From Brazil to Kazakhstan: Why Qubit Labs Expands Locations for Hiring in 2023?

Iva Kozlovskaya
Managing Partner

We understand and value the importance of hiring a remote team in the right destination. Our goal is to unite businesses with the best talent you could ever meet. That’s why Qubit Labs hires software developers from nearly worldwide – from Caucasus Region to the Americas – to ensure you get a great team. 


Reasons Why We Expand Locations for Hiring

  • Convenient Time Zones

Different time zones aren’t a limit anymore if you cooperate with Qubit Labs. Working with tech companies worldwide, we want to ensure that communication with your team is productive, fast, and successful. That’s why you can hire a dedicated team from various countries with the most suitable and convenient time zone. 

Additionally, if you are looking for software engineers with a perfect price-to-quality ratio, you can easily choose between nearshore and offshore IT outsourcing

  • Cultural Similarity 

Hiring real professionals and great individuals you are comfortable with is crucial. Cultural proximity helps to build stronger business relationships in your team, better communication, and productive and easy-going work processes. You will find real business soulmates in the countries where we hire. 

  • Multilingual Countries 

English proficiency is one of many benefits of hiring software engineers from our locations. The countries we engage in are well-known as multilingual. You can hire IT specialists speaking the most popular languages like English, Spanish, and Portuguese or rare ones like Polish, Ukrainian, Kazaks, etc. 

  • Legal Issues

Dealing with taxes and legal issues is always a headache. However, we make it as easy as possible by choosing countries with low-income taxes and easy legal matters. It helps companies to avoid extra spending and fasten the hiring process. 

  • Affordable Rates

Every company would like to hire highly-skillful specialists who stay within their budget. It is especially crucial for small companies and startups. The countries we employ have attractive rates and low taxes so that you can hire a dedicated team cost-efficiently. 

  • Variety of Technologies

Each country has a significant number of IT specialists and a strong tech workforce. But when you need developers professional in specific technologies, we know which countries to pay attention to. For example, if you need game developers, we can hire them in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, or Spain, as the game industry is more developed than in other countries. 


Where Do We Hire Software Developers? 

  • Ukraine 

Ukraine is one of Eastern and Central Europe‘s most digital and innovative countries. With more than 250,000 of a strong tech workforce, you can hire a dedicated team of professionals ready to accomplish your goals. Ukrainian software developers are well-known worldwide as motivated, diligent and skillful specialists. As we mentioned, Ukraine is prosperous for its game developers like 3D artists, 2D artists, Unity developers, AI engineers, etc. 

  • Poland

Due to its competitive employment market, Poland is referred to as a “perfect landscape” for multinational corporations. Poland came in fifth among the nations with the highest tech-skilled labor markets. Polish IT specialists collaborate with some of the leading technology companies. Python, JavaScript, and Java are the three programming languages used most frequently in Poland. Additionally, many programmers focus on more advanced areas of development, such as cloud solutions, API-based solutions, and mobile solutions. So, team augmentation in Poland is also a great idea.

  • Georgia

Georgia is the only country in the region with a direct connection to the European infrastructure, giving it a unique location. The country’s potential as a digital hub is being considered by authorities, which will significantly impact the chances of foreign companies finding top developers in Georgia. Georgia’s IT businesses are exempt from paying taxes. Most companies collaborating with foreign enterprises are exempt from paying taxes, including the tax on profits earned outside of Georgia. In addition, this country is one of the easiest to open a business for foreign companies. 

  • Bulgaria

There are many reasons why Bulgaria could be a good place to invest. The IT market in Bulgaria is snowballing. Every year, the number of new tech specialists rises by 2%. Bulgaria is in an excellent geographical position for productive collaboration with the United States and Western Europe market. Its time zone is comparable to most European nations, making it ideal for nearshoring. For American clients, the Bulgaria time region will likewise be advantageous, making the country perfect for seaward programming advancement. Regarding programmers’ professionalism, the nation ranks eighth globally. Bulgarian IT outsourcing can provide your company with software developers who meet your needs at reasonable costs.

  • Moldova

Data analytics, UI/UX design, software development, application development, mobile software development, and even data visualization are all areas of expertise in Moldova. Moldova’s IT sector employs approximately 12,500 people. Most of them are involved in outsourcing and outstaffing companies that hire programmers for foreign businesses. Additionally, Moldova has a competitive tech education and has graduated more than 2,000 new IT specialists. 

  • Romania

There are numerous advantages of outsourcing IT in Romania, including affordable software development rates and a large pool of vetted software developers. Local programmers are familiar with specialized frameworks and the most recent tech trends, such as mobile and web development. It has around 120,000 IT professionals with impressive professional backgrounds who work at the best software development companies in Romania. More than 6,750 tech graduates work in engineering and computer science every year. Additionally, most software developers in Romania speak fluent Dutch, German, and Spanish, as well as an advanced level of English.

  • Kazakhstan 

Kazakhstan turned its attention to outstaffing and IT outsourcing. Local businesses are trying to connect with global organizations because working with foreign companies is a long-term investment. The country is concentrating on the application of cloud technologies and their development. Cloud technologies are actively used by almost all businesses to store data, replacing the manual handling of large amounts of data. In addition, firms guarantee data safety by introducing various antivirus programs that analyze, block, and eliminate all types of malware.

  • Azerbaijan 

Azerbaijan has a high-tech park without paying taxes or customs fees. Moreover, since the startup ecosystem is still in its infancy, many funds assist these young businesses in securing funding and gaining the opportunity to expand. As a result, Azerbaijan has a good chance of “raising” specialists capable of developing particular software products. Even though only about 3,000 programmers are in the country, that number is constantly rising.

  • Brazil 

Your company can collaborate with highly skilled software engineers through Brazil outsourcing. Brazil is a popular place to hire talented developers: the developer’s skills are ranked 38th by HackerRank. Additionally, a wide range of programming skills is available. Most Brazilian programmers utilize progressive programming languages like C++, Java, Python, and Perl. Covering Cloud-related tasks will benefit significantly from outsourcing to Brazil. To speed up the creation of brand-new digital products and services and make the most of cloud computing.

  • Mexico

There are more than 300,000 software developers in Mexico. This number has significantly increased over the past few years due to the government’s plan to promote technology, which produced qualified engineers. Over 110,000 specialists have graduated annually from Mexico’s universities, and this number is rising as the government continually creates new opportunities for talented engineers.


To Sum Up

While your new team expands your business, we extend our locations to hire. We take care of our clients worldwide, providing a wide range of prospective tech hubs to hire. With us, you get a remote team fast, conveniently, and cost-efficiently. 


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Iva Kozlovskaya
Managing Partner
Iva Kozlovskaya is a Managing Partner of Qubit Labs. Iva has been working in operations, sales and project management from the beginning of her career path. Nowadays Iva runs her company that helps clients from the USA, Europe, and the Middle East to establish their development teams in Ukraine.