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It is always great when your company starts to grow. Now it is time to look for a talent who will keep your company’s growth and put it on the new level. The biggest challenge is to find out where the best place is with a great number of IT specialists. To simplify your search, Qubit Labs has prepared the article with the number of IT specialists by country, number of specific specialists and comparison of IT specialists growth between 2017 and 2022. (We also have the Part 1 of this article with another countries).


How Many IT Professionals are There in the World?

So if you are curious about the number of IT specialists by country, let’s take a closer look at quite popular IT hubs worldwide. 

How Many IT Professionals are There in the World?

Country Population  IT specialists  Amount of IT specialists in %
Finland 5,531,000 188,000 3.40%
Norway  5,379,000 179,000 3.32%
Denmark 5,831,000 180,000 3.08%
France 64,642,000 1,200,000 1.85%
Portugal 10,132,000 130,000 1.28%
Spain  46,794,026 333,000 0.02%
Belgium 11,655,930 145,000 1.24%
Netherlands 17,217,255  200,300 1.16%
Czech Republic  10,752,151 216,000 2.00%
Greece 10,312,476 80,000 0.77%
Bulgaria 6,834,861 72,000 1.05%
Estonia 1,326,062 20,000 1.50%
Latvia 1,840,926 18,500 1.00%
Lithuania  2,750,055 42,000 1.52%


  • As we can see from numbers, three leading countries with the biggest number of IT professionals compared to a population are Finland, Norway and Denmark.
  • Next country with 2% of IT experts compared to the population is Czech Republic.
  • Almost 1.85% of the tech experts counts France
  • Lithuania and Estonia have 1.52% and 1.50% of people involved in IT compared to total population.
  • Portugal and Belgium count 1.28% and 1.24% people working in the IT sector.
  • Bulgaria has just 1.05% of people working in the IT industry.
  • Netherland and Latvia have 1.16% and 1% of IT professionals 
  • The smallest number of IT specialists by country compared to the population are Greece and Spain.


How Many IT professionals are There in the World: Comparison Between 2017 and 2022

Another crucial fact that you should keep in mind while looking for future members of your company is the dynamic of growth of people who work in IT for the last 5 years. Let’s see how many IT professionals there are in the world from 2017 to 2022.

Country  The amount of non-tech non-tech IT specialists in 2017 The amount of IT specialists in 2022 Amount of increase in %
Finland 175,000 188,000 7.43%
Norway  150,000 179,000 9.33%
Denmark 143,300 180,000 25.6%
France 750,676 1,200,000 56.6%
Portugal 86,445 130,000 50.4%
Spain  276,790 333,000 20.3%
Belgium 131,000 145,000 10.7%
Netherlands 180,000 200,300 11.3%
Czech Republic  185,400 216,000 16.5%
Greece 51,595 80,000 55.1%
Bulgaria 55,000 72,000 30.9%
Estonia 9,000 20,000 122%
Latvia 15,000 18,500 23.2%
Lithuania  30,000 42,000 40%


  • The significant growth of IT experts for the past 5 years has shown Estonia with over 122% increase.
  • France, Greece and Portugal have shown a great increase of tech experts, more than 50% each.
  • On the 3rd place in our list comes Lithuania with a 40% increase in 2022.
  • Bulgaria has had a 30.9% increase of IT professionals since 2017.
  • Denmark and Latvia had an increase of 25.6% and 23.2%.
  • In Spain number of it specialist increased on 20.3%
  • In Czech Republic it is 16.5% increase among people involved in IT.
  • Netherlands and Belgium have nearly the same result of increase 11.3% and 10.7%.
  • The smallest increase among all countries were Norway and Finland with 9.33% and 7.43% increase.


How many IT Sales Managers are in Different Countries?

So, now when we find out how many IT professionals are there in the world, let’s see the number of specific experts that are involved in the IT industry and play an important role in a company’s growth.

How many IT Sales Managers are in Different Countries?

Country  IT Sales Managers 
Finland 60,000
Norway  50,000
Denmark 45,400
France 250,000
Portugal 75,000
Spain  100,000
Belgium 55,000
Netherlands 63,100
Czech Republic  54,000
Greece 25,000
Bulgaria 30,000
Estonia 3,400
Latvia 4,000
Lithuania  10,000


  • As you can see, the biggest number of IT sales specialists are in France and Spain with 250,000 and 100,000 people working in this field.
  • The smallest number of IT sales experts are in Estonia with just 3,400 workers.


How many Technical Support Specialists are in Different Countries?

How many Technical Support Specialists are in Different Countries?

Country  Technical Support Specialists
Finland 50,000
Norway  35,000
Denmark 40,000
France 300,000
Portugal 20,000
Spain  70,000
Belgium 32,000
Netherlands 40,000
Czech Republic  53,000
Greece 20,000
Bulgaria 13,000
Estonia 7,500
Latvia 5,000
Lithuania  14,000


  • The biggest number of technical support specialists are in France with 300,000 people working in this field.
  • Latvia has the smallest number of tech support experts with only 5,000 people.


How many IT Marketers are in Different Countries?

How many IT Marketers are in Different Countries?

Country  IT Marketers
Finland 25,000
Norway  40,000
Denmark 50,000
France 150,000
Portugal 15,000
Spain  50,000
Belgium 41,000
Netherlands 33,000
Czech Republic  48,000
Greece 16,000
Bulgaria 12,000
Estonia 3,000
Latvia 3,500
Lithuania  12,500


  • As for IT marketers France counts the biggest number of such specialists – over 150,000 people.
  • Estonia has just 3,000 IT marketers which is the smallest number of IT specialists by country.


How many IT Recruiters are in Different Countries?

How many IT Recruiters are in Different Countries?

Country  IT recruiters
Finland 30,000
Norway  25,500
Denmark 31,200
France 100,000
Portugal 10,000
Spain  20,000
Belgium 23,000
Netherlands 28,000
Czech Republic  32,000
Greece 10,000
Bulgaria 9,000
Estonia 2,000
Latvia 2,000
Lithuania  9,000


  • France has the leading position for the numbers of IT recruiters with 100,000 of IT recruiters
  • Estonia has only 2,000 IT recruiters which is the smallest number.


Wrapping Up 

Now, knowing the fact of how many IT professionals are there in the world, you can easily analyze the market workforce. But if you still didn’t choose the country or have any issues with the choice – message Qubit Labs.

With our long-term experience of looking for the best tech talent in the greatest IT hubs, we can help you with picking the right one.



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