we talk about your team model. Each of them has its pros and cons, you choose the one that matches with your business development, values and preferences.


How to Get Started With a TaaS Model?

If you choose a team as a service model, it is easy to start working with it. Let’s look at the process step by step:

Step 1 

Both client and a vendor discuss the project in full detail: requirements, values, deadlines, clarify the team composition, etc. The more you tell about your project – the easier it will be to find a team for you that will fit the best. 

 Step 2 

After agreement on all details and terms it is time to sign a contract with a vendor.

Step 3 

The company provides you with a team based on your preferences and consult with you on all stages of hiring, so the final decision is after yourself.

Step 4

Your team as a service is ready to work. You, as a client, build their working process that fits your project. You communicate with your TaaS team directly, give them tasks and control them. You can also choose between 2 options – to control tasks yourself or to ask the vendor to hire project management who completes the team. 


Qubit Labs as Your Team as a Service Provider

If you want to take full advantage of a team as a service model but have doubts or issues finding the right vendor, Qubit Labs is what you need. We hire tech specialists in top-tech locations, namely Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan. Also, we specialize in setting up offshore development centers and R&D centers

Qubit Labs has been in the IT industry for a while now, so we know all the nitty-gritty of finding and hiring vetted developers. The company is a trusted outstaffing partner that cooperates with businesses from North America, Europe, Africa, and Australia. Our portfolio includes projects in various industries, from education to finances. 

Feel free to message us and ask any questions you are interested in. We will happily provide you with all the information you need to start a successful cooperation. 



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