Full Guide on Dedicated Development Team Model

Full Guide on Dedicated Development Team Model

What is a dedicated development team?

Dedicated team is a certain number of employees that become a part of the client’s company for a specific period. You hire professionals, such as developers, PMs, QAs, or designers, who concentrate on the mentioned business goals and share your company’s vision.

Most often, the tech companies reach out to vendors that have experience of hiring a dedicated development team, solving challenges, and managing remote employees. The team members are selected according to your requirements and the project’s tech stack.

Also, the definition of the dedicated teams implies that there are two options for managing it. Namely, you handle this on your own or cooperate with remote employees via the vendor’s project manager.


What is dedicated team in terms of business profitability? Usually, it comes down to the increased ROI and cost-efficiency.

Keeping the competitive edge might become a cumbersome task for the companies. In such cases, outsourcing becomes their go-to solution, which helps businesses grow and stay competitive in the constantly changing market. 

We’re not going into the obvious details of hiring a dedicated software development team, like cost-effectiveness. Instead, we will be focusing on the subtle details of it.

– A dedicated team frees up your resources

If you’re running a business, you often have to multitask and figure things out on the fly. This might be great at the start, but it results in two major problems: the projects take longer than expected, and you become overloaded. This, in its turn, often detrimentally affects the product quality and brings additional expenses.

With dedicated developers, you can outsource non-core elements to skilled professionals. In this way, you’ll see the increase in investment for two major reasons — namely, timely releases and enhanced time investment towards your business’s core goals.

Besides, if software development isn’t part of your core business, your in-house IT team might lack proper skills and guidance. This often results in delays and negatively affects the financial side of the business.

A dedicated development team allows you to ramp up your focus on core tasks and entrust all the project-related activities to experienced professionals. They’ll maneuver through tricky situations and contribute to the company’s advancement and expansion.

– Gives you the first-mover advantage

Imagine you have an achingly great idea about the new project, and you’re sure it will skyrocket. You build a team specifically for this project and invest a lot of money in it. However, while you were beating around the bush and setting up the team, your competitors have already launched a similar app and got the glory. You don’t have much of a choice in such situations — it’s either trying to break their monopoly or accepting your condition.

However, settling for second best isn’t a good choice, especially in the ever-changing IT market. 

An offshore dedicated team is a silver bullet in such cases. Usually, dedicated developers follow an Agile methodology, which helps them to shorten the development processes but not at the expense of quality. They build the best possible product according to the tech tendencies by establishing frequent interaction with stakeholders.

A team dedicated to your project will have advanced time management skills and give you the opportunity to invest your resources in generating new ideas. Also, it gives you all the chances of getting the first-to-market advantage.

– Dedicated developers prevent you from throwing caution to the wind

When it comes to using new technology, is it better to learn through trial and error or hire a dedicated project team with the required knowledge and experience? We bet it’s the second option.

Doing market research on your own to understand customers’ demands isn’t a cost-effective solution and requires a lot of time. However, you still need relevant data to create apps the consumers enjoy using. That’s when a dedicated software development team comes into play. It will handle the mentioned tasks and clearly understand what type of app you need or what technologies suit best for your needs.

The team organization structure allows you to cooperate with specialists who will analyze your business and leave no stone unturned. As a result, they’ll discover the top choice course of action for your company.

– Your offshore dedicated team will include the best global talent

The amount of local talent is usually limited, especially in cases when you need experts in a rare technology or those who have extensive experience. Surely, you can find them within your area of search, but is it going to be a cost-effective solution? Hardly.

By hiring a dedicated software development team, you get access to top-notch professionals from all across the globe. They’ll take a multi-pronged approach to handle everything, from project planning to monitoring and closing. It’s a win-win situation: you don’t strain yourself, and the team gets valuable experience.

Also, your product is more likely to meet the needs of a larger audience. The international dedicated development team will assess the product from different points of view. Each member will add on certain elements that will increase the total value of the finished product.

– A dedicated development team understands both sides of the coin

Giving something a whirl, especially when it’s related to software development, is commendable. However, you might be caught between a rock and a hard place when you face risks and don’t know how to deal with them. Business leaders often set unrealistic launch dates because they lack the skills to judge the actual project scope. It results in money loss and poor-quality software.

However, the professionals will foresee all the possible risks involved when it comes to dedicated software development. They’ll choose the right technology for your project without you ever having to break the sweat or worrying about unforeseen expenditures.

