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When ensuring vehicles with readily available data, you make a considerable leap forward because such innovations make the experience of using cars twice more enjoyable. Automotive software engineering is oriented at providing safety and ease of use to the users, combined with fuel efficiency and linking devices. Notably, car software is sought-after nowadays because people want to keep up with opportunities technologies have to offer in almost everything they interact with. Large automobile manufacturers, like Tesla, stand at the origins of multiple trends in automotive.

Examples of automotive software include driverless features, autopilot safety mode, handsfree use of devices, keyless entry, and touchscreens. Thus, a company that wants to gain success in the automobile computer software should follow emerging demands to be able to satisfy customers’ interests. In case you want to realize such a project but face a lack of skilled developers, Qubit Labs will readily help you out. We have a wealth of experience in hiring engineers, so whether you need a single professional or a team of developers, you can rely on us.


Qubit Labs is a trusted IT vendor, the headquarter of which is located in Tallinn, Estonia, and an R&D office in Kyiv, Ukraine. Through the years, we have adjusted and improved our recruiting model and put it to the level at which it can be flexible enough to meet any project’s demands. By employing a Ukrainian automotive software engineer, you get a price-to-quality ratio because the local economical level allows you to hire top-notch developers for an affordable payment.

Qubit Labs takes on all the tasks related to recruitment, onboarding, and providing employees with the necessary equipment. We will find perfect candidates and manage your future projects while you can devote time to address more relevant business tasks. Our company is focused on delivering high-quality results by implementing cutting-edge software engineering services and contacting “top of the line” developers in the large pool of professionals.


Development Team Leasing

We understand that it is challenging to keep up with all the existing trends and technologies in the continually evolving IT world. Besides, when it comes to employing the developers who will specialize in automotive reprogramming software, businesses often face constraints because they need to thoroughly evaluate the level of potential coworkers’ knowledge. To solve this “pain,” Qubit Labs can offer you to help in hiring a Ukrainian team for your auto software. In short, you can test the professional by working with them for a while and then relocate them to work with you in-house.

Hire a Dedicated Team

Automotive programming, almost like any other kind of IT service, requires cooperation and mutual understanding within a team to be able to achieve greater results within the short term. To accomplish that, Qubit Labs can build up a team of developers that have already worked together and know how to enhance their performance. We will only need to agree upon the requirements and job description to be able to present you to your team within a short period.


Straight to the point


We are aware that automotive software engineering is a time-consuming process itself, even without mentioning the recruitment-related tasks. Our company prefers to get things done in a split second because the competitors are not standing still, and nor do we. The administrative routine will be tackled along with recruitment tasks and HR activities while you can focus on major goals.

Agile process


There are no two similar automotive software projects for us, so we try to clarify all the requirements and thoroughly analyze the clients’ needs before getting down to the business. As mentioned above, our recruiting model is flexible, so our project team will be a 100% target hit for your project. You are the one to select the most suitable tracking tools, meeting frequency, set goals, reporting progress and deadlines, and the team of developers is the one to adopt these claims.


The development of automobile software might become somewhat unpredictable at certain stages because the project gets up to speed, and you need to add more members to the team. We know how to deal with that at a moment’s notice, and everything you have to provide is a job description. Our professional recruiters will come up with a decent list of candidates, among which you will choose a proper automotive software engineer or a couple of them.


Experienced developers


In case you’ve never worked with the technical processes, leave them to us. Our experienced project managers are capable of giving you clear and detailed answers regarding software engineering services, as well as provide consultations and suggestions. As the outcome of our collaboration, you will have a motivated and disciplined team, working with which remotely is if you are sitting in the same office.


Start planning


To stand out among other automotive software companies, you will need to be confident in the internal business process. Our smart, tested, and transparent cooperation model will bring you many benefits because we prefer actions over words. Thus, your software planning will be smooth and predictable, not bringing any unpleasant surprises.


Deep expertise


Automotive programming requires having vast experience and proper technical background. However, if you are a non-techie, that’s not an issue at all. We will prevent you from “learning by trial and error” and focus on delivering top-notch results at the outset.


In case you have any questions left regarding vehicle design software, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Whether you need automotive shop management software or aim to bring something “fresh” to this area, Qubit Labs will be there to help you out. Don’t worry about the data safety because everything you send us falls under NDA. We can deal with any issues or questions you face, so feel free to contact us for a consultation and a free quote.


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