Guide to Rates, Destinations, and IT Outsourcing Companies in Brazil

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Brazil’s growth only accelerates with each passing year. It has consistently ranked among the world’s top 15 countries with the highest IT investments.

The growing demand for Brazil IT outsourcing companies in the United States has made this country a service industry center. After all, there is only a one-hour time difference between Brazil and the United States East Coast.

The Latin American government immediately snatched the open door and changed its framework, labor force, and business viewpoint to meet the US and worldwide interests. Major multinational corporations like IBM, Infosys, and Unisys outsource their work to Brazil. As a result, many IT outsourcing companies in Brazil offer a variety of services along with great expertise. This article will provide all information about the best Brazil outsourcing destinations, their companies, and rates.


5 Main Advantages of Outsourcing to Brazil

Brazil has invested a lot in its IT sector, which has led to a vast increase in skilled and diligent software developers. Additionally, hiring Brazilian workers has been very cost-effective due to the Brazilian Real’s relative weakness concerning the US dollar. But, let’s take a closer look at even more benefits of outsourcing your tasks in Brazil outsourcing destinations:

  • Large Workforce

The labor force is always essential when looking for reasons to outsource IT to Brazil. Over 500,000 programming engineers are currently trained in the country. Brazil’s IT human resource market is expected to welcome approximately 237,000 people into the workforce from 123 scientific and technology institutes and 400 incubators operating throughout the country between 2021 and 2025, according to the 2021 IT human resource market study conducted by BRASSCOM, nearly 25,000 Brazil outsourcing companies are working in the country.

  • Convenient Time Zone for the US 

Brazil is only one hour behind the United States East Coast. Hiring Brazilian engineers enables you to incorporate them into your current team because of the overlap in time zones. Meetings and schedules can be updated in real-time, thanks to this. It also means that if you have an emergency during the workday, you can get a quick response from your Brazilian colleague. If you need to come to Brazil to meet in person, the cost will be low, and you won’t have to deal with the well-known effects of jet lag.

  • Skilled Developers

When a business outsources its labor operations, it implies that local candidates provide a wide range of tech knowledge. The IT workforce’s education and expertise are Brazil’s primary drivers of outsourcing. HackerRank ranks the developer’s skills 38th, while TopCoder ranks them 16th. Likewise, there is an extraordinary variety concerning programming abilities. Most Brazilian programmers are proficient in progressive languages like C++, Java, Python, and Perl.

  • Robust Tech Infrastructure

Because of business and government speculations, Brazil has a flourishing innovation foundation. Over 90 tech parks in Brazil have attracted research institutions and technology companies. There are a lot of talented software developers in this technology infrastructure. Brazil’s technological infrastructure has created thousands of jobs for skilled developers. Because of the high demand for tech workers, Brazil’s top tech schools produce highly qualified developers with experience in various languages and platforms.

  • Cultural Fit

Brazil has a similar work environment and innovative mindset to the United States because of its global outlook and proximity to the United States. Software developers in Brazil typically lead the pack regarding advanced English proficiency, making it simple for businesses to collaborate with Brazilian developers. Brazil scores poorly overall in English skills.


Top Brazil Outsourcing Destinations

Brazil is the largest country on the continent of South America and is home to more than 212 million people. Brazil positions sixth among the most crowded nations by region and is home to enormous metropolitan center points like Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo. Portuguese is the country’s official language, but English proficiency is a crucial skill among Brazilian software engineers. But, let’s take a closer look at the best Brazil outsourcing destinations:

  • Campinas, São Paulo State

The city has been producing skilled professionals like engineers, physicists, chemists, computer science majors, and more ever since Campinas State University was established. As a result, numerous well-known businesses like HP and Samsung have established offices in the region to take advantage of talent.

  • São Paulo City 

The thriving city of São Paulo is frequently referred to as Brazil’s innovation powerhouse because of the burgeoning tech industry there. Here you can find the vast majority of  IT outsourcing companies in Brazil. It is not only Latin America’s largest market but has also been developing at the core of thriving technologies, creating jobs, and addressing some of the region’s most pressing issues.

  • Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

One of the most significant Brazil outsourcing destinations for IT talent and software developers is the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC). The local technological park, home to more than 120 small- and medium-sized businesses and a significant number of researchers and innovation specialists, employs many of its Porto Alegre campus graduates.


Brazil IT Outsourcing Rates

Now, let’s take a closer look at salaries and average Brazil IT outsourcing rates among IT specialists. We have picked the most popular technologies that are in a high demand in the majority of tech companies.

Technology Junior Middle  Senior
Angular $20,814 $28,817 $36,211
Java $10,000 $16,000 $20,000
JavaScript $12,450 $17,655 $23,000
Python $24,272 $30,540 $37,000
PHP $19,000 $25,462 $31,730
C# $21,302 $29,809 $35,183
C++ $22,590 $28,700 $34,899
SQL $25,000 $33,600 $38,344
Magento $17,000 $21,000 $35,000
Node.js $22,500 $28,000 $34,000
Scala $14,416 $18,300 $25,000
Salesforce $20,471 $28,602 $35,800
Unity $18,900 $25,700 $33,000
Unreal $21,000 $27,000 $36,000
IOS $23,000 $29,000 $38,000
Android $22,125 $30,899 $39,132
Rust  $21,600 $28,500 $37,900
Elixir $25,000 $32,000 $40,000
DevOps $24,700 $31,800 $39,000
QA $18,000 $23,812 $28,700
Tech Support $14,000 $20,192 $28,000

As you can see, Brazil IT outsourcing rates depend on the technology you need and the experience level of tech specialists. If we compare salaries in Brazil and US markets, we can see the vast difference, which makes Brazil a far more affordable destination.

