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According to PayScale, the average DevOps engineer salary is $95,054 per year. Glassdoor came up with the number of $100,122 as DevOps salary on an annual basis. Indeed mentions that the average salary of a DevOps engineer is $122,611 per annum. 

In the Netherlands, senior DevOps engineer salary reaches $93,487, while in Sweden, the developers with the same experience level receive $70,090. The average specialist in Canada is paid around $107,141 annually, and in the UK, this number is a bit lower, reaching $76,165.  

Let’s take a closer look at DevOps salary around the world and the specificities of this set of practices. 

The Average DevOps Salary by Big US Cities (Annual)

When deciding where to set up a development team, the first thing to do is to evaluate the labor market. A business owner has to see whether the specialists’ wages requirements correspond to your budget and their skills and expertise comply with your project goals. We have made a selection of seven large cities with different numbers of programmers and levels of DevOps’ popularity to see how the choice of a certain location might affect the expenditures. 

NYC $131,356
Boston  $125,749
San Francisco $122,840
Los Angeles  $113,898
Seattle $113,064
Chicago  $106,994
Atlanta  $104,218

As per our research, the highest DevOps salary is in NYC, Boston, and San Francisco since local programmers make from $131,356 to $122,840 per year. 

  • DevOps engineer salary NYC is $131,356
  • DevOps engineer salary Boston is $125,749
  • DevOps engineer salary San Francisco is $122,840
  • DevOps engineer salary Los Angeles is $113,898
  • DevOps engineer salary Seattle is $113,064
  • DevOps engineer salary Chicago is $106,994
  • DevOps engineer salary Atlanta is $104,218

DevOps Salary Comparison by Experience Level and Country (Annual) 

When looking for programmers to hire, employers have many different options due to the access to the global talent pool. Since the US is the country with the highest salaries, it might be rather expensive to cooperate with local software engineers. That’s why many companies look for outsourced developers and optimize their budgets by paying less money for the equally qualitative services. There are many countries where the IT industry is at its peak, and local specialists are engaged in working on world-known companies’ tasks, delivering outstanding results. 

Junior  Middle  Senior 
USA $77,407 $114,359 $134,079
Canada $71,046 $107,141 $125,616
Australia $70,594 $98,680 $131,320
Denmark $69,512 $91,580 $116,484
Norway $68,762 $73,644 $110,301
Israel $44,957 $68,935 $104,901
UK $52,285 $82,356 $96,082
Netherlands $64,854 $75,306 $93,487
Germany $52,729 $76,165 $87,883
Sweden $44,665 $63,342 $70,090
Poland $18,875 $34,164 $48,235
Romania $19,960 $22,838 $34,586
Ukraine $12,703 $22,512 $48,000
India  $4,989 $15,555 $22,227


  • In the US, an entry level DevOps engineer salary is $77,407, while a more experienced specialist can expect to receive $134,079 per annum, depending on one’s area of expertise.
  • An SR DevOps engineer salary in Canada reaches up to $125,616 per year, which is $54,570 more than the junior-level programmers’ wages.
  • DevOps engineer salary Australia varies from $70,594 to $131,320, offering more attractive salaries to the senior developers than in the US and Canada.
  • Denmark pays $91,580 and Norway – $73,644 to middle-level programmers.
  • Israel offers a competitive senior DevOps engineer salary, which is $104,901 .
  • In the UK, DevOps specialists earn $82,356 on average, while their salaries vary from $52,285 to $96,082.
  • Junior DevOps engineer salary in Germany is $52,729 annually, with senior developers making $87,883.
  • The average salary of a DevOps engineer in Sweden is $63,342.
  • In Poland, such specialists are paid around $34,164 on average.
  • DevOps salaries in Romania range from $19,960 to $34,586.
  • A junior DevOps engineer Ukraine is paid $12,703, middle – $22,512, and senior – $48,000.
  • DevOps engineer salary in India reaches $22,227 for a senior engineer and starts from $4,989 for an entry-level programmer.

According to the mentioned numbers, entry-level salaries range between $4,989 and $77,407. Middle-level programmers can receive from$4,989 to $114,359, depending on the country. Senior DevOps engineers are paid from $22,227 to $134,079 per annum. 

In the US, there is the highest senior DevOps engineer salary in the world, followed by Canada, Australia, and Denmark. Also, DevOps engineer salary India is the lowest, compared to other countries in the selection, being approximately $15,555 per year. 

What Makes DevOps Popular?

DevOps combines agility and flexibility while being based on a stable platform. Although these concepts might sound contrasting, DevOps is here to make the best use of each of them and facilitate the programmers’ work. The market of DevOps tools is advancing and becoming more mature, offering greater opportunities to the companies. Besides, only a couple of years ago, it was mainly used by startups, while now, large global companies have adopted this methodology into their development processes. 

Since the platform is stable and streamlined, companies can take risks when it comes to software deployment. New features can be deployed in a couple of minutes, yet if they don’t work well, it is easy to rollback them and check what is wrong. 

The market is constantly evolving, coming up with new trends and demands, so it is necessary to keep up with changes if you want to stand out among other companies. That’s why DevOps is sought-after; it provides predictable and stable processes to introduce innovations and deploy applications. So, if you’re considering applying for a DevOps position, check out the most frequently asked DevOps interview questions and answers to ace your interview in this competitive hiring market.


What is AWS DevOps?

Amazon has created its own cloud platform, tools, and services as a contribution to DevOps philosophy and culture. It is focused on providing companies with a more reliable and rapidly performing set of services to facilitate product delivery and provide the opportunity to utilize both AWS and DevOps practices. According to the company, “these services simplify provisioning and managing infrastructure, deploying application code, automating software release processes, and monitoring your application and infrastructure performance.”

When implementing AWS DevOps, programmers can securely store and update application source code and get continuous integration and continuous delivery, shortly CI/CD. It is considered IaaS, which is infrastructure as a service, like virtual servers and virtual networks. In this case, the client can install software and applications. 

In general, AWS certified DevOps engineer salary varies from $70,000 for junior developers to $145,000 for senior programmers. Yet, these numbers are rough because, as always, the salary is affected by numerous factors. Since it takes time and effort to receive the certificate and there aren’t that many specialists who have it, they are sought-after in the labor market. 

Therefore, you can expect that the average AWS DevOps engineer salary will be around $98,000 – $120,000 in the US, $81,553 – $95,208 in Canada, and approximately $68,554 – $77,592 in Germany. 

Wrapping Up

DevOps can help you optimize processes and form a single and efficient communication line between dedicated team and operations teams. Such an approach enables receiving instant feedback, easily detecting bugs, and conducting quick and efficient troubleshooting processes. It reduces a handful of challenges in the software development processes and makes it more smooth and robust. If you are considering hiring DevOps engineers, Qubit Labs can help you out and find skilled developers that will perfectly fit the project. You can entrust management and hiring processes to us to focus on other project goals. Feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation. 

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