How to Hire Polish Game Developers: Strategies and Tips

Iva Kozlovskaya
Managing Partner

Poland is a key player in the game industry worldwide. This booming hub generates $922.1 million in video game market revenue and has over 11.1 million video game users. Poland boasts a rich history of success in the game industry, with CD Projekt Red being a prime example. In 2007, this company launched the highly acclaimed game “The Witcher,” catapulting it into the global market and setting a precedent for the quality of Polish game developers.

Hire Polish Game Developers

Poland’s game industry is vibrant and diverse, with over 500 firms creating and publishing games. This sector features both large international companies and independent game developers. With excellent expertise, innovative ideas, and cost-effective solutions, Poland is an attractive destination for businesses looking for game developers.

However, finding a perfect match for your project can be intricate. You must consider various factors, including taxes, salaries, specialists’ expertise, the best locations, and cultural peculiarities. Qubit Labs, a renowned outstaffing company, has researched the best destinations to hire game developers, compared salary rates of game developers, analyzed the Polish game industry, and came up with valuable insights. Read this up-to-date information to understand Poland’s game industry and the specifics of hiring game developers. We also encourage you to take valuable advice from our experts to find your dream team.


Polish Gaming Industry Overview

Polish Gaming Industry Overview

1970s-1980s: Pioneering Era

During this period, the gaming industry experienced many problems — lack of infrastructure, government restrictions, and the need for more resources discouraged growth. However, the first developments, such as Odra 1300, appeared despite specific difficulties. Furthermore, some universities have introduced programming courses.

1990s: Tech Advancements and Growth

Improved conditions marked the 1990s as a time of tech advancements and growth. Polish companies started creating their games on the computer platform, and well-known Polish game development companies, such as CD Projekt and People Can Fly, began evolving.

2000s-Present: Global Recognition

In the 2000s and later, Polish game developers achieved worldwide success, particularly with the release of “Painkiller,” “The Witcher,” and “Dying Light.” This period also marked the discovery of new game genres and different platforms and the implementation of various relevant technological solutions, including virtual and augmented reality. All these factors combined have led to increased investment in game development in Poland, and now, this country is one of the leading states in terms of game development in Europe.

Here are some facts about the game industry in Poland we came to during our research:

  • Poland is a significant game producer, with over 600 releases annually across all platforms.
  • The game sector provides multiple career possibilities. In 2023, game developers will have more than 220,000 job opportunities globally. In Poland, over 15,000 employees work in this sector.
  • Poles are a nation of players. Statista shows that there are 5.98 million mobile games users in Poland.
  • Poland is now the world’s fourth-largest video game exporter. According to recent research by the PKO BP bank, Poland’s video game and console exports total €1.24 billion, making up 6.5 percent of global sales.
  • The average age of a video game player is 25-34 years.


Growth and Trends Ahead: Poland’s Game Market

According to Statista, the “Video Games” segment will lead the revenue growth ranking in 2024.

The main trends are the following:

Economic Growth and Market Size

The Polish game market is expected to reach PLN 3 billion (roughly $789 million) in 2024 — the rising popularity of mobile gaming drives this development, followed by PC and console games.

More Mobiles and Online Games

More and more players are choosing to play online multiplayer games and cyber sports tournaments and are looking for entertainment on the go.

Emerging Technologies

The industry is eager to incorporate new technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) to develop more immersive gaming experiences. Polish games are predicted to remain innovative due to these technical advancements.

Focus on Localization Cultural Identity

Game creators often rely on local myths, folklore, and customs to develop games that stress cultural identity. Such games resonate with local audiences and pique the curiosity of international players. Polish game developers attractively reveal their cultural heritage to the world and engage a vast audience.


Why You Should Hire Polish Game Developers

Poland is a great place to hire Polish game developers. Here are the reasons why:

  • The software development industry in Poland is valued at €8.1 billion in 2023.
  • Poland is ranked 16th in the Top Coder ranking.
  • Convenient law regulations make the hiring process hassle-free.
  • Poland has a vast pool of skilled professionals.
  • Educational offerings have been significantly enhanced over the last decade, increasing the quality and range of accessible training opportunities.
  • Polish game developers demonstrate diligence and are a great cultural fit.
  • Poland companies have extensive experience in working with international clients.

Game Dev Studios in Poland

  • CD Projekt Red

Best known for: The Witcher, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Cyberpunk 2077 

  • Techland

Best known for: Dying Light, and Dying Light 2 

  • PlayWay

Best known for: Drug Dealer Simulator, Demolish & Build 2017, House Flipper 2, Contraband Police

  • 11 bit Studios

Best known for: This War of Mine +7M copies sold; 

  • Vivid Games

Best known for: Real Boxing series [120 million downloads], Knights Fight 2: New Blood, Eroblast, and Lovenest.

According to the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP)’s 2023 game industry report, Poland’s game development and publishing firms employ over 15,000 people and release more than 530 games annually. CD Projekt Red, Techland, 11 Bit Studios, PlayWay, Vivid Games, and others are the leading AAA game studios with the highest player recognition.

