IT Staffing Companies in USA – Pick One to Succeed

Inna Coker
Talent Mapping Specialist

Recently, it has become much easier to find tech talent. A rise in IT staffing companies in USA is one of the reasons because they specialize in identifying and developing employees with highly demanded skills. The US IT staffing industry keeps on expanding, so these organizations generate billions of dollars annually.

This kind of firms is advantageous for employers, especially if it is one of the best IT staffing companies in USA. The bigger part of staffing specialists and recruiters at these companies have access to an impressive pool of talented employees, and they can assist you in choosing the right professional for your project. 

The agency is also able to alleviate extra burdens for your company, including payroll expenses and taxes.


A List of the Top IT Staffing Companies in USA

If you want to succeed, you should always use the best options possible. Below, you can find a list of the top 10 IT staffing companies in USA that have a proven track record of providing their customers with exceptional service and quality candidates.

1.     Qubit Labs

Qubit Labs IT Outstaffing company

This one is among the best IT staffing companies in USA, Canada, Estonia and Ukraine because our agency can build a unique team in accordance with the needs and requirements of the customer. For this purpose, we consider experience, soft skills, and the motivation of the candidates. The company was founded in 2015, and these days, we offer a variety of IT staffing services, including relocation and recruitment, team extension, and IT staff augmentation.

Qubit Labs hires internationally from top tech hubs like Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Brazil and Mexico.

2.     Experis

Experis IT staffing company USA

The brand is known as one of the top IT staffing companies in USA and is also a global leader in professional resourcing. Experis also has enough experience in working in this industry because it was founded 25 years ago, in 1998. 

The agency never stops developing so that it can deliver solutions to the changing workforce needs. The company expertise includes business transformation, digital workspace, cyber security, enterprise applications, etc.

3.     VACO 

Vaco IT staffing company USA

This agency is one of the best IT staffing companies in USA because it was on the list of the most successful private companies introduced by Inc. Magazine. Using it, you can get any professional you need. 

The company appeared in 2002, and these days, it obtains over 12,000 customers worldwide with more than 10,000 employees. The area of expertise includes anything from consulting and direct hire to digital solutions.

4.     Kforce

Kforce IT staffing company USA

The core values of this one of the leading US IT staffing companies founded in 1962 are integrity, respect, commitment, exceptional service, and trust. This way, the company manages to provide employers with the best staff possible. 

The agency successfully provides talent solutions, project solutions, team solutions, and international talent solutions.

5.     Han Staffing 

Han Staffing IT staffing company USA

It is one of the IT staffing companies in USA that never gives up and delivers customers with exceptional results. It appeared in 2012, and the company never stopped improving its services, which include recruitment consultancy, source candidates, credential verification, contracts management, industry research, etc. There is no doubt that the agency will provide you with what you need.

6.     Judge

Judge IT staffing company USA

This agency is not only one of the top IT staffing companies in USA, but it is also one of the oldest ones. The brand was founded in 1970, and since then, it has managed to meet the requirements of its customers. 

It offers IT consulting, staffing search, and learning solutions industries, such as banking, aerospace and defense, healthcare, government, etc.

7.     Compucom 

Compucom IT staffing company USA

The brand is among the IT staffing companies in USA that offer a customizable approach to staffing. It is also one of the experienced agencies because it appeared in 1987. 

These days, the company provides solutions in workplace technology, digital edge and security, IT staffing, and more. It will also manage all the expensive and tedious activities, like drug screening.

8.     Robert Half 

Robert Half IT staffing company USA

This is one of the US IT staffing companies that is able to deliver results in an extremely short period of time, which is not surprising because the company has years of experience in the industry – it was launched in 1947. This speed is possible thanks to the AI-based matching they use. The areas of expertise are technology, finance and accounting, legal, marketing and creative, etc.

9.     YoH Yoh IT staffing company USA

When making up the list of the top IT staffing companies in USA, it was not possible to skip this one. It has been in the industry since 1940, and now, it offers contract to hire, contract, SOW, direct hire, and payroll services. These days, the agency assists businesses to stay innovative and outclass competitors.

10.  Beacon Hill 

Beacon Hill IT staffing company USA

The agency, which was founded in 2000, is now one of the biggest IT staffing companies in USA because it operates in 50 states. The brand can also boast numerous positive reviews and around 1,800 customers with active contractors. The services include workforce management services, consulting and solutions, recruitment, and more.


Why IT Staffing with Qubit Labs?

The list of IT staffing companies in USA mentioned above is definitely impressive, but using Qubit Labs IT staffing services can be the best solution. The thing is that our agency has a lot of advantages, such as:

  • Personal approach. We are one of those IT staffing companies that never creates two identical teams.
  • Wide range of services. We support talent mapping, sourcing, hiring, onboarding, HR and payroll management, legal aspect, tax management, social package for each employee and much more.
  • Flexible agreement. We are able to help you hire one tech talent or whole dedicated team. We are also able to scale down or add more developers if necessary.
  • Transparent cost. This aspect is critical when it comes to IT staffing companies in USA. Our agency offers a predictable budget where a customer is able to control the salaries of employees, as well as understand the brand`s service fee.
  •  Onboarding and retention. Very few IT staffing companies in USA are known for their personal HR managers. Qubit Labs will provide you with an expert who will work with you and your employees from the very start.
  • A great reputation. Qubit Labs has managed to gain some of the best reputations among IT staffing companies in USA, thanks to the fact that we are truly devoted to our clients.
  • Large talent pool. We can hire tech specialists from Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Brazil and Mexico.


Pick One of the US IT Staffing Companies Today!

The popularity of US IT staffing companies is constantly growing because these agencies will do all the hard work for you. Partnering with a reputable organization can help your business to get the right talent efficiently and quickly. It means that you just need to let one of the IT staffing companies in USA know what your requirements are, and the agency will do its best to deliver the necessary expert as quickly as possible. Many of them can even provide you with personal HR experts who will keep on working with your team from day one.

The companies on the list in this article have a great reputation because they provide customers with quality candidates. Thanks to this, their service is exceptional. By picking one of the best US IT staffing companies, you can quickly grow your business. In addition to that, you will not have to doubt that these agencies will encounter the right person to meet your needs. Their goal is to save your time and effort and do all the difficult work for you.

Contact Qubit Labs today, we can hire dedicated team for you from Brazil to Kazakhstan.



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