Hiring Developers in Azerbaijan: A Quick Overview

Vlada Sirosh
Research Specialist

IT outsourcing in Azerbaijan is gaining momentum. The local authorities understood that this industry is a long-term investment that could help them achieve success and enter the global tech market. Although there aren’t many rapidly-advancing software development companies in the country, around 20, hundreds of those are gradually becoming more successful.

Azerbaijan is experiencing the appearance of startups that have high chances of taking leading positions on a global scale. Yet, the government isn’t focusing enough on creating the programs that might help this industry skyrocket. So, it mostly comes down to tech specialists who rely on themselves and some foreign companies when trying to make the local IT industry grow at least at a slow pace. One can see a similar situation in Armenia and Georgia.    

Qubit Labs is here to give you a deeper look at the situation in the local IT market, explain the benefits of outsourcing to Azerbaijan, and make a quick recap of local developers’ salaries. So, let’s get down to the topic. 


What are the Advantages of Hiring Software Developers in Azerbaijan?

During the next couple of years, the investments in the IT sphere in Azerbaijan reached over $1 billion. Meanwhile, almost 90% of the local IT products are being outsourced. In Azerbaijan, there’s a high-tech park free of taxes and customs duties. The startup ecosystem is still in the development stage, so there are various funds helping these young companies attract investments and get a chance to grow.   

These are some benefits of outsourcing to Azerbaijan that make foreign companies consider this country as a destination for hiring remote software developers:

  • Azerbaijan boasts governmental initiatives aimed at developing the tech society. Although the country is several steps behind other locations that had a similar starting point, such as Poland and Bulgaria and Romania, it has enough resources to buy and deploy the required hardware and software. 
  • Azerbaijan focuses on providing all citizens with access to the Internet. The local government aims at increasing the average Internet speed in the country. This, in its turn, significantly stimulates the appearance of new tech companies and motivates people to enter the local IT industry. 
  • Many citizens are interested in embarking on software development. There’s a high potential for “raising” specialists capable of developing certain software products in Azerbaijan. Although there aren’t many programmers in the country now, around 3,000, this number is constantly growing. Yet, the advancement of the local IT market is driven by the implementation of “e-government” in everyday life. Thanks to this initiative, it is easy to pay taxes, bills, etc., without leaving the house. 
  • Azerbaijan outsourcing is supported by financial capabilities. The country has enough financial resources to increase the number of software developers in the country and stimulate citizens to opt for the tech industry instead of focusing on other, more “traditional” spheres. 

Notably, there are many young specialists who boast an untapped potential and are interested in getting to know more about software development and becoming qualified specialists in this area. And other countries with highly-motivated graduates eager to enter the IT field are Mexico and Argentina. These locations are perfect if you’re looking for junior-level developers with good basic knowledge.


Top-Rated Locations for IT Outsourcing in Azerbaijan

Although hiring developers in Azerbaijan is tricky because there are fewer specialists available than in, for example, Costa Rica or the Philippines, there are some cities that experience notable progress in the IT sphere. These are the following locations:



There’s an increased need for web developers experienced in working with popular programming languages in Baku, including Java, Python, and PHP. Also, the GTUG (Google Technology Users Group) recently opened in Baku. The appearance of such a technology-oriented group significantly stimulated the advancement of the tech industry and the city and caught the interest of many citizens. 

Moreover, many foreign companies started paying more attention to the local market. Businesses hire Azerbaijan developers, especially those coming from Baku, because they’re motivated and eager to learn, so it’s easy to work with them, not worrying about whether they’ll complete the projects. Azerbaijan developers for hire are reliable, and that’s why foreign employers value them.  



This is the second-largest city in Azerbaijan, where there are several higher education institutions in which people can get a degree in the tech field. Yet, many locals go to Baku because the quality of education there is much higher than in Ganja. However, IT outsourcing in Azerbaijan affected this city as well because some foreign companies hire local developers, positively influencing the overall status of the Azerbaijan tech field.   


What about Tech Education among Programmers in Azerbaijan?

There are various tech education institutions in Baku where people can get diplomas and opportunities to work at local IT companies right after graduating. Yet, many alumni prefer to explore what the world has to offer them before agreeing to these offers. Many young specialists immigrate abroad to the US or Western European countries because they want to have more choices. However, the educational sector in Azerbaijan isn’t staying still, and there are many private-held courses for people who want to hone their skills in the IT field. 


The Average Software Developer Salary Azerbaijan by Technology

Before you decide to hire in Azerbaijan, it’s critical to understand the local developers salaries to see if they fit your budget. Although the following numbers are rough because local companies rarely mention the salary ranges, you can still get an idea of what to expect. You can also read in our new article about software engineer salary per hour in Azerbaijan.

React $33,600
Unity $32,880
Python $23,640
JavaScript $20,892
Java $15,600
PHP $12,898
Node.js $12,696


  • When you hire a React developer in Azerbaijan, you can expect an average salary of around $33,600 annually
  • A Unity developer salary in Azerbaijan is about $32,880 per annum
  • Azerbaijan pays the average Python salary of around $23,640 per year
  • The average JavaScript developer salary in Azerbaijan is about $20,892 yearly
  • A mid-level Java programmer salary in Azerbaijan is $15,600 per annum
  • The average PHP developer salary in Azerbaijan is $12,898 annually
  • The average Node.js developer salary in Azerbaijan is around $12,696 per year


Software Engineer Salary Azerbaijan by Specialization

Now, let’s take a look at the average software developer salary in Georgia depending on the specialization:

Front-end $20,892
Back-end $31,764
Full-stack $39,529


  • The average front-end developer salary in Azerbaijan is $20,892 per year
  • Azerbaijan pays the average back-end developer salary of around $31,764 per annum
  • A mid-level full-stack developer in Azerbaijan earns about $39,529 annually


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