Top 19 IT Outsourcing Companies Of Ukraine: Overview

Vlada Sirosh
Research Specialist

Updated – 1.12.2022

The top IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine are thriving nowadays because the country is one of the most dynamically developing software outsourcing destinations. The local IT industry is skyrocketing, attracting global clients and delivering high-quality solutions. 

There are multiple reasons for IT outsourcing to Ukraine, and they depend on the organization. For some, it’s a vast talent pool with over 212,000 IT specialists, while others value a high price/quality ratio. 

Many companies provide top-grade IT outsourcing services Ukraine, so Qubit Labs has decided to shortlist some. Our list is based on organizations’ portfolios, customers’ reviews, and lists in which they’re included (for example, rankings by  

Please know that the companies below aren’t by no means ranked or in a particular order. 

Now, let’s get down to them.


Ukraine IT Outsourcing Companies Specializing in Outstaffing 

1. Qubit Labs

Qubit Labs IT Outstaffing company

Qubit Labs entered the market of Ukraine IT outsourcing companies quite a while ago, and now it boasts an impressive portfolio and expertise in the industry. It is a trusted vendor with a headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, and an R&D center located in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

The company is known for providing solutions in e-Commerce, education, healthcare, and fintech sectors, to name a few. Also, it helps startups to leverage IT outsourcing services Ukraine and save time and money by handling all the hiring processes. Moreover, we hire developers in Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Moldova.

Qubit Labs was recognized by many specialized platforms, including Clutch (listed among Top 10 Staff Augmentation Service Firms in Kyiv), GoodFirms, and GlassDoor.   

Clients say: “You can expect great communication from the Qubit team, giving you feedback throughout the hiring process.”

Download: Top IT Outsourcing Locations in Ukraine

We created a guide that helps you navigate through Ukraine software development market and get a closer look at the opportunities they offer in 2021


2. Mobilunity

Mobiliunity IT outsourcing company Ukraine

Mobilunity joined the list of IT outsourcing companies Ukraine in 2010. It attracts clients with its modern approach to development and human resources. It offers IT outsourcing to Ukraine services for both startups and large companies. Mobilunity ensures the high quality of its products. It hires specialists directly for client’s projects. 

Clients say: “On the business side, [Mobilunity] provides a great service. They communicate clearly, and they’re very fair.”


3. Codify

Codify IT outsourcing company Ukraine

Codify is a rapidly-developing IT outsourcing company Ukraine that provides various solutions, including fintech, startups, e-Commerce, and travel tech. Its portfolio includes over 100 successful projects, and it is known for offering unique services based on clients’ needs. 

Clients say: “They were personally involved in the project to make sure everything turned out well.”


4. Procoders

Procoders IT outsourcing company Ukraine

Procoders is one of the trusted Ukraine IT outsourcing companies with 6 years of experience in providing IT staff augmentation services. Its team includes around 80 developers, and the company always strives to assemble tailor-built teams for its clients. Its portfolio includes over 150 extended teams in North America and worldwide.

Clients say: “We’ve worked with many designers, and they don’t understand our brand and vision for the project like ProCoder does.”


5. N-ix

Nix IT outsourcing company Ukraine

Founded in 2002, N-ix has become one of the top IT outsourcing companies Ukraine. It provides a range of services to its clients, for example, big data analytics, data science, VR & AR, and DevOps. Its team includes over 1,700 full-time specialists, and the company was recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe. 

Clients say: “They have the knowledge and experience to do the analysis and come up with solutions for our business.”


IT Outsourcing Companies Ukraine

6. Relevant Software 

Relevant Software IT outsourcing company Ukraine

Relevant Software joined the list of Ukraine IT outsourcing companies 8 years ago and has delivered over 200 projects by now. The areas of its expertise include fintech, proptech, healthcare, and media. Some of its clients opted for IT outsourcing to Ukraine and stayed with the company for more than 5 years. 

Clients say: “The team practices effective project management and has easily accessible stakeholders and executives.”


7. Ciklum

Ciklum IT outsourcing company Ukraine

Ciklum is one of the IT outsourcing companies Ukraine that delivers solutions for Fortune 500 companies. It is headquartered in London and has development centers in multiple countries, including Ukraine. The company builds tailored digital solutions that leverage modern technologies. Ciclum proved to the global community that IT outsourcing in Ukraine is worth it by cooperating with such clients as Just Eat, Metro, and Flixbus. 

Clients say: “Ciklum’s development team has maximized our capacity to produce cutting-edge software.”


8. inVerita

Inverita IT outsourcing company Ukraine

inVerita is a flourishing Ukraine IT outsourcing company that focuses on building web and mobile solutions and QA. Around 80% of its customers are based in the US, and it has hired over 110 employees in 5 years. It is considered one of the promising Ukraine IT outsourcing companies because of its focus on collaboration, flexibility, and an individual approach for every client. 

Clients say: “They’re thoughtful, conscientious professionals who have been a great fit for us.”


9. Intellias 

Intellias IT outsourcing company Ukraine

Intellias is a renowned provider of IT outsourcing in Ukraine founded in 2002. It delivers solutions to Fortune 500 companies, including cooperation with HERE Technologies, LG, and PTV Group. The company has been featured in various lists and received several awards. It is one of the globally-recognized IT outsourcing companies Ukraine that provides such services as digital consulting, software engineering, and development teams. 