– Provides round-the-clock support to your customers

Helping your customers sort out any issues the moment they arise is greatly appreciated and improves the company’s reputation. However, businesses often overlook customer support, although it’s one of the core elements of its success on the market.

Nevertheless, once you hire a dedicated project team, you won’t have to worry about this aspect. Usually, it provides 24/7 support both to the customers and your in-house teams in case any tech or product-related issues arise.

We’ve created a convenient table for you and gathered other great advantages of dedicated software development, take a look:

What Are Benefits of Dedicated Team Model


Nothing’s perfect, of course, and a dedicated development team has its flaws too.

– Isn’t the best choice for short-term projects

A team structure is such that it’s more suitable for long-term projects that have flexible requirements. Constantly evolving projects are the best fit for a dedicated development team. Besides, the majority of IT vendors rarely provide teams for projects with less than 6 months duration. 

– Scope changes for an offshore dedicated team imply increased costs

Although a dedicated software development team is a cost-effective solution that helps to reduce expenditures, there is a limit to every feature. When it comes to large projects, you often spot certain moments that require changes only after the project went into the development stage.

So, every modification has its price because the developers have to remodel new requirements to make them conform to existing ones.

– The quality of dedicated developers relies on the vendor’s resource pool

Unfortunately, not all vendors have access to a top-notch resource pool. This, in its turn, may result in hiring mediocre specialists that can’t guarantee good results but require the same rate as skilled developers.

Thus, when hiring a dedicated project team, make sure to check the vendor’s talent pool and request a substitution if you’re not satisfied with the final product’s quality.

– A dedicated development team requires time for the adaptation

A team dedicated to the specific project has to be flexible to adjust to the new working environment quickly. Nevertheless, it requires extensive effort for both parties, namely employers and the team, to find common ground.

This often results in an increased time of product development and may cause certain misunderstandings at the beginning of the cooperation.

How does a dedicated team model work?

The processes differ depending on your needs, but there are three major steps:

  • share your requirements;
  • interview and hire developers;
  • hire top developers.

A dedicated product team structure includes all the employees that are specifically selected for your business goals and have the skills required for developing your product. This collaboration model stands on par with two other models, namely: 

  • the fixed price model;
  • the time and material model.

This is like having an in-house team, except that you make the best of it and don’t bother about different administrative, HR, payroll, taxes, and social benefits issues. The vendor of your offshore dedicated team handles these time-consuming tasks while you focus on core business objectives.

As for the dedicated team organization structure, it varies depending on your project’s requirements. However, the most common team structure includes the following specialists:

  • web/mobile developers;
  • UX/UI designers;
  • software architect;
  • QA specialist;
  • product manager;
  • project manager;
  • business analyst.

You can choose the dedicated team structure yourself, deciding whether you want to manage the remote employees on your own or need a project manager who will handle this task.

Companies engaged in working with dedicated developers often recommend following the “two pizza rule” when it comes to deciding the number of people to include in the team.

If you can feed your team with two pizzas, which is for around 5-8 people, its size is perfect. If not, then it’s too large. Setting up a dedicated software development team of this size helps to establish effective communication and work processes coordination.

The quality of the team organization structure significantly depends on the members you’ve selected. The hiring process might be cumbersome, so here is a list of “how to choose the right candidate for the team.”

You can follow it and tick the box when the candidate matches a certain point:

how to choose a developer for a dedicated team


How to hire a dedicated development team?

Here’s how our dedicated software development team setup process usually takes place:

How to hire dedicated team process

1. Share your requirements with a vendor

Share your requirements to define necessary skills to get the candidates according to the expected workflow. Make sure that your business needs and goals comply with the team structure and tech stack.

2. Interview and hire developers

Vendor reaches out to suitable candidates by accessing a talent pool of top-notch Ukrainian IT employees to build a strong and dedicated project team within the short term. Then, recruiters assess candidates to check their background, tech and soft skills, and English level. 

If everything goes well, you receive CVs of vetted candidates during the first week. You choose the best candidates among these specialists and interview them yourself to make the final hiring decision. 

3. Onboard developers and start development

Integrate dedicated software development team into your organization structure. Make sure each team member has everything required for work and provide them with the necessary equipment. 

What is the recommended structure of a team?

The list of recommended dedicated developers depends on your project specifics and the availability of specialists in-house. Usually, the following employees are included:

  • web/mobile developers;
  • UX/UI designers;
  • software architect;
  • QA specialist;
  • product manager;
  • project manager;
  • business analyst.

