Unreal Engine Developer Salary and Rates Worldwide

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As the world of 3D graphics rapidly grows, companies seek ways to deliver more immersive and interactive experiences to their customers. This shift is spiking the demand for real-time 3D skills, especially those associated with using Unreal Engine, and these skills are becoming integral to many occupations across the economy. 

Demand for 3D graphics skills grows 10% faster than the overall job market and 50% faster than any other information technology skill. As the use of 3D graphics and real-time 3D technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous, these skills are considered essential across architecture and construction, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, graphic design, interior design, and game development. 

But we also see demand in industries that had not previously registered it. From requests for Unreal Engine skills in media and design to requirements for 3D rendering skills in fashion design, demand for 3D digital skills is emerging in new sectors.

This article provides an overview of Unreal Engine developer salary globally, so it will be easier for you to analyze where to hire the best one. 


What Can You Build With Unreal?

Not surprising that Unreal Engine has become so popular over the past few years and continues to gain popularity as you can use it in multiple ways to develop your business. New and emerging 3D graphics roles include computer-assisted design, digital content creation, rendering, virtual and augmented reality, game engines, visualization, 3D sculpting, industrial design, and film and video.
There are many things that Unreal Engine developers can provide for your business mainly:

  • Photoreal Rendering in Real-Time
  • Robust Multiplayer Framework
  • VFX & Particle Simulation
  • Film Quality Post-Process Effects
  • Advanced AI
  • Unreal Audio Engine
  • Limitless Extensibility

As you can see, the Unreal Engine is becoming a force for innovation across multiple fields. According to Statista, Unreal Engine has caused the demand for real-time technology skills to escalate — growing five times faster than the demand for 3D graphics skills, and over seven times faster than the overall labor market. 


Benefits of Unreal Development

Let’s have a look at the benefits that you can have from hiring an Unreal Engine developer for your business. 

  • Photo Realistic Images 

The visual effect of images is a critical factor in selecting the Unreal Engine. Rendering and realistic effects offer the game developer to engage the users. Using this engine, developers can relate their game images as if captured from the real world. 

  • Friendly with External Software 

The Unreal Engine is compatible with various external software in the industry. Thus, this helps the developers to develop typical game applications. In addition, the unreal engine supports standard file formats or direct communication with the other software.

  • Better Functionality 

For a wide variety of situations, Unreal Engine has more tools and functionality, which is not present in other games with a similar type. The Unreal Engine has more visual editors than other games.

  • The Readiness of Pre-Made Assets

Unreal Engine Marketplace applies strict guidelines for the developers to ensure the quality of available content is not compromised. This gaming Engine provides access to a wide variety of existing assets in the marketplace. It is efficient to utilize pre-made assets to achieve photo-realistic rendering images for the game.

The Unreal Engine provides you with unlimited opportunities to put your projects on a new level. Now, it is time to have a closer look at Unreal Engine developer salary worldwide.


Unreal Developer Salary in North America

Country Junior Middle  Senior
USA $101,250 $129,000 $138,750
Canada  $66,250 $80,000 $106,125
Mexico  $25,684 $39,255 $50,000


  • The highest annual Unreal Engine developer salary is in the USA where an entry-level developer can earn $106,250 per year while the middle level developer charges $129,000 and senior Unreal Engine developer earns $138,750 per year.
  • In Canada the annual yearly salary ranges from $66,250 to $106,125 depending on level of experience.
  • Mexico has the most affordable rates from all North America. The junior Unreal developer salary there starts from $25,684 per year. The middle level coder earns around $39,255 and senior developers can charge around $50,000 per year. 


Unreal Developer Salary in Latin America

Country  Junior Middle  Senior 
Brazil $10,000 $17,144 $27,191
Argentina  $3,000 $5,000 $6,300


  • South America has one of the cheapest rates among Unreal Engine developers. The average Unreal developer salary in Brazil starts from $10,000 per year and goes up to $27191 yearly. 
  • In Argentina an entry-level developer makes $3000 per year. The middle-level Unreal Engine developer earns $5000 yearly and senior-level developer charges $6300 per year of his work. 


