Why Nearshoring Portugal Must Be Your Choice Next Year?

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When businesses choose a location for building remote teams, they do not usually consider IT outstaffing in Portugal. At the same time, innovation development capabilities are constantly being improved in the country, which means that it has quickly become one of the top outsourcing destinations. In addition to that, Lisbon hosts thousands of those who come to visit WebSummit, one of the most significant IT conferences. That is why you should not be surprised that nearshoring Portugal is becoming a good option for tech leaders and investors these days.

Why Nearshoring Portugal Must Be Your Choice Next Year

One more great fact is that the country has more than 80 thousand graduates every year, and approximately 30 percent of them are in the engineering and technology sphere. Also, Portugal happens to be a booming tech hub that is known as the fastest-growing in Europe. You should definitely consider IT outstaffing in Portugal because there are more than 4 thousand IT organizations in the country these days.


What Are the Main Reasons for Nearshoring Portugal?

So, why do leading businesses opt for nearshoring Portugal? Here are a few main reasons:

  1.   The strong support of digitalization from the government. The country has doubled its efforts to improve digital and IT skills among the workforce. That is why there have been policies and initiatives to allow digital proficiency to grow and enhance tech literacy levels. INCoDe.2030, for example, is one of the public policy initiatives that improve the existing employee qualifications, promote digital education and tech awareness, and provide specializations for graduates in digital jobs. The result is an increasing number of qualified tech professionals, which means that Portugal now has a quality pool of IT engineers.
  2.   It obtains strong cybersecurity and data protection policies. The truth is that data security happens to be one of the main criteria when picking a location for IT outsourcing. The country has taken 14th place globally and 8th within Europe in the Global Cybersecurity Index. The country is a member of the EU, so the GDPR is its major framework regarding personal data. In addition to that, the country’s government has set a higher bar for cybersecurity and intellectual property protection, which is one more reason to consider outsourcing Portugal.
  3.  Accessibility and tech infrastructure matter a lot. When you are making a decision on a potential destination, high-quality ICT infrastructure is critical. Speaking of nearshore Portugal, the country is the leader in high-capacity network connectivity, so over 90 percent of homes are covered. There is one more important factor – it delivers ultrafast broadband access. It means that you will always be able to access software development infrastructure easily if you opt for a nearshore team Portugal.
  4.   Contribution and mindsets are also important. It is important to remember that national mentality is one of the aspects that make the country good for IT outstaffing. The locals are great communicators, and communication plays an important role in completing tech projects and managing remote employees. This is something businesses tend to consider when planning software outsourcing and outstaffing in Portugal.
  5.   There are special visa programs. The country is widely known for the easy processes of obtaining visas for tech experts and IT specialists who live outside the European Union. Even though many countries have this kind of visa, Portugal is extremely attractive for IT specialists and tech entrepreneurs. Software developers and freelancers are allowed to apply for a digital nomad visa that comes in two categories – a residency and a temporary stay visa. Both categories are a possibility for foreign people to stay for a certain period and work independently from the country. This kind of convenience and flexibility results in a flow of tech professionals, which makes IT nearshore Portugal even more attractive.


Pros and Cons of IT Nearshore Portugal

Thanks to the facts mentioned above, it is obvious that IT outstaffing in Portugal is a great solution. At the same time, it is worth looking at the pros and cons more closely.

The advantages of IT outsourcing in Portugal are the following:

advantages of IT outsourcing in Portugal

  1.   This option is a cost-effective solution. Big businesses from Europe opt for outstaffing in this country because they hope to reduce expenses and get a product with outstanding quality. If you are willing to set up a nearshore development team, this is the country you should definitely consider. Portugal happens to be 66th when it comes to the Cost-of-Living index, which means that there are lower labor costs of IT services compared to most European countries. If you choose IT nearshore Portugal, your business can easily save costs from rent because it is extremely cheap and easy to find an office for an outsourcing team.
  2.   The time zone is another significant factor. Proximity means a lot when it comes to nearshoring. It is easier for developers and clients to communicate if the time zones are close because it allows experts located in different countries to work at the same time. Outsourcing Portugal is an excellent solution because it is just one hour ahead of GMT, which implies that it is in the same time zone as Paris, London, Berlin, and many other cities.
  3.   It is the gateway location to European markets. The country’s location is perfect for business. Located near the most significant markets, such as Germany and the UK, Portugal happens to be an attractive option for businesses seeking a nearshore partner to establish a team.
  4.   Experts speak English. Another reason why you should choose nearshore developers Portugal is their bilingualism. The thing is that this country is among those with the highest English proficiency globally. In fact, it is 9th according to the English Proficiency Index. This language plays an important role in a multicultural business environment because it allows international teams to work without any misunderstanding.
  5.   This is a tech hub for success. Over the past years, the country has been a great example of the European startup ecosystem. Startups, like Feedzai, Farfetch, Outsystems, and Talkdesk have international operations that are supported by the Portuguese IT delivery centers. Even a few established industry giants, like Microsoft, Siemens, and Google, have centers in the country. The thing is that these companies quickly realized that software outsourcing and outstaffing in Portugal are wonderful solutions to give their business a boost.

