How Much Does Software Development Cost in 2024?

Inna Coker
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Everyone who wants to develop their digital solution is asking how much does software development cost. How do you calculate? Your objectives and other factors influence everything because each development project is unique. Businesses have varying requirements, preferences, and budgets. Additionally, “software” encompasses many solutions, making it difficult to provide a straightforward response.

In this article, we want to show and highlight all the common reasons that affect software development costs. After analyzing our experience, we’d like to share how custom software development costs are formed and the average price based on location and type of software.


Factors that Affect Software Development Cost

The size or complexity of the app does not determine the cost of software development alone. Ultimately, it comes down to how many people work on the software and what technology stack is used. Based on our experience, software development costs typically range between $50,000 and $250,000. The lower sticker price fits a straightforward application that takes under 700 hours to create.

Calculating software development costs or web development costs and app development costs , knowing how to estimate app development will be uncomplicated if you know which factors affect the price significantly. Let’s take a look at the most common of them: 

Factors that Affect Software Development Pricing

  • The Sophistication of the App and Project Characteristic

Software development cost is significantly influenced by the kind of app you want to create. Additionally, the production process takes longer and costs more money the more complex and feature-rich a program is.

The decision regarding app sophistication is crucial from a technological and commercial perspective. We’re talking about the many different features you’ll need, like buying, geolocation, user satisfaction, the number of buttons and displays, and so on. The number of machines on which you want the app to run also affects the software development budget. For instance, selecting functional organizations where you can hire Android developers, hire dedicated iOS developers, and web will cost more than combining just one.

Fixed costs are another aspect that many customers underestimate. Most people think of security upgrades, minor repairs, and checks as everyday occurrences, not to mention the deployment procedure, which frequently calls for rearranging and reorganizing data to effectively transfer data from one location to another.

  • Experimentation and Testing 

The program’s essential components should be thoroughly tested; any software aims to eradicate any bugs and confirm that the item works properly. When creating specialized software, tests are an indispensable part of the process.

Since unit or mechanized tests aren’t typically made, you must return tomorrow to test the comprehensive framework. Of course, these tests make the applications more expensive, but they also ensure they will last and are easy to use.

  • UX Technique and Team Development 

You probably already know how important it is to provide the best possible user experience. Even though having a unique design is essential, you can take a more specialized approach. Consider the app’s complexity and the demographic of your product’s target audience. The plan will only be the most essential part of your project if you use software to improve internal processes. In that scenario, you won’t have to spend money on bespoke, one-of-a-kind options. Instead, opt for pre-made choices.

However, the appropriate design may be one of the most critical factors in determining the app’s success if you intend to market it to a large population and sell it to various markets. The commitment may pay off now and result in many customers, despite the increased hours required. As you might have seen, the style of your application affects the evaluation.

  • Size of Target Group 

This component is significant despite being a byproduct of the previous items. Think about your target audience’s goals. You must tailor the solution to the target audience regarding its usability, aesthetics, functionality, and other integrity.

For instance, assuming you’re fostering a saddle, program security is essential, yet not how much that is for a business utilized by enormous numbers of individuals. How well a piece of software is made and maintained affects how much it costs. This leads us to the following point to inspect.

  • Maintenance

This expense will become apparent over time but should be included in the SaaS marketing budget. Continuous management is essential because it enables continuous enhancement, adaptation to current market demands, elimination of flaws, and necessary upgrades. The mobile app development strategy’s maintenance phase is crucial.

Systems may require adjustments or additional features over time. Even though we’re talking about possible future stages, you should consider this to prepare for the significant expense of constantly making the necessary changes.

  • Technologies 

The technology’s cost is influenced by the terminology and methods used to create it. It depends on what you want and what the project says. For example, PHP is significantly less expensive than other options due to its decades of market presence and widespread popularity. It provides a wide range of ready-to-use functions that can be quickly incorporated into the code to entice users. The expense of JavaScript-creating applications is higher. On the other hand, Java development is a programming language frequently used by large businesses to create complex and heavy applications.

  • Functionality and Human Resource

In software development, performance is one of the most significant cost variables. The application will require more directives, hence higher software development costs. The justification is clear: more employees will be required to work on a single project and spend more time on its progress.

Every professional’s beginning compensation is particular, and their work is assigned, relying upon their insight and mastery. Less skilled programmers handle more straightforward tasks, while professional developers handle more complex features.

  • Technical Debts

Developers should spend at least one more day learning and evaluating the software to avoid the long-term adverse effects of poor validation. Technical debt slows down the player’s performance and prevents it from producing value, making it an additional expense for you.

  • Buffers

Every business venture involves some risk. A software development company examines the project lifecycle’s variability when developing a fixed-price cooperation model. Consequently, suppliers incorporate buffers—additional costs the client bears—in their estimates based on previous experience estimating the cost of unexpected issues.


