What is IT Staffing and How to Get the Leading Advantage of It?

Oksana Zabolotna
HBD at Qubit Labs

IT development never sleeps and never stops. New technologies, tech trends, and languages each year boost the IT sector at the speed of light. As a result, the demand for specific IT specialists is growing, and finding thorough professionals with particular skills is becoming more and more challenging. 

There are a considerable amount of aspects you should keep in mind before recruiting tech talents; hence spend lots of time investigating, recruiting, interviewing, and integrating new candidates. Remote IT staffing has become a lifesaving solution for many tech companies. But does it work perfectly for every type of business, and how do you choose the best model? This article provides a complete overview of IT staffing pros and cons, models, trends, and top IT staffing companies. 


What is IT Staffing?

IT staffing means looking for specialists for your company with specific skills to fill the technology gaps in your team. You can hire professionals for full-time jobs, short-term positions, or contract-to-hire roles. 

In other words, IT staffing means a company partnering with a third-party IT staffing service provider to recruit professionals. But, you can also do it internally through a company’s in-house HR team. 

With IT staffing, you are not limited to any pros. You can request many other specialists like IT architects, business analysts, PMs, technical writers, etc. 


IT Staffing Models

If you are considering getting IT staffing services, there are few models that provide slightly different options and conditions  of cooperating with your remote teams. Let’s take a closer look at four the most common IT staffing models:

  • Short-Term Model

If you need to cover specific roles on a project for a short-term period this model will fit perfectly for you. If your company has specific projects, not similar to their normal operation activities it will be a great, cost-efficient practice that simplifies the termination as soon as a project is completed.

  • Long-Term Model

Means you hire an IT staffing team for a long term cooperation to accomplish your business goals. The approach is considered to be an intermediate option between temporary and permanent hiring. During an agreed period, you evaluate the contract employee and decide on offering a permanent position.

  • Succession Planning Model

This type of model means that you get close cooperation with your management board in order to accomplish your business goals as fast as possible. It is a type of model when you plan ahead about key departures while preparing current employees for future roles and developing them.

  • Strategic Model

It is a mixed strategy where the existing business plan is brought into correlation with the abilities of remote IT staffing and current development trends. 


Pros and Cons of IT Staffing 

IT staffing is not a lifesaving process for every type of business. Like every model it has its own benefits and weaknesses and works differently for each project. Let’s see what advantages and disadvantages IT staffing has to simplify your choice:


Pros of IT Staffing 

  • Flexibility 

IT staffing gives you lots of opportunity to change your projects length, terms, extend your team or even change the project completely. You can always get more people in your team with specific skills. 

  • Great Talent Pool 

New technologies and trends in IT require specific knowledge and highly-skilled specialists. IT staffing gives you access to an unlimited talent pool of specific experts from different countries. 

  • Easy Hiring Process 

You don’t have to spend your time on timeless searching, hiring and recruitment process, your IT staffing company will take care of all organization issues. You just make a final decision about each candidate.

  • Skillful Professionals

You get one specialist or the whole dedicated team of professionals that match exactly your personal requirements and needs. With IT staffing you can make sure to get highly-skilled specialists fast and stress-free. 


Cons of IT Staffing 

  • Cultural differences

Having a team with different cultures and mentalities can cause misunderstandings within the company. 

  • Time differences

When your employees are from different time-zones it can complicate the communication and a bit of hassle with quick response from your team. 


IT Staffing Market Trends 

  • Technology in IT Recruitment

Nowadays automation and analytics play a huge part in work optimization. Technology also enables HR to build relationships with candidates and employees by offloading them the menial tasks. There are many technologies that can simplify recruitment processes like NLP, AI, VR, AR and others. 

  • Hybrid Work

As working online has become a new norm nowadays it is important to give your team a choice of workplace. Giving your employees a flexibility of where they can work is a great idea for building strong business relationships. 

  • Innovative Onboarding Cycles 

The traditional in-person model doesn’t work when you establish a remote team. Instead of the office and meetings with the manager are replaced with meaningful digitized experiences. Team-building activities, online corporate events and meetings  are great ways to get new workers up-to-speed.

  • Paying Attention at Soft Skills

Paying attention to hard skills and experience are important but for long-term cooperation it is crucial to find a specialist who has a positive attitude and work ethic as well as possess problem-solving, time-management and critical thinking skills.

  • Project-Based Hiring 

Contracted employment will provide flexibility and adaptability for both sides: company and a team. If your company lacks a specific skill set required to complete a project, contacted specialists will fill the gap.


Top IT Staffing Companies


  • Qubit Labs 

Company provides multiple decisions for our clients to help them achieve their business goals. Among our services are building a dedicated development team, establishing offshore development centers, setting up R&D centers in the top outsourcing locations and providing recruitment and relocation processes.


Web development IT company based in Lviv, Ukraine. Company focuses on expertise in custom software development using JavaScript and building dedicated development teams for businesses and startups.

  • SoftServe

IT outstaffing company that provides their services in Central and Eastern Europe. It boasts over 8,000 employees working in 35 offices across 12 countries.


  • Remote Team Solutions 

The Polish company focuses on building a great virtual team for countless great companies, and as one of Clutch’s Top B2B companies, we can give you instant results.

  • DevsData LLC 

Company specializing in challenging projects. Extensive vetting process of the candidates and very high clients’ satisfaction rate is what they are great at.



  • HR.GE

Company specializes in hiring developers from all of Georgia and other countries. They have been cooperating with many international companies and have found many IT specialists for long-term cooperation. 




They have been successfully searching for different kinds of IT specialists for companies for 17 years now. They serve companies in the segments Manufacturing, FMCG, Banking, Inform and Telecom Technology and others.

  • Search4Staff

Company from Moldova has extensive experience in covering single vacancies of our clients, and experience in helping to enter the market of a new company by recruiting a team from scratch.



  • ANCOR 

IT outsourcing company that provides a variety of services including IT staffing for multiple outsourcing countries.



  • Human Capital Baku

Company specialized in recruiting tech and non-tech specialists from different industries. For the past few years the company has successfully cooperated with Western market.


IT Staffing Process

So, now when you choose the model of IT staffing, understood all IT staffing requirements, let’s take a look at its processes:

  • Resource Planning

On this step you and your company plan the number of employees you need, their skills, experience, what goals they have to accomplish, etc. 

  • Recruitment and Selection

Involves searching and finding the right candidates that fit your requirements. Then recruiting and hiring processes are included as well.  

  • Placement and Induction 

This step involves placement in each candidate, in a certain position of your company, responsibilities, tasks, goals, etc.

  • Onboarding

In this step, the candidates are prepared for their role and given the required knowledge to help them start their work. Training is provided for candidates during the onboarding stage if required

  • Appraisal 

The employees’ performance is evaluated and rewarded according to their contribution, capabilities, and potential. 

  • Retention

Retention involves ensuring employee satisfaction and adjustment so that they can be restrained within the organization. 

  • Separation 

If one of the participants of your team leaves the company, this step involves finding the reasons and improving them in the future.


Wrapping Up

IT staffing has become a global trend worldwide due to its convenience, flexibility, and the opportunity to set up a remote team full of professionals worldwide. But like all models, it has both advantages and weaknesses. To realize if remote IT staffing will work for your business – give it to Qubit Labs. Using our long experience in IT staffing and talent acquisition, we will make sure to find high-skilled professionals who perfectly fit your business. 



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