Unreal Developer Salary in Western Europe

Country Junior  Middle  Senior 
UK $47,000 $54,300 $75,700
Germany  $28,000 $39,200 $65,000
France $26,000 $43,500 $69,000
Portugal $18,000 $26,000 $34,000
Denmark $27,000 $44,700 $52,000
Norway $25,000 $42,000 $50,000


  • Unreal Engine developer salary UK starts from $47,000 per year annually and can go up to $75,700 per year depending on level of experience. 
  • In Germany, a junior Unreal Engine developer charges $28,000 yearly while a middle-level developer in the same technology earns $39,200, and a senior developer takes $65,000 per year. 
  • In France the annual salary for Unreal Engine developers ranges from $26,000 for entry level to $69,000 for senior level.
  • The average Unreal Engine developer salary in Portugal starts from $18,000 per year and goes up to $34,000 yearly for well-experienced developers. 
  • Denmark offers a $27,000 average salary for junior Unreal Engine developers yearly while the mid-level developer can make around $44,700. Senior Real Engine developer can make $52,000 per year.
  • In Norway Unreal developer salary goes from $25,000 and goes up to $50,000 yearly. 


Unreal Developer Salary in Eastern Europe

Country  Junior  Middle  Senior 
Poland $24,000 $33,000 $41,000
Ukraine $10,000 $15,000 $25,000
Romania  $15,000 $20,800 $25,814
Moldova $12,430 $15,300 $21,103


  • Unreal Engine developer salary in Poland starts from $24,000 per year and can go up to $41,000 per year for a well-experienced developer. 
  • Junior Unreal developers in Ukraine earn around $10,000. Middle-level developer makes approximately $15,000 yearly while a senior level developer in the same technology earns $25,000.
  • In Romania the average Unreal Engine yearly salary goes from $15,000 and up to $25,814.
  • Entry-level Unreal developer in Moldova makes $12,430 yearly while the mid-level developer earns around $15,300 and a senior level Unreal developer earns approximately $21,103. 


Unreal Developer Salary in Asia

Country  Junior Middle  Senior
India $4,500 $6,578 $9,100
Philippines $9,000 $13,250 $16,500
Armenia $17,000 $21,000 $27,600
Kazakhstan $7,000 $10,000 $15,000
Azerbaijan $14,600 $19,300 $23,400


  • Unreal Engine game developer salary in India are the lowest in Asia. It starts from $4,500 per year for entry level developers. The middle-level Unreal developer earns around $6,578 per year. The senior level developer gets $9,100 yearly.
  • The annual yearly salary in the Philippines for Unreal developers starts from $9,000 and can get up to $16,500 yearly.
  • In Armenia Unreal Engine developer salary is around $17,000 for junior level while middle-level developer makes $21,000. The senior on the same technology earns $27,600 per year. 
  • In Kazakhstan the average salary for Unreal developers starts from $7,000 and goes up to $15,000.
  • Unreal developer salary in Azerbaijan is $14,600 for junior level developers while mid-level developer earns around $19,300 and senior-level Unreal Engine developers earns $23,400 yearly. 


Unreal Developer Salary in Australia

In Australia Unreal Engine developer salary relatively ranges from the level of experience. For example the junior level Unreal developer earns around $46,000 per year while the middle-level developer makes approximately $65,000 per year. The senior Unreal developer can earn over $90,000 per year and more. 


Wrapping Up

As you can see, 3D graphics and real-time 3D graphics are currently a global trend present across various industries and companies that are competing with one another to deliver the most immersive and interactive experiences. The demand for Unreal Engine developers jobs is projected to increase 122% in the next 10 years, nearly twice that of other market competitors. Unreal Engine is the most in-demand engine when it comes to real-time graphics and with the real-time features and scalability.

If you are looking for Unreal Engine developers for your business but don’t know where to start and have doubts about location to hire – give it to Qubit Labs

With us you can scale your business easy and risk-free and get developers who match your business needs and budget. 


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