Polish Game Developer Skills

Polish game developers are skilled in various technologies, including JS, Python, Java, C++, PHP, and C#. They know gameplay programming, graphics, UI, and optimization inside out.

Technical Education

Poland’s education focus is on the STEM model. Many universities offer technical education, and the University of Warsaw is among the top 250 technical universities in the world.

With this educational model, Polish game developers improve their critical and algorithmic thinking skills, digital literacy, data analysis, innovation, creativity, and teamwork. This skill set enables them to succeed in a dynamically evolving software development system.

English Proficiency

English Proficiency Level in Poland

Poland ranks 11th in Europe on the English Proficiency Index. So, language barriers won’t be an issue if you hire Polish game developers.

Favorable Business Environment

Poland is a member of the European Union. It has a stable economy, developed IT infrastructure, and offers favorable tax incentives. As an EU member, Poland ensures compliance with all data protection standards and protects intellectual property through EU legislation.

Prominent Tech Centers

Poznan, Warsaw, Krakow, and Katowice offer top-tier technological universities, a large pool of Polish game developers, a reasonable price-to-quality ratio, and an excellent business climate. Besides, Poland offers various game sector conferences and initiatives. 

For instance, the Game Industry Conference (GIC) brings together Polish studios, publishers, distributors, other industry professionals, and international attendees. Over 79 300 attendees enjoy the event by trying games and gadgets from over 220 exhibitors. GIC offers B2B meetings, encouraging conversations, engaging lectures, a B2B exhibition zone, and a career event. 

Also, the Digital Dragons Conference is Europe’s biggest business-to-business conference for the game development sector, hosted in Krakow. The annual Conference features lectures, B2B meetings, discussions, and opportunities to learn more about the game industry.


Poland vs Other Countries: Hotspots for Hiring Game Developers

Worldwide, there are various lucrative destinations for hiring game developers. However, Eastern Europe, particularly Poland, remains the most attractive spot. Here are the takeaways from our research:


Number of game developers: 4100

The average annual salary of game developers: $52,000

Income tax: 20%

Outsourcing rates: $30-50

Eastern Europe is an expanding market in the video game industry, and its potential for development is high in the future. Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, and the Czech Republic are the most prominent destinations in Eastern Europe.


  • The region has a vast talent pool. In 2023, Poland had the most software engineers among CEE countries, with over 400 thousand people.
  • It is a great cultural fit.
  • Polish game developers demonstrate proactive thinking.
  • Cost-effective development.
  • Great English proficiency.
  • High-quality education.


  • Time zone challenges.
  • There still can be communication issues.


Number of game developers: 4700

The average annual salary of game developers: $47,000

Income tax: 40%

Outsourcing rates: $40-75

Spain is a leader in the game industry. Working with Spain, which now ranks 29th in the Global Innovation Index, benefits the enterprises that delegate their services and the Spanish economy.


  • The country is an ideal location for nearshoring throughout Europe.
  • Patent registrations have increased, indicating a growing innovation environment.
  • Spain can boast a vast labor pool.
  • Timezone compatibility.


  • English proficiency can still be a pitfall.
  • Lack of control over some operations.
  • “High taxes (40%) and the lack of cultural proximity can be potential challenges,” says Iva Kozlovska, CEO at Qubit Labs.
  • “Spanish game developers are easy-going people, but the cultural differences of Spanish developers do not always fit other companies,” says Katerina Nadezhdina, Recruiter at Qubit Labs.


Number of game developers: 10,000

The average annual salary of game developers: $87,000

Income tax: 14%

Outsourcing rates: $35-70

The Israeli people are proficient in computer programming, database management, security engineering, and theoretical computer science. Famous universities such as Tel Aviv University and the Jerusalem School of Business Administration provide high-quality education to ambitious Israeli businesses, preparing them to become world-renowned leaders. 



  • Time zone differences can lead to collaboration challenges.
  • Geopolitical turbulence.
  • Cultural and linguistic hurdles.
  • High competition and rates.

Besides, the taxation system can be an obstacle if you consider working overseas. Here is a breakdown of how taxation works.

  • Corporate taxes

Corporate taxes are charged on firms’ income. Lower tax rates stimulate investment, making it more financially reasonable for game development companies to recruit developers in specific locations.

  • Payroll taxes

Payroll taxes are charged based on the employee’s earnings. These taxes support government spending, specialized programs, social security, healthcare, municipal infrastructure, and other initiatives. Payroll taxes can raise the cost of employing Polish game developers.

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST)

VAT applies to the value added during the production and distribution of various goods and services. Higher VAT rates might raise game prices, impacting sales and income.

Our recruitment team thoroughly analyzed the countries and graded them on a scale of 1 to 10 based on affordable rates, appealing taxation, and business competitiveness.

