IT Outstaffing to Ukraine: Why Opt for It and How to Get Started?

Oksana Zabolotna
HBD at Qubit Labs

Ukraine IT outstaffing is now a top-rated choice for foreign companies that are looking for skilled programmers yet can’t afford to spend a fortune on their services. Besides, this option requires minimal time and financial investments. When hiring developers in Ukraine, you can add qualified members to your team and scale up your team whenever needed. With local programmers, you can kick-start a project of any size under short deadlines. 

Besides, when cooperating with an IT outstaffing agency Ukraine, you won’t have to handle time-consuming interviews, HR costs that appear out of nowhere and keep up with each candidate until they accept or reject the job offer. Your hiring partner will take care of these tasks for you. 

Also, you won’t have to limit yourself to the local talent pool because Ukrainian outstaffing companies, like Qubit Labs, have access to wide talent pools that have untapped opportunities.    

IT outstaffing Ukraine allows companies to be more flexible and achieve their goals faster. So, let’s see how to choose a reliable outstaffing vendor and why exactly Ukraine is a country you won’t regret opting for. 


What are the Perks of IT Outstaffing Services Ukraine? 

First, let’s do a quick recap of the Ukrainian IT industry. Below, we’ll point out some notable facts, but you can find out more in our article on why to start outsourcing in Ukraine. So, the major perks of the Ukrainian tech market are the following:

  • Talent pool with over 252,000 IT specialists
  • JavaScript, Java, and C# are to-three popular programming languages in the country
  • Ukraine boasts over 1,500 tech companies, 2,000 startups, and 110+ international R&D centers
  • Around 36,000 students graduate from Ukrainian tech education facilities annually
  • Software development, consulting, and digital services are among the highly-requested services of the local IT companies
  • Ukraine boasts a rapidly-growing IT community and 22 IT Clusters
  • In Ukraine, there’s a convenient time zone, meaning that 7 out of 9 business hours overlap with the majority of Western countries

These are some of the advantages, but let’s take a closer look at specific benefits of IT outstaffing services Ukraine:


Ukraine IT Outstaffing is Cost-Effective

Hiring in-house developers is expensive, while cooperating with an IT outstaffing agency Ukraine is several times more affordable. For example, you can hire a senior-level programmer while paying them the salary of a junior or mid-level specialist in your country. Besides, many Ukrainian developers for hire have extensive experience working at various international companies, so there won’t be any misunderstandings. 

Also, when opting for an IT outstaffing Ukraine, the vendor will offer to pay a stable monthly rate without any unexpected costs. The hiring company will also make sure your future employees will have the required experience, skills, and English knowledge. Besides, you can stop the cooperation at any point or, in contrast, hire more professionals. 

Another advantage is that you’ll save considerable costs on salaries, HR expenses, equipment, and rent because usually, the IT outstaffing agency Ukraine covers them. 


Hiring an IT Outstaffing Agency Ukraine Allows You to Keep the Control 

Outstaffing allows you to maintain the desired level of control over your project. So, you won’t have to worry whether the team you’re working with doesn’t have other tasks not related to your product. The developers will work on your project exclusively for 8 hours a day and 5 days per week (or they’ll follow another schedule based on your requirements).

Also, you’ll manage your outstaff software development engineers in any convenient manner — either yourself or with the help of vendor’s PMs. In this way, you’ll quickly understand whether the specialists fit your team by reviewing their results and assessing their approach to work. 


Ukraine IT Outstaffing Implies Transparent and Timely Communication

As a company that provides IT outstaffing services Ukraine, we always make sure that our clients have clear communication with their team members. We encourage using various communication tools that significantly simplify the cooperation and help each party stay on the same page. Also, you have the opportunity to assign the developers to several projects at once. 

Transparent communication and well-thought-out management activities are the keys to seamless integration of your new employees into the existing teams. With IT outstaffing Ukraine, you easily onboard a team and get to the project right away. After embarking on the development, you can reap the rewards of such cooperation in a couple of weeks.  


How to Choose an IT Outstaffing Agency Ukraine?

Selecting a suitable Ukraine IT outstaffing company is half of the future success. So, Qubit Labs came up with top-5 advice on how to facilitate this process:


1. Check its tech expertise and previous cases

You need to hire a vendor that has sufficient expertise in the needed tech domain. Otherwise, there’s no point in hiring such a company. For example, if you need help with a healthcare project, you need to look for an IT outstaffing agency Ukraine that has some cases in this industry. You need to go through the organization’s case studies, success stories, and solutions they provided to the clients in this field. 

So, it’s better to have an outstaffing partner you can rely on even if your project requirements become more complicated. Choose a company that offers hiring developers capable of scaling and improving your product. 


2. Pay attention to the company size

When looking for an IT outstaffing Ukraine company, you’d want to make sure it has enough capabilities to get down to working on your project as soon as possible. Usually, medium-sized and large companies offer quick staffing because they have access to large talent pools and reliable candidates. 

Also, when cooperating with the vendors of the mentioned size, you can easily reduce any bottlenecks by hiring more specialists or replacing some employees. At Qubit Labs, we have a team of recruitment specialists with over years of experience in the industry. This means that our clients get top-rated developers on their teams.


3. Learn about the employer brand

You can say that the provider of IT outstaffing services Ukraine is reliable if it has a strong employer reputation on the market. This significantly impacts the way the company hires new talents and employees retention. Also, you should pay attention to the awards and industry recognition because these factors determine the services’ quality and trustworthiness of the Ukraine IT outstaffing vendor. 

This point also implies the security levels the company offers. So, when selecting a vendor, take a look at whether there was any news about information leakage, phishing, or data loss. In this way, you’ll assess how the company addresses the security concerns and whether it complies with the security requirements. 


4. Check other clients’ reviews

The feedback from former and current clients of the company can tell a lot about the quality of its services. Usually, the IT outstaffing Ukraine company points out client testimonials on its website, so make sure to take a look at them. Besides, you can check out Clutch or other similar platforms to see the reviews.  


5. Emphasize the agility and transparent communication 

As mentioned, communication is the key to successful cooperation with a Ukraine IT outstaffing company. It happens that all the services are perfect, but the vendor’s communication does not match the client’s expectations. So, before settling down for a specific organization, take time to assess the cultural aspects of working with the company, its employees’ English proficiency and emotional intelligence, and other critical nuances.

Moreover, emphasize flexibility because you’ll benefit from this characteristic in the long run. If the company’s employees have sufficient experience, quickly respond to the changes, and eagerly discuss any aspects of cooperation, you can opt for it without worries. 


Leverage IT Outstaffing Ukraine with Qubit Labs

Qubit Labs knows the nitty-gritty of IT staffing. We understand the problems companies might be facing, and we know how to address them. Also, our company has access to a vast talent pool with untapped potential in the tech industry. 

We’ll gladly hear your ideas and offer our solutions. So, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation call with us!



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HBD at Qubit Labs
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