Cost of Software Development (Based on the Type of Software) 

How Much Does Software Development Cost in 2023?

Based on the type of development and its complexity, you can calculate the average cost of software development; we have highlighted the most popular ones: 

  • Cloud Computing 

The purpose of cloud computing solutions is to make it easier for distributed teams to work together, to increase flexibility, to speed up processes, to increase security, and to lower operational costs. Instead of relying on a personal computer or local server, they specifically use networks of remote servers over the internet, or “the cloud,” for data storage and management. Now that you know all about the most well-known sorts of programming, now is the ideal time to take a gander at the variables that impact the expense of custom programming creation.

Software development costs for cloud computing solutions range on average between $70,000 and $100,000. And what are software development hourly rates?

  • Data Science 

You can find value in data by using applications with data science capabilities. Data scientists developers focus on delivering actionable insights in a way that business leaders can easily understand. These arrangements can be for anticipating requests, determining client conduct, or customizing advertising efforts. All of these things require going through a lot of data and making predictions based on how well you did in the past.

AI and ML technologies are increasingly used in this area as they enable machines to learn from data, adapt through experience, and operate optimally without human intervention. The average software development cost for data science solutions is approximately $100,000.

  • CRM System

There are hundreds of CRM systems available, ranging in complexity to simplicity. A bespoke CRM platform, on the other hand, may be advantageous for businesses with distinctive management strategies or target audiences. In addition, CRM systems typically feature scalable pricing, making them a significant investment for a large company. Do you want the most effective CRM software? Creating a bespoke tool might provide a software solution that perfectly meets your requirements and saves you money.

Costs of CRM software development: on average, a platform with a basic set of features and a few custom functions costs $100,000. In any case, enormous and complex CRM arrangements like Hubspot, Salesforce, Freshsales, etc. could be more than $600,000.

  • Mobile Development 

As is likely clear from the name, a versatile designer fabricates applications that run locally on cell phones, including cell phones, tablets, and a few kinds of smartwatches. In most cases, these professionals won’t work on both iOS and Android simultaneously.

Working with both operating systems is possible. However, many businesses employ developers who are specialists in more than one area. The tools, frameworks, and languages used in each type of development vary, so these developers typically have a greater understanding of the nuances of each than those who only dabble in one or the other.

On average, average mobile development costs, according to different locations, vary from $15,000 to $75,000 and even more. 

  • Software Tools Development 

One of the most contentious types of SaaS is software tool development, which has several benefits and drawbacks. Plus, it is affordable and straightforward; most clients need fundamental specialized abilities. Reusing software tools for multiple projects can also save time and money in the long run. Lastly, a lot of software tools are made to work well with a variety of computer systems.

On the other hand, while some software tools are incredibly robust and can be used to complete a wide range of tasks, not all of them are necessarily efficient or effective, particularly when compared to more powerful software management tools. Additionally, novice users may find it challenging to master specific software tools.

Pricing varies from $30,000 to $45,000 for a piece of software, $70,000 to $100,000 for a medium-sized project, and $100,000 for an enormous-scope complex application.

  • API Development 

The programming interface represents application programming points of interaction, the door that associates PC frameworks with each other. APIs allow users to connect their social media accounts, data analysis tools, and other services, ensuring seamless operation. Due to their effectiveness, these kinds of software are gaining popularity at an increasing rate; These kinds of software help automate the workflow, making it possible to complete everything in a matter of minutes rather than having several separate applications performing distinct tasks.

Programming interface improvement requires a high degree of specialized mastery to achieve effectively. Most businesses will employ a team solely to work on their APIs. Despite its many advantages, this kind of software does have some drawbacks. Most APIs are challenging to understand, making it hard for clients to adjust alone if they’re new to the improvement cycle.

The average software development cost for API development goes from $2,600 to $7,799.


How Much Does it Cost to Develop Software for a Startup, Medium-Sized Business, or Enterprise?

The average cost of software development varies from small to large corporations. We will divide each company into three groups: startups, small businesses, and large corporations. You will need certain features, specific scalability metrics, feature complexity, and other characteristics in proportion to the company’s size. Let’s break down the software development costs and see how much you’ll pay for a startup, medium business, or enterprise software.

  • Startups

Startups are businesses that are just starting and introducing new products. Developing a bespoke solution right away could be highly beneficial. Building a fitted arrangement that takes care of the particular necessities of your business and crowd will assist you with staying away from reputational misfortunes. Tools from the store might need help to provide some of the essential services your industry needs, which could turn off customers immediately. At the same time, even a modestly successful application will attract a user base and provide the necessary marketing boost to advance your concept.

MVPs, or minimum viable products, are typically used to refer to basic app versions. In just two months or 800 hours (total for the entire team of PM, QA, Designer, Back-end, and Mobile developers), you can create a small app with only essential features for a startup. This kind of app will cost you differently depending on where you are and what the average rates are in your area. Nevertheless, cost of software development for startups would range from $30,000 to $45,000.

