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Ruby on Rails is one of the most sought-after frameworks, being in 5th place among other backend web frameworks. From the developers’ point of view, it is powerful enough and convenient, so many specialists opt for it. As for the business, RoR development is rather efficient as well. Qubit Labs has decided to point out several reasons why choosing Ruby on Rails is a forward-looking decision:

  • High development speed. Compared to projects built with PHP, Python, or Java, those based on Ruby on Rails are developing multiple times faster. This is due to technical specificities of the framework’s architecture and development tools (ready-made libraries, extensions, and modules).


  • Complicated business logic is simpler. One can write an understandable code with Ruby on Rails, enabling easy maintenance and modification within adequate terms. The framework implies the absence of linkage to the original developer, which is a significant benefit for companies that hire programmers for their projects instead of in-house developers.


  • High reliability and maintenance solutions. TDD development, combined with ample testing opportunities, makes solutions created with Ruby on Rails more stable. The framework’s functionality implies automated tests as well, which makes its usage more trouble-free.


  • Scalability, performance, and high load. Ruby on Rails apps perfectly deploy and work in server clusters and clouds. The framework enables developing applications, which have high accessibility standards.


  • Perfect for startups, internal tools, and prototyping. Due to its intuitive, simple, and readable syntax, Rails is the best option for startups and any companies, which aim for quick deployment of software products. A faster development implies great savings, which is significant for startups with limited budgets. Large projects, in their turn, can use Ruby on Rails as the prototyping tool or create internal/backend tools for which performance isn’t the top priority.

Ruby on Rails Benefits


Another significant advantage of this framework is that there is a handful of competent developers who are able to deliver well-thought, scalable, and reliable products. Therefore, let’s take a look at Ruby on Rails salaries in the US and Europe to find out which location is the most suitable for your project demands.


The Average Ruby on Rails Developer Salary by State in the US (Annual)

New York $123,006
California $116,029
Maryland $104,274
Nevada $103,731
Virginia $101,276
Michigan $91,562
Illinois $91,115


The average salary for Ruby on Rails developer nationwide is $115,123. New York, California, and Maryland are the three highest-paid states in our selection of states. In this case, the lowest salaries are in Illinois.


  • New York pays local programmers $123,006 on average
  • In California, the average salary Ruby on Rails developer is around $116,029
  • Maryland mid-level RoR programmers are paid $104,274
  • The average Ruby on Rails developer salary Nevada is $103,731 per annum
  • Ruby on Rails developer salary Virginia for a mid-level programmer is $101,276
  • A mid-level Ruby on Rails developer salary Michigan reaches approximately $91,562
  • In Illinois, Ruby on Rails programmers are paid $91,115 per year
  • The average full-stack Ruby on Rails developer salary in the US is $97,192

The Average Ruby on Rails Developer Salary by State in the US

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer Salary by State in the US


  • Senior Ruby on Rails developer salary in New York reaches around $150,733
  • California pays around $148,233 per year to senior-level RoR developers
  • Senior Rails developer salary in Maryland is $140,000, while a junior specialist is paid $89,578 per annum
  • In Nevada, a senior-level Ruby on Rails programmer makes $138,284
  • Virginia pays around $135,668 to senior RoR specialists, while an entry level ruby developer salary is $81,193
  • In Michigan, a senior Ruby in rail developer makes $134,995
  • Senior Rails developer salary in Illinois is $134,375

The Average Ruby on Rails Developer Salary by Big Cities in the US (Annual)

San Francisco $133,131
Los Angeles $131,299
Baltimore $119,672
Detroit $118,658
New York $116,636
Richmond $115,746
Las Vegas $111,577
Chicago $101,362


As per our research, the highest Rails developer salary is in San Francisco, which is not surprising since it is among the largest and rapidly developing IT hubs worldwide. Los Angeles and Baltimore follow it.


  • The average Ruby on Rails developer salary San Francisco is around $133,131 per annum
  • Ruby on Rails developer salary Los Angeles reaches approximately $131,299 on average
  • A mid-level Ruby on Rails salary developer Baltimore is paid $119,672
  • In Detroit, the average RoR programmer salary reaches $118,658
  • Ruby on Rails developer salary NYC is $116,636
  • Richmond pays RoR developer salary of $115,746
  • In Las Vegas, a mid-level Ruby on Rails programmer makes around $111,577
  • Ruby on Rails developer salary Chicago reaches $101,362 for a mid-level specialist


Junior Ruby on Rails Developer Salary in the US Cities


  • A junior-level Ruby Rails developer salary in San Francisco reaches around $77,737 per year
  • In Los Angeles, an entry-level Ruby on Rails developer earns $70,335
  • Junior Ruby on Rails developer salary in Baltimore is $63,931
  • In Detroit, a junior RoR programmer is paid $56,283
  • Ruby on Rails developer salary in NYC is approximately $74,814
  • A junior RoR programmer in Richmond is paid $62,053
  • Las Vegas pays $63,526 to junior Rails programmers
  • Entry level Ruby on Rails developer salary in Chicago is around $65,976

The Average Ruby on Rails Developer Salary in Europe (Annual)

Germany $82,818
UK $74,096
Netherlands $72,537
Denmark $72,086
Sweden $64,739
Poland $33,514
Romania $23,055
Ukraine $21,600


According to the table above, the most competitive Ruby on Rails salaries are in Germany. The UK comes second, and the Netherlands and Denmark are practically on the same level.


  • In Germany, an average Ruby on Rails developer earns $82,818 per year
  • Ruby on Rails developer salary UK is $82,818
  • The Netherlands pay approximately $72,537 to Ruby on Rails specialists
  • Ruby developer salary in Denmark is $72,086
  • The average Ruby on Rails programmer salary in Sweden reaches $64,739
  • Poland pays the average Ruby on Rails salary of $33,514 per annum
  • In Romania, Ruby on Rails developers earn approximately $23,055
  • In Ukraine, Rails developer salary is around $21,600 for a mid-level specialist

The Average Ruby on Rails Developer Salary in Europe

Wrapping Up


According to our research, the highest Ruby on Rails developer average salary is in New York, California, Germany, and the UK. The framework is suitable for developing projects, which demand reliability and resistance to high load. Nevertheless, if there is a complicated product requiring talented developers, its budget might exceed the limits. A perfect solution, in this case, is to outsource development services. Many countries, for example, Ukraine, have top-notch talent pools, yet you won’t have to pay large sums for local developers’ services.


If you have a great project in mind, you can entrust finding talented developers to Qubit Labs. We have extensive experience in the industry and can turn your ideas into reality. Feel free to contact us to discuss everything in detail.

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