Software Tester Salary 2021

Software Tester Salary 2021

The sky’s the limit, and this saying perfectly goes for software development. If you strive for excellence and the highest quality of your products, a software tester or a QA engineer is the right person to help you out. This specialist identifies the issues and minimizes the risks of their emergence. He/she consults and anticipates the exposure to failures in the systems and coding and undertakes the audit of the product. 

Since software testers and QA engineers are highly employable, Qubit Labs has decided to dig into their professions and zero in on these specialists’ salaries. 


What Software Testers Types are There?


Testing covers the entire development cycle and includes planning, projecting, creating, and executing the project cases. The work of the software tester reminds the detective’s one because this specialist follows the programmers’ actions and searches for bugs. It’s essential to ask the right questions and be able to foresee where issues might occur. 

A tester perceives the product both from the developers’ and customers’ points of view. That’s why he/she occasionally gets involved in the offshore software development process and offers to implement some convenient functions to the programs.   

There are three major types of software testers.

QA engineer

A QA engineer is responsible for the whole range of processes that ensure quality. The specialist is integrated into all development stages, from the project’s descriptions to testing, launch, and post-release maintenance. Also, a QA engineer makes sure that the product’s functionality is convenient for the users and corresponds to the existing standards. He/she doesn’t simply press the buttons waiting for the bugs to pop up. In contrast, one systematically searches for the issues and analyzes the product’s work. 

QC engineer

Also, there are QC engineers responsible for the testing results’ analysis, trouble-shooting, and issues’ elimination. This specialist is oriented at checking the particular product. And it includes diverse processes, like code analysis, technical reviews, design analysis, testing, and others. 


The third one is testing. This is a process of checking whether the performance complies with the regulations. A software tester tests the product’s components or the product as a whole to see whether there are bugs or other inaccuracies of the development. It’s one of the key stages in ensuring the quality of the finished project. One’s specialization can be divided into several directions, namely testing security, performance, and usability. Also, there is automated and manual testing. 

Notably, the software testing market exceeded $40 billion in 2019. It is expected to reach the global market value of $60 billion by 2026. That’s why when deciding to hire a software tester, you will come up with trumps within a couple of years. 


Software Tester Salary in the World’s IT Hubs


San Francisco $110,192
London $64,411
New York $100,692
Seoul $51,815
Toronto $76,908 
Singapore $62,112
Amsterdam $73,287
Berlin $65,440
Stockholm $56,712
Dublin $49,775
Kyiv $28,500


  • The average software tester salary in San Francisco is $110,192.
  • Software testers in London are paid $64,411, while software tester starting salary in the city is $35,385.
  • In New York, the average software tester salary is $100,692 per year.
  • The software tester job salary in Seoul is $51,815.
  • The average salary for software tester in Toronto is $76,908.
  • The average salary of software tester in Singapore reaches $62,112 per annum.
  • Amsterdam pays $73,287 per year to mid-level software testers.
  • In Berlin, a certified software tester salary is $65,440.
  • Stockholm pays the software tester salary of $56,712 per year.
  • The average software tester salary in Dublin is $49,775.
  • The software tester salary in Kyiv is $28,500 on average.


Software tester salary in Canada, specifically in Toronto, is rather attractive, being on the same level as the wages offered in Amsterdam, Berlin, and London. Although it is absent in the table, the software tester salary in India is among the lowest in the world, around $5,596. 

Also, we have researched several websites that present software developers salaries. For example, Glassdoor suggests that the average software tester salary in New York is $67,284. Meanwhile, an entry level software tester salary is $49,000, and a senior software tester salary in New York is $92,000 per annum. The average software tester salary in the USA is around $$68,937- $96,115.

Glassdoor screenshot

According to PayScale, the average salary for software tester in Stockholm is $50,485 per annum. At the same time, a junior software tester salary is $42,463 and the most experienced specialists are paid $66,641. 

Payscale screenshot


QA Engineer Salary in the World


Junior QA Middle QA Senior QA
San Francisco $59,218 $105,516 $123,279
London $49,000 $70,781 $88,094
New York $60,700 $99,036 $110,270
Seoul $27,226 $38,090 $47,363
Toronto $54,743 $63,343 $84,130
Singapore $27,464 $33,932 $36,148
Amsterdam $52,895 $61,309 $81,842
Berlin $34,771 $53,613 $70,053
Stockholm $40,127 $56,461 $69,806
Dublin $37,745 $50,565 $61,583
Kyiv $7,200 $28,500 $32,400


  • QA engineer salary in San Francisco ranges from $59,218 for junior specialists to $123,279 for senior programmers. A local software tester salary per hour ranges from $50 to $300. 
  • A jr software tester salary in London is $49,000, a mid-level — $70,781, and a senior-level QA engineer salary is $88,094.
  • Junior QA software tester salary in New York is $60,700, while senior-level specialists are paid $110,270 per year. 
  • The average manual software tester salary in Seoul is $38,090.
  • In Toronto, a junior-level QA engineer earns $54,743, a mid-level — $63,343, and a senior software tester salary reaches $84,130.
  • Singapore pays the average software QA tester salary of $33,932 annually.
  • In Amsterdam, a junior QA engineer salary is $61,309, and the average pay is $61,309 per year.
  • The software quality assurance tester salary in Berlin is $53,613, and the most experienced ones gain $70,053.
  • A junior QA engineer salary in Stockholm is $40,127, and mid-level specialists earn $56,461 per annum.
  • The average quality assurance software tester salary in Dublin is $50,565.
  • A junior QA engineer salary in Kyiv is $7,200. Meanwhile, mid-level specialists earn $28,500, and the senior QA engineer salary in Kyiv is $32,400.

According to PayScale, in San Francisco, the average junior QA engineer salary is approximately $65,000. On average, a mid-level r QA engineer salary is about $86,714. Meanwhile, a senior QA engineer makes around $124,000 per annum. 

Payscale San Francisco

Also, PayScale suggests that the QA engineer salary in Dublin for entry-level specialists is around $36,646 a year. At the same time, middle-level QA engineers are paid $50,610. As for senior QA engineer salary in Dublin, it’s around $68,406 annually. 

Ireland Payscale


Wrapping Up

Usually, the products popular among the users have a striking design, simplicity of usage, and smooth and trouble-free performance. Much of the credit for this goes for a software tester. When referring to sought-after programs or applications, people assume they run slick and are stable, convenient, and practical. one can bring the developers’ work to perfection only after testing.

If you are thinking about hiring QA engineers and testers for your project, contact Qubit Labs to get assistance. We have experience in the field and will find top-notch specialists for you.  


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