  • SMEs

To take the business to a new level, SMEs could fabricate a custom-tailored answer for robotized day-to-day errands and smooth out inward cycles. In addition, small businesses always require scalable software development to meet their requirements without compromising security, speed, or performance.

A medium-sized app’s estimated software development time would be 4-6 months or 2000 hours (total for the entire team, typically including PM, QA, Designer, Back-end, and Mobile developers). The average cost of software development ranges from $70,000 to $100,000. 

  • Enterprise 

Most big businesses employ thousands of people and carry out millions of operations. Large, custom tools are necessary for such companies to manage their operations as an internal application. Enormous organizations face higher security dangers as they become an exceptionally captivating objective for programmers. Solutions made just for you will be designed to safeguard your data and assets to prevent significant breaches. Such software solutions must comply with data protection laws like GDPR to ensure smooth operations. Additionally, integrating enterprise search solutions can further enhance efficiency by facilitating quick access to relevant information across the organization.

With a similar pace of $50 each hour, huge scope applications require over a half year to create and cost more than $100,000 or more than $500,000.


Cost of Software Development by Location (Hourly Rates)

As we mentioned before, geographical location directly impacts software development cost. That’s why choosing a destination with affordable rates and good expertise – is one of the essential steps. Let’s see how the average software development costs vary in different regions. 

  • Latin America

Even though Brazil is the continent’s largest nation, most businesses prefer to outsource software development projects to other Latin American countries. Despite this, Brazil is still a top offshore destination with a large pool of talent, excellent expertise, and reasonable costs.

This district offers absolute comfort in a time region similar to North America. Consequently, it will be ideal for American organizations that need excellent-quality programming at a lower cost than their in-house designers can offer. Depending on the country, average software development costs vary between $39 and $56 per hour. 

  • North America

Software development pricing has always been the highest in North America. Additionally, prices are anticipated to rise in the coming years due to the ever-increasing demand for high-quality software development services.

Some businesses still prefer to hire an internal team of specialists and work directly with them for the best results. Nevertheless, companies seeking to save money on expensive software development costs select nearshore or offshore locations while maintaining the same level of quality.

Based on the State, the average software development cost usually begins from $80 and more. 

  • Asia

Asia is viewed as a trailblazer in seaward programming improvement and continues to be an extremely appealing objective for organizations from one side of the planet to the other. Asian developers have excellent technical skills and a large talent pool.

The main drawback of this region is the significant time difference between North America and Europe, despite their superior expertise and relatively low software development costs. So, how much does software development cost in Asia? On average, pricing starts from $29 to $45 per hour.

  • Eastern Europe

Software development costs in Eastern Europe are relatively low, and they have professionals with varying levels of experience and expertise to meet any technology needs. Organizations in this zone can handle undertakings of various intricacies and convey first-rate results. It is the most stable and secure location for creating software for your business.

Depending on the country, the price of software development changes significantly. For example, in Ukraine, it can cost your company from $45-$60 per hour, and in Poland, from $50 to $100 per hour. 

  • Western and Central Europe

Central Europe’s software system development estimates are higher than Eastern Europe’s. Naturally, the final salary will be determined by their experience and qualifications. For example, in Norway or the Netherlands, software development costs start from $70 per hour; in Germany, it can be $60 per hour.


How Does the Hiring Model Affect Software Development Costing?

Let’s discuss the three most prevalent hiring strategies in the tech industry. You can outsource your project to a third-party vendor, hire freelancers, or employ in-house employees. Learn about various models and select the one that best fits your business before attempting to estimate the cost of software development.

The salary of a freelance software developer is typically lower than that of an in-house employee, but the project’s quality may suffer. On the other hand, freelancing and outsourcing are great for short-term projects, while the in-house model only works for long-term partnerships.

  • Freelance

Freelance software development is worth hiring if you have a short-term project. It is also quite an affordable option for your business. You can easily find freelancers worldwide from well-known platforms like Upwork, Indeed, or Linkedin. At the same time, freelance development has yet to guarantee their reliability and motivation. 

  • In-house

If you are looking for a team to work with on a long-term basis, in-house is a good option. The HR team will manage the quality of service, and your communication is more productive and better. However, getting an in-house team is expensive. You have many extra costs, including taxes, benefits, hiring prices, office equipment, etc

  • Outsourcing 

IT outsourcing is the way to go if you want a perfect price-to-quality option for getting high-quality software development. It is affordable as you will avoid extra charges depending on the pricing model. In addition, you can outsource a small task for the short term or hire a dedicated team for a long-term project. As for communication, you will be assigned an account manager to handle communication about your project.



It can be overwhelming to consider custom software development at first. There are a lot of choices to make that affect the budget and the speed of completion. When you calculate software development costs, every business wants to make cost-efficient decisions. Here a professional vendor like Qubit Labs can help.

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