Which types of businesses does this model fit?

Startups, SMBs, large corporations.

When to consider hiring a dedicated team?

In case you face the following challenges, a dedicated development team is your perfect solution:

  • talent shortage;
  • budgetary limitations;
  • time constraints;
  • lack of industry expertise;
  • new market entry.

How much does dedicated software development cost?

It mainly depends on the developers’ salaries, for detailed number please check our articles about game development, iOS development, React, Node.js, Angular, PHPweb developers and another about website developers salaries and skills, Blockchain.NET salary, Flutter, SQL salary, Salesforce salary, Unity, Magento, QA salary, Ruby on Rails developers, DevOps salary, JavaScript salaries worldwide, app developer salary, Python salaries data, and difference between front-end and back-end developers salaries, Reliability salaries info  and you can check Ukrainian development salaries here.

Extended vs. managed dedicated team – what’s the difference?

An extended team means that you hire one or several full-time developers to extend your team.

A managed dedicated team implies extending a team by hiring a large number of developers and a person who will manage them at their location.

Which country is suitable for setting up dedicated team?

It’s necessary to choose the country while keeping in mind several factors, namely:

  • time zones;
  • the distance;
  • the labor market;
  • the pricing;
  • legal aspects;
  • possible banking issues;
  • political climate.

What are the criteria of a reliable dedicated development vendor?

Check the following aspects when hiring a vendor:

  • similar values;
  • pricing;
  • communication;
  • safety;
  • testimonials;
  • internal team structure;
  • vacancy closing time;
  • ability to visit the vendor’s office.

To hire best developers make sure to follow these rules:

  • analyze available models;
  • research offers;
  • create a list;
  • prepare job descriptions;
  • start recruiting;
  • interview best candidates;
  • onboard new hires.

A dedicated development team or a fixed-cost contract?

Choose a dedicated project team if you want to cut costs, access the global talent pool, and avoid dealing with management and HR processes. It’s more suitable for long-term projects.

Choose a fixed-cost contract if your project is unlikely to change the requirements once it starts, and you expect the cost to remain the same during the process. It’s more suitable for short-term projects.

What are the rules to keep dedicated developers motivated?

  • don’t draw a divide between the in-house and dedicated development teams;
  • issue similar rewards to the in-house and dedicated staff;
  • give timely feedback;
  • invest in smooth communication;
  • take care of team cohesion with team-building activities;
  • focus on performance-based rewards;
  • choose new staff based on tech and soft skills;
  • invest time into proper onboarding;
  • visit your dedicated team;
  • build a strong team culture.

How to get the most effective collaboration with dedicated team?

Keep in mind the following details when you manage offshore team:

  • ensure actionable virtual for effective team communication;
  • be aware of data protection;
  • clarify the development process;
  • specify all the terms and conditions in the contract.

What are the examples of dedicated teams?

Here are some of our notable business cases:

Dedicated Front-End Developer for Travel Company from Sweden

Qubit Labs Fills Asp.Net Skill Gap in Belgium in Two Weeks

Qubit Labs Hiring Magic for German Business Consulting Firm

How We Set Up a Managed Team in Three Weeks for Game Development Company

How We Built PHP Development Team for e-Commerce Project from US

Hiring Python ML Development Team for Automotive Project

Dedicated Team for Public Transportation Mobile App Development – Client Interview

In conclusion

Qubit Labs is an outstaffing company that has significant experience in hiring dedicated developers for clients from all over the world. Most of our projects are based on a dedicated development model, and we’re more than proud of it. The companies choose us to be their vendors for several reasons, and these are some of them:

  • access to the large and qualified talent pool;
  • direct communication with recruiters;
  • transparent costs;
  • team management options;
  • competitive employee benefits;
  • tailored teams;
  • HR and management-related tasks handling;
  • free candidate replacement;
  • security measures (all the employees sign the NDA).

A dedicated development team is a game-changer for the companies. It gives you the opportunity of hiring top employees under your requirements without spending a fortune on their salaries. You will have the flexibility of choosing the team according to your project scope.

Feel free to contact us if you want to focus on your core business needs. Meanwhile, our dedicated software development team will make sure your company creates breakthrough products for the IT industry.

How to Build and Manage Offshore Development Team?

Download this book to know more about IT outsourcing, outstaffing and dedicated team management.


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