Clients say: “Intellias has a culture that renders results; their people are motivated, and I believe this is their key strength.”


10. Perfectial

Perfectial IT outsourcing company Ukraine

Perfectial is considered one of the top IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine founded in 2010. It offers services in custom software development and mobile app creation. Also, it has experience with Blockchain, ML, and AI. Some of its clients that have leveraged Ukraine IT outsourcing include TripAdvisor, Mirantis, and Roku. 

Clients say: “Perfectial has a comprehensive and effective workflow, which makes them a great partner.”


11. Jelvix

IT outsourcing company based in Kharkiv provides multiple services for the Western European market, such as software engineering, IT consulting, Business Analysis, UI UX design, Testing & QA services, SaaS Development, DevOps, etc. They cover all stages of the software development lifecycle, from developing new applications to modernization, management, and maintenance.

Clients say: “Jelvix leads a communicative process and addresses issues quickly for good project management. The client also praises their solution-oriented approach.”


12. Yalantis

It is a certified software engineering and IT consulting company with 13+ years of experience, development centers across Europe, and 500+ experts aboard. They focus on providing quality services of SaaS development, End-to-end business solutions, Digital Transformation, Mobile software products, Communication, and Blockchain. They serve industries like Fintech, Healthcare, Logistics, and Real estate.

Clients say: “Yalantis has produced satisfactory results. They’re receptive to development issues and conduct quick fixes. We commend the team’s proactive approach, high-level technical skills, and actionable input for solutions.”


ELITEX is a web development IT company based in Lviv, Ukraine. The company’s primary expertise is custom software development using JavaScript and building dedicated development teams for businesses and startups. The company has a strong experience in web software development. They have already worked in FinTech, News and Media, Telecom & Cybersecurity, Education, HR Tech, CRM, and High-Tech industries.

Clients say: ELITEX is a company with high-quality service and exceptional professionalism.


Large Ukraine IT Outsourcing Companies 

14. SoftServe

Softserve IT outsourcing company Ukraine

SoftServe is one of the largest and oldest IT outsourcing companies Ukraine that has expertise in healthcare, retail, energy, financial services, and more. It generates compelling ideas and develops and implements transformational products and services. SoftServe strives to transform and accelerate the companies’ businesses by implementing end-to-end solutions. 

Clients say: “SoftServe was very organized from a project management perspective and technically competent.”


15. Avenga 

Avenga IT outsourcing company Ukraine

Avenga has extensive experience in delivering solutions for pharma & life sciences, insurance, financial, and automotive industries, being one of the biggest Ukraine IT outsourcing companies. Its portfolio includes cooperation with Credit Suisse, GSK, and Mazda. Avenga has over 3,000 IT outsourcing Ukraine specialists who provide custom software development and design, product management, and technology consulting services. 

Clients say: “We have found some really good people through Avenga; we now have some awesome people working on our account.”



Daxx IT outsourcing company Ukraine

Grid Dynamics is an advanced IT outsourcing company Ukraine with over 500 experts on board. It builds dedicated teams, enabling clients to leverage top-notch technologies. Apart from software development, it provides QC, security testing, DevOps, UI/UX, and IT relocation services. 

Clients say: “Technically, they are the best remote team I have ever worked within 20 years of experience.”


17. Symphony Solutions 

Symphony IT outsourcing company Ukraine

One of the top IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine, Symphony Solutions, has nearly 600 experts in its team. The company joined the tech market in 2009. It provides services in various areas, including Cloud Solutions, iGaming, and educational services. Its portfolio boasts over 35 international clients. Symphony Solutions proves that IT outsourcing Ukraine exceeds customers’ expectations by investing time and attention into people. 

Clients say: “Symphony Solutions shared our passion and went all out to bring this unique and brilliant idea into fruition.”



Eleks IT outsourcing company

ELEKS is a rapidly growing IT outsourcing company Ukraine with over 1,500 experts. It provides a variety of services, namely full-cycle custom software and application development, product design, and blockchain solutions. It has already delivered  650+ end-to-end projects and boasts over 100 active client accounts. 

Clients say: “Their team 100% delivered on everything they promised, which was incredible.”


19. Luxoft

It is an IT outsourcing provider that was established almost 20 years ago. Since then, it has grown into an international IT giant with over 40 offices in many countries and nearly 13,000 employees worldwide. Approximately 3,500 develop hi-tech products and services in Kyiv, Dnipro, and Odesa.

Clients say:It was a pleasure to work with this company. They showed us a high level of professionalism and provided us with great service



Ready to Opt for Ukraine IT Outsourcing?

The development of IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine is kicking into high gear, and so is the expertise of local developers. However, the diversity of companies makes choosing a Ukraine IT outsourcing a real challenge. That’s why we hope that our list of top IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine will help you come to a decision.


Why choose Qubit Labs among other Ukraine IT outsourcing companies? 

  1. We opt for a personal approach.
  2. We ensure transparent cost.
  3. We provide flexible agreements.
  4. We handle team onboarding and retention. 
  5. We help companies grow.

Contact us to get a free consultation and hire experienced developers in Ukraine.  


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