Even though hiring a team from Portugal has a lot of pros, there are a few cons that should be considered:

  1.   This solution can be more costly compared to Eastern European countries. Hiring a nearshore team Portugal is definitely cheaper than getting professionals from other European countries. At the same time, you can always find a cheaper solution in Eastern European countries – for example, Ukraine or Romania.
  2.   You will have to take additional measures to control your team. Some businesses find out that they have to spend more time enforcing quality control in their nearshore team in Portugal. It also means that they have to invest in technology that provides automated reporting and tracking.

With all the mentioned advantages, the country is an ideal option for a growing business. That is why many companies, including giants such as Siemens, prefer IT outsourcing Portugal if they require a team of top experts.


Software Outsourcing and Outstaffing in Portugal: What Can This Country Offer?

Thanks to nearshoring Portugal, you can unlock the innovative potential of your organization via main solutions that may go from software development to IT infrastructure. The thing is that there is an impressive range of services created to meet each and every need of your company.

So, nearshoring Portugal can offer you the following:

  •   IT managed services. By managing processes, people, toolsets, and infrastructure, this option releases your team from their daily workload. It means that they can focus on strategic initiatives.
  •   Team extension. You can get any professional required for your business, which is especially great if you do not have time to train someone. Let’s assume that your business needs the support of a reliable partner with top skills, IT outstaffing in Portugal is the best solution possible in this case.
  •   End-to-end solutions. This service is there to allow you to succeed in the long term by means of helping you manage all the data across your internal structure. Nearshore developers Portugal will make sure that all the tech processes are covered from the beginning until the final stage.

Overview of the Portuguese IT Landscape and IT Outsourcing Portugal

This country has managed to build a dynamic business landscape that revolves around offering top-quality customer-oriented services. Over the past years, services accounted for nearly two-thirds of Portugal’s GDP. At the same time, one of the most significant changes is the steady transition of the ICT market from product development and provision of IT services to startup culture and startups in general. As per recent research, around 33 percent of FDI projects in the country in 2022 were connected with software development, computer services, and IT outsourcing Portugal.

The startup scene in the country is growing these days. According to the report by International Data Corporation in 2022, there were around 2160 startups that made up 1 percent of the GDP. It also means that nearshoring Portugal will attract even more investments.


 Software Developer Salary Portugal

If you consider getting professionals from this country, you should have an idea of what software developer salary Portugal. The following table should be extremely helpful in this case.

Specialist Junior  Middle Senior
Front End Developer €29600 €44400 €75500
Back End Developer €26400 €43200 €69600
Full Stack Developer €31500 €48400 €78800
Mobile Developer €25110 €43785 €60000
Game Developer €25000 €40000 €70000
Web Designer €23500 €39400 €63600
QA Engineer €22450 €41025 €49750

As you can see from the table above, IT nearshore Portugal is a great solution because it is cost-effective. Thanks to this, you can save a lot of money for your business, and this, in turn, will help your company grow faster.


Hire Nearshore Team Portugal with Qubit Labs

Qubit Labs is known as one of the leading outstaffing companies.

If you are planning to opt for nearshore developers in Portugal, you should choose us because we can hire experts who match your needs and requirements, we also take care of recruitment, onboarding, HR management, payroll, retention, relocation, and replacement if needed. IT nearshore Portugal with us also implies flexibility because you can hire one expert or a team who will do their best to help your company grow.

One more great thing about nearshore developers Portugal is that they never stop improving their skills, which means that the area of their expertise is constantly expanding. It means that they can successfully work with customers from a variety of fields. Qubit Labs will find such experts for you quickly and stress-free.

If you are considering an outstaffing team to help you complete your upcoming project or need a permanent team of professionals nearshore, you should contact us. Software developer salary in Portugal is definitely a great advantage, but using a professional outstaffing vendor is also important. Qubit Labs will make sure that your unique goals are mapped to an actionable software development strategy, and your investment will come back to you at a consistently high value.


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