Here is a brief overview:

Country Number of game developers’ rating Salary rating Tax rating Competition/easy-to-hire rating Final score
Ukraine 9 8 10 10 37
Poland 8 7 8 10 33
Romania 7 9 8 8 32
Georgia 7 8 10 6 31
Spain 8 8 4 10 30
Kazakhstan 5 9 9 4 27
Bulgaria 5 9 8 4 26
Azerbaijan 3 9 6 4 22
Netherlands 8 6 6 2 22
Germany 9 5 3 5 22
Israel 10 3 6 2 21
UK 10 5 3 2 20
Sweden 7 4 2 5 8

For more detailed information, check out our complete guide How Outsourcing Fuels Game Development Industry Boom


How to Hire Dedicated Polish Game Developers?

You can consider several options if you need to hire game developers.

How to Hire Dedicated Polish Game Developers?

Find a Reliable Recruitment Service Provider

A recruitment service provider helps you find specialists with the right experience and expertise. It interviews potential candidates, checks them to ensure they meet all the requirements and draws up contracts. The agency is also engaged in adapting employees using the client’s resources. 


  • The client is responsible for paying the employees’ salaries.
  • The client takes responsibility for retaining employees.
  • Lack of flexibility (staff is often hired on a contractual basis for a particular time) can be an issue.

Hire a Freelancer

If you are interested in short-term collaboration or have a limited budget, you can partner with freelancers. Upwork, Toptal, and Fiverr are a few platforms you can use. Working with freelancers can save on additional costs (e.g., labor contracts or social security).


  • Missed deadlines.
  • Ineffective communication.
  • Security issues.
  • Low quality of work.

Collaborate with an Outsourcing Company 

Poland is a hub of outsourcing companies that provide access to a wide range of specialists and offer cost-effective digital solutions.


  • Data protection and confidentiality issues.
  • Lack of flexibility.
  • Lack of consistency.
  • Financial and reputational threats.

Outstaffing is the best solution

Cooperation with recruitment service providers, freelancers, and outsourcing companies has its drawbacks. Therefore, we recommend you use outstaffing services if you value top-notch quality and flexibility. 


  • IT outstaffing services eliminate geographical obstacles, allowing hiring a single professional or an entire team. By partnering with an outstaffing company, you get great flexibility. Your firm shouldn’t invest resources in recruiting, hiring, onboarding, operations, retention, and frequent team check-ins. Therefore, you can scale your business stress-free and catch the burning opportunities to grow exponentially. 
  • This approach also enables technology organizations to lower the cost of expanding and running their tech teams while retaining the highest level of product quality. 
  • What sets outstaffing apart from other cooperation models is the exceptional control businesses have over the process. By leveraging an outstaffing strategy, you can control your team’s professional growth, development process, and outcomes. 
  • Outstaffing is suited for various project types. A company can delegate hiring and retention for customer support, IT support, design, marketing, and development. 

Qubit Labs has over ten years of experience in the outstaffing industry. Therefore, we can smoothly integrate dedicated teams into the business processes of various sectors, including e-commerce, education, fintech, healthcare, logistics, automotive, air cargo, retail and distribution, and the agro-industry.

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How Can Qubit Labs Help You Hire Polish Game Developers?

Qubit Labs is a leading game development talent provider, offering comprehensive outstaffing services to businesses globally. We use our commitment to excellence and desire for innovation to uncover exceptional talents, making us the perfect partner for your company’s requirements. We have extensive experience finding an ideal match for your needs in different locations, including Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia, Mexico, and Brazil.

Why You Should Partner with Us

  • We offer risk coverage. We provide a replacement guarantee if Polish game developers cannot continue their work.
  • Our comprehensive experience lets us find the best candidates and ensure the highest level of tech expertise.
  • You supervise your employees, and we maintain the necessary human resources, accounting, and legal records.
  • We provide you with excellent flexibility. You can choose when and for how long you require remote workers.

Our Cases

DrasticFun is a mobile game company from Israel


Our fruitful cooperation with the company has lasted since 2018. Qubit Labs hired a project manager and a Unity development team who successfully worked on the project. As the business evolved, we also acquired additional specialists. You can read our interview with DrasticFun’s CEO here.

Nanoreality is a game development company from Cyprus


We provided a game designer and game balancer for their new project. After a successful and fruitful cooperation, the company created a dedicated team in Ukraine with thirty employees.

Bottom Line

Hence, Poland, with its fast-growing game industry, solid tech expertise, favorable business conditions, and an immersive talent pool, is an excellent destination for hiring Polish game developers. Our highly qualified team will help you define your business vision, provide cost-effective strategies, and find valuable human assets to join your team. We’ve hired over 450 talents for over 37 clients worldwide, so we know how to seamlessly integrate new entrants with unique skill sets into your project.

Do you need project managers, a team of Polish game developers with unique expertise, designers, QA specialists, and other experts to level up your business? Contact us to get a free consultation. We will provide a detailed strategy to address your business needs.



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