On average, IT specialists here can make from $15,000 to $40,000 annually.


The Best IT Outsourcing Companies in Brazil

  • Qubit Labs

It is an IT outstaffing company that focuses on providing the best services for tech companies worldwide. You can outsource your tech tasks to Qubit Labs and be sure about getting an outstanding software engineer from Brazil and other regions and countries. 


  • Gi Group

One of the world’s leading IT outsourcing company in Brazil of a comprehensive range of HR services. They provide outsourcing, training, outplacement, and HR consultancy in addition to Temporary, Permanent, and Professional Staffing Services, Executive Search, and Search & Selection. Their mission is to emphasize work’s personal and social value and contribute to the labor market’s development.


  • CI&T

One of the IT outsourcing companies in Brazil with the most valuable global brands to create digital solutions that change businesses. They have a 27-year history of accelerating business impact through comprehensive and scalable digital solutions because we are digital natives. They unlock top-line growth, enhance the customer experience, and drive operational efficiency with a global presence of more than 7,000 professionals in strategy, research, data science, design, and engineering.


  • IT Job

Established in January 2005, IT Occupation is well versed in R&S, work re-appropriating, coaching and appraisal. Over the course of more than a decade, they have developed a value brand by providing services that set us apart and have contributed to their expansion. They created the IT Executive Groups and the IT and Telecom Jobs on LinkedIn, which now have more than 20,000 professionals connected to them.


  • Grupo Suporte

Grupo Suporte was established in 1999 to initially provide condominium management services. However, in response to the growing demand in the market, the company soon expanded its operations to include remote concierge, outsourcing, temporary work, recruitment and selection, and surveillance and security.


  • BIX Tech

BIX Tech is a custom software development company with strong data engineering, data science, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence practices and excellent customer satisfaction ratings. They offer services for project development and staff expansion.


  • Indicium 

Data Squad as a Service provider Indicium is based in Florianópolis, Brazil. Through the creation of scalable data platforms and products with governance, speed, and a high return on investment (ROI), they help businesses turn data into actionable insights and opportunities.


  • Baires Dev

 The leading provider among IT outsourcing companies in Brazil. They design and engineer scalable, efficient software solutions to address their client’s business challenges. Utilizing their tech mastery and cross-industry experience, the company advances computerized change into progressive speed increase.


  • Metal Toad

Metal Toad is an award-winning AWS Cloud Partner that provides media services, managed services, machine learning, and AWS applications. It has more than 50 employees. Metal Toad employs a team from the United States (Los Angeles, Portland, and Atlanta) and Brazil to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices.


  • White Promt

Their customers get complete capabilities from them. Having a senior-level team that can do it all saves time and money when talented software engineers are hard to find. Additionally, their clients are invited to partner with them because your input is their best output.



Management, performance, and technology solutions are concentrated at Koncepto. They join the prescribed procedures of exemplary administration with spry administration, working actively with the client in its technique, the board and hierarchical culture, functional greatness, deals power, and advances for computerized change.


  • BRQ Digital Solutions

It is one of the leading IT outsourcing companies in Brazil.  Their goal is to provide insurance, banking, telecom, retail, services, and other market-leading businesses with value, innovation, productivity, and value through the development of robust and secure transformation journeys.


  • Quality Software

Quality Software is an information technology company whose mission is to partner with clients and bring success and value to their organizations through honesty and leadership. They operate in Brazil’s IT market with exclusive partners like ACL Services Ltd., Cura Software Solutions, and the developer of World Compliance tools. Together, they work to meet their customers’ needs with tools and solutions.



With a presence in seven nations of the district, from which it offers types of assistance to 35 nations all over the planet, the organization is perceived for overseeing basic tasks with readiness, security, and adaptability. TIVIT has a thorough understanding of the client’s business challenges. In addition, the company ensures high availability and information security by managing its clients’ strategic and essential operations.


  • RedBelt

Redbelt is a cybersecurity-focused consulting firm and one of Brazil’s famous IT outsourcing companies. With the intention of entirely centralized, and proactive transforming the delivery of information security, we integrate people, systems, services, and products. It is how we offer a one-of-a-kind system to our clients, fabricate their security, and work on the dependability of their administrations.


Final Thoughts

Brazil is a top destination for outsourcing and offshoring due to its cutting-edge infrastructure, skilled IT professionals, and favorable business policies. IT outsourcing companies in Brazil focus on providing the best service with their most incredible tech workforce.

If this destination is not familiar to you, but you want to try it, Qubit Labs will be your provider for a new opportunity. We are experienced with the Brazilian tech market, its multicultural society, and its complex legal system. We ensure you get the best service by outsourcing your tasks to Brazil. We can also help you to hire offshore developers for startup in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.


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