Exploring the IT Industry and Software Engineer Salary in Kazakhstan

Vlada Sirosh
Research Specialist

Within the last couple of years, Kazakhstan has made a significant leap in the development of several spheres of the economy, especially in the IT industry. The local government is the leading partner, investor, and employer in the IT sphere. Large volumes of funding for various projects and other means of stimulating the tech industry have led to the successful implementation of innovative technologies and the growth of the number of local IT companies. 

Notably, most developers are engaged in the software development outsourcing industry. That’s why local companies focus on advancing the levels of qualification of their human resources, software development standards, and security. And such cooperation between businesses and the government can give a push to the local economy, increase currency earnings, and raise the economic indicators and tax deductions. The local IT market is expected to face intensive growth within the next five years due to domestic and foreign investments inflow into IT outsourcing infrastructure.

In this article, Qubit Labs provides a quick overview of the Kazakhstan tech industries to explain why local developers are sought-after among foreign companies and why the country is worth your attention.


What are the Perks of IT Outsourcing Kazakhstan?

During the last couple of years, the government focused on implementing a special program called the “e-government.” This is a system that includes all the services the citizens might need but in a digital form. The introduction of this program exceeded the expectations, so the experts anticipated a remarkable growth in various branches of the economy. 

Many startups and large companies cooperate with the government, leading to many notable advantages. These include the following:

  • Kazakhstan offers various opportunities for software developers. The country often holds various lectures, contests, and fairs aimed at helping technical experts meet and exchange ideas. Also, the government stimulates the appearance of investment platforms and the advancement of the startup ecosystem. A similar situation takes place in Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan because the countries have comparable starting points.  
  • The country is focused on the usage and advancement of cloud technologies. Almost all businesses that used to handle large scopes of information manually are now actively using cloud technologies for storing data. The companies ensure data safety by introducing various antiviruses that analyze, block, and eliminate all kinds of malware. Another country that follows such an approach is Romania.     
  • Kazakhstan shifted its focus on IT outsourcing and outstaffing. Working with foreign companies is a long-term investment, so local businesses are trying to make connections with global organizations. In this way, they offer new opportunities for their employees and positively impact the local economy. Besides, such an approach allows Kazakhstan developers for hire to gain valuable experience and improve their qualifications.   
  • The county offers various capabilities for remote work. As mentioned, there are many startups in the country, so remote work for them is a major opportunity to choose candidates from the global pool and save money. And since most Kazakhstan remote developers are familiar with various remote work tools, it’s easy to cooperate with them. You can expect transparent and timely communication, which implies the delivery of top-class results. The same goes for Bulgaria, the Philippines, Moldova and Poland because these countries are known for staying on the same page with their clients and following deadlines. 
  • There’s an increased demand for developing and promoting websites. Many companies are focused on creating opportunities for carrying out different transactions (including financial) via any device. Due to this, the need for website development and promotion has grown considerably. Also, software developers, designers, SMM, and SEO specialists are in demand. The eCommerce industry is gaining momentum as well.

So, hiring developers in Kazakhstan is a go-to choice for businesses that aim to work with energetic and motivated employees who have reasonable rates and desire to meet deadlines. This description fits Mexico as well because local software engineers are known for being dedicated and delivering high-quality products without demanding sky-high salaries.  


Sought-After Locations for IT Outsourcing in Kazakhstan

Since the IT sphere is one of the fastest-developing sectors among Kazakhstan tech industries, there are a couple of tech hubs with the highest concentration of tech specialists and companies. These destinations help the country make it to the international market while attracting global clients with untapped opportunities. These hubs are the following:  



Being the most-populated city in Kazakhstan, Almaty is a go-to location for those looking for skilled talents and well-developed infrastructure. There are various coworking spaces in Almaty, so staying in touch with your remote workers is easy. Besides, many foreign businesses have their offices in the city or work with local developers. So, it’ll be easy to find a common language with them and reap the benefits of your cooperation soon enough. In Costa Rica, there are destinations similar to this one, so you should check it as well because it’s great to have several options to choose from. 


Nur‑Sultan (Astana)

There’s the Astana IT University in the city, which means it’s full of motivated and enthusiastic people eager to put their knowledge into use. This educational facility is considered the future of digital Kazakhstan, and it significantly impacts the country’s chances of becoming one of the leading outsourcing destinations in the region. It has various programs to choose from, producing highly-skilled and talented specialists. Argentina is similar to Nur-Sultan in this sense because the country also emphasizes quality education and focuses on producing professionals who can get jobs right after graduation. 


The Educational Impact on Kazakhstan Tech Industries

Due to the launch of the innovative program focused on the development of the IT industry, the country experienced a lack of tech specialists. Yet, the local universities understand the increased demand, so they’re constantly implementing various solutions and methodologies to give students valuable knowledge. Also, there are many private courses that are popular both among students and people who have already graduated but want to enter the IT industry. Some of the most sought-after specialists are web developers and mobile app developers


How Much Does a Software Engineer Make in Kazakhstan? The Average Numbers by Technology

Although it’s hard to answer the question “how much does a software engineer make in Kazakhstan” precisely because local companies rarely mention this information online, we managed to get the approximate numbers. These are the following: 

JavaScript $28,873
Unity $25,890
Python $26,759
Java $26,540
React $25,200
Node.js $24,773
PHP $23,597


  • The average salary of a software engineer in Kazakhstan who specializes in React is $25,200 per year
  • A mid-level Unity developer earns about $25,890 per annum
  • Kazakhstan pays the average Python developer salary at around $26,759 yearly
  • JavaScript developer salary Kazakhstan is $28,873 per annum
  • The average Java software engineer salary in Kazakhstan is $26,540
  • A mid-level PHP developer earns $23,597 per year
  • The average Node.js salary of a software engineer in Kazakhstan is $24,773 annually


Software Engineer Salary Kazakhstan by Specialization

Front-end $29,102
Back-end $31,839
Full-stack $55,000


  • The average front-end developer salary in Kazakhstan is $29,102 per year
  • A mid-level back-end developer for hire in Kazakhstan earns $31,839 per annum
  • The average full-stack developer salary in Kazakhstan is about $55,000 per year


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