The answer has never been easier. You need to trust the outsource professionals to deal with web application and website testing. Qubit Labs team provides reliable independent software testing services at all the stages of the development cycle for you.


Qubit Labs is an Estonian software development company with R&D office in Ukraine that helps bring your creative and innovative ideas to life. Daily we work side by side with our clients from Europe, USA, and Canada to empower their projects with additional resources they need. We are a responsive, agile team that is head over heels with modern cutting edge technologies and software testing. We pride ourselves on being fundamental in our work and bring software QA outsourcing to the highest standard. Qubit Labs is a reliable outsource development partner that you have been looking for. Let us be a part of your firm and work tirelessly to satisfy your needs in offshore software development.


QA outsourcing is a rather diverse branch of IT industry. Qubit Labs is ready to help you with the most diverse range of test services available on the QA outsource market. You may require testing your Web, Mobile or Desktop application independently. Our team can test all these applications manually or use QA automation tools like Selenium, Tellurium, Watir or JUnit, etc. We conduct functional, usability and security testing. Qubit Labs can also hire a dedicated team of QA Engineers that will work for you full-time to make sure that every single feature is bug-free.


Manual test means that a QA engineer plays a role of the end-user who will be interacting with your software or hardware. The tester follows the plan and test cases. To outsource QA part of your project is especially effective because the offshore tester can make an independent opinion of the usability and functionality of your product as one of your first users and provide you with a valuable feedback.


Automated testing is more precise than manual one. It can be used in complex solutions that need to prove reliability and flawlessness. We offer automated testing on different platforms: Android, iOS, OSX, Windows, Windows Phone, Linux, Web, and Multi-Platform. Qubit Labs team can write automated test scripts for you and help maintain them as your product changes.


One of the biggest challenges that rises before modern companies is keeping private corporate data and personal customer information. Qubit Labs team understands the responsibility of this quality assurance and the trust our clients grant us. That is why we carefully examine your app or website to make sure that you are in full control of your security. We perform two types of security test: penetration testing and access control testing using automated security testing tools like Cookie Editor, Burp Proxy, Zed Attack Proxy and others. To outsource this QA service to the offshore vendor is a good idea because of the diversity of products our team participates in building every day. This gives us an extensive expertise and knowledge of the possible breaches for different types of products. Thus, our team knows where to look for the bugs in your security while providing testing services for websites, e-commerce sites and Web apps.


You can hire the most expensive and creative designer to help you build your product. However, if your users do not understand the interface that you have created for your app, they scarcely will use it. Usability testing helps understand what improvements you should make to your design and customer flow to increase the usability of your software or hardware. We can evaluate your solution usability using the following methods of usability testing: Navigation Flow Analysis and Navigation Simplicity Review, Study of the Interactive Elements of the Interface Behavior, Removing of the Unnecessary Data, Localization Review.


To be honest, this type of testing needs to be performed during all the software development process. In such case at the end of the development process functional testing will only confirm that everything has been done right. A functional QA is performed to make sure that the need of the end-user is actually met. Our process requires an attentive analysis of your requirements and setting up a strategy to achieve the necessary result and provide you with a qualified offshore software testing services. Make sure that your website or mobile app works to satisfy both your and your client’s needs.


Any test must be concluded on the existing program. If you have any and just thinking of creating one, or if you need an extra hand to help your in-house team with the current development tasks, we would love to be there for you. Here at Qubit Labs we provide our clients with all types of tech outsource services. Not only do we outsourced software testing, but also create thousands of lines of code each month, generate an amazing user-friendly design, and help our clients to promote their extraordinary brands in Digital World so they could become a part of your real life.


If you need a reliable quality assurance to make sure that your software product becomes flawless after the debugging, you have approached the right people. Qubit Labs team has all the needed expertise to help you with outsourced software testing and web app testing. We can make sure that you are providing your clients with high-quality products. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in making your software even better.