Average Unity Developer Salary in the US and World in 2021

Average Unity Developer Salary in the US and World in 2021

Updated 2021

10Prior to beginning the review of Unity developers’ salaries, it is worth doing a quick recap of this game development environment. In the world, there are multiple platforms for game development, but this one has always had the largest number of “fans.” Let’s see the reasons for Unity’s incredible popularity.

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Today, consoles, smartphones, tablets, and personal computers are full-fledged gaming platforms. For gamers – it’s perfect, but for the developers, device fragmentation, difference in operating systems, and compatibility become real challenges. Nevertheless, despite disparities between platforms, there is a tool that can become a great assistant for the developers in dealing with the mentioned problem. Unity is what we are talking about. It has over 1 million registered Unity game developers, and 300,000 of them use it on a regular basis, while 53% of mobile developers utilize it as well.

Unity is a multiplatform tool for developing 2D and 3D applications and games that unites all the necessary and intuitively understandable tools for creating 3D content, as well as thousands of high-quality ready-made models, textures, effects, and scripts. It was initially launched for independent developers and studios. Game development with Unity can help programmers create unique and captivating games that will catch players’ attention at any platform, effectively and quickly.


Unity’s Advantages

Unity game development allows professionals to have countless tools at hand that are all in the same development environment. The more convenient it is for a Unity game developer to orientate in the environment, the more high-grade product one will deliver at the end. Unity makes the programming process simpler, enhances the developers’ capacities, and makes one’s workflow more convenient. This tool is based on C#, which allows using the implemented elements and techniques, and everything the programmer has to do is to apply them in one’s project.

main reasons why to use Unity

Besides, Unity game development implies cross-platform support, which, as we have already mentioned, allows transferring the same code between the platforms with minimal changes. Also, it is easy for a junior Unity developer to figure out how to use the tool because it doesn’t require learning platforms’ specificities or think whether a certain Android version supports the extension or not. Most of the issues are solved by Unity itself.

What is more, the Unity engine isn’t designed for a single specific case but is relatively versatile. Almost any Unity game developer will point out the feature that allows seeing what you’re currently developing, say, you don’t need any additional device, or imagine how everything will look like at the final stage. There is a “window” in which the developer can see the object in the game without leaving the scene and change the required parameter.

The engine is also capable of handling tasks like modeling 3D objects from the real world. After finishing developing your model and setting necessary properties, you can see how it works in different conditions, as well as in action. There is a rendering tool in Unity responsible for changing the picture right at the moment you insert some modifications. Games built with Unity are different thanks to their interaction between objects and the fact that there are built-in scripts for JS and C#. Therefore, you don’t have to learn any of these scripts, but choose one of them and write anything.


List of Popular Games Made with Unity

Actually, there are numerous showcases of Unity’s success, including award-winning games, films, and AR/VR experiences. Though, we will list several games built with Unity to let you know the tool’s coverage:

  • Norman’s Island
  • Temple Run
  • Cycles
  • Osiris: New Dawn
  • Dead Trigger
  • Trinity
  • In the Valley of Gods
  • Escape from Tarkov
  • Cuphead
  • Life of Us

Actually, Unity developer jobs imply working not only in the industry of video games but also in engineering, architecture, art, construction, medicine, education, and automotive areas. Clearly, the Unity developer salary is highly affected by the industry, and the country a professional is working in, but, still, we can answer the question “how much do computer engineers make.” Thus, let’s take a look at the average wages.

Where to use Unity Besides Game Development?


Unity Developer Salary in the US

The country is a major determinant in the formation of a Unity game developer salary, but, in the case of the US, a state also affects the wages. As you might have already understood, the highest average salaries are in San Francisco. Due to the location of Silicon Valley in that area, where there are billions of dollars and millions of outstanding developers, it has to offer competitive salaries to keep up with its status.

unity developer salary in the US

New York $84,200-$108,700
Washington $79,300-$123,540
San Francisco $86,045-$134,040
Seattle $79,975-$106,555
Boston $82,410-$109,800
Austin $71,360-$111,160
Atlanta  $82,670-$120,250

So, how much does it cost to hire a programmer? Evidently, the highest average salaries are in San Francisco, ranging from $86,045 to $134,040. Unity developers get similar salaries in Boston ($82,410-$109,800) and Seattle ($79,975-$106,555). Speaking of New York, the average salary Unity developer for this city will be $84,200-$108,700.

As for Austin and Atlanta, average wages for Unity programmers there are $71,360-$111,160 and $82,670-$120,250, respectively. Unity earnings in Washington are around $79,300-$123,540 on average.


Average Hourly Rate for Unity Freelancers by State

A freelance Unity developer can set up the required hourly rate oneself, and the numbers are considerably different, both within states and inside them. Surely, it depends on the experience and standards of living. In California, for example, the number of remote Unity developer jobs is much higher than in Minnesota. Great competitiveness implies offering higher wages to be able to hire a devoted freelance Unity developer. Such distribution of states’ popularity among programmists is amidst the factors that influence salaries.

Average Hourly Rate for unity freelancers by State

State Total Number of Developers of All Technologies Hourly Rate of Freelance Unity Developer
Washington 143,971 $46
Virginia 204,699 $43
North Carolina 125,937 $40
Massachusetts 141,755 $48
Minnesota 94,211 $43
Georgia 129,145 $48
New Jersey 162,977 $49
California 628,414 $75
Colorado 107,423 $47
Utah 43,842 $42
Connecticut 53,543 $52
Maine 10,758 $42
South Carolina 42,587 $43
New York 218,041 $52
Texas 324,717 $59


The average Unity developer hourly wage in California is the highest, approximately $75. As for Texas ($59), Connecticut ($52), and New York ($52), local specialists’ salary demands are on a similar level. Unity developers in New Jersey are paid $49, in Massachusetts and Georgia — $48, and in Colorado — $47.

The software engineers’ salary is lower in Washington ($46), Virginia ($43), and Minnesota ($43). Unity developer hourly wages in Utah ($42), Maine ($42), and North Carolina ($40) are the lowest wages compared to other states.


Unity Developer Salary in the World (Annual)

Although an IT engineer salary differs across the counties, it doesn’t always mean that developers from a particular region are much worse in the professional means than others. It’s more about the countries’ levels of development and general economic stability. If the average IT salaries in Germany are lower compared to American ones, it is because of the competitiveness on the market and the number of developers.

Unity Developer Salary in the World

USA $92,680
Canada $71,340
Netherlands $53,060
Germany $57,760
UK $57,040
Australia $55,000
Norway $39,490
Denmark $34,567
Spain $24,068
Singapore $35,460
Ukraine $28,800
Poland $28,020
Brazil $14,250
India  $10,060


An average IT engineer salary in the US is the highest in the world, namely $92,680. Yet, Canada ($71,340), Germany ($57,760), and the UK($57,040) are not far away from it either.

The salary of a Unity developer in Australia is $55,000 annually. Speaking of the IT salaries in the Netherlands, local mid-level Unity developers earn $53,060. When looking at the average Unity developer salary in Norway ($39,490), Denmark ($34,567), and Singapore ($35,460), you won’t see a big difference in the numbers.

As for Unity earnings in Ukraine and Poland, local developers make $28,800 and $28,020 correspondingly. The average salary for a Unity developer in Spain is around $24,068. Brazil pays approximately $14,250 per year to mid-level Unity specialists. Meanwhile, the Unity developer salary in India is $10,060 per annum.


Unity Developer Salary Comparison by Big Cities and Experience Level (Annual)

Since experience is among the most critical requirements for a specialist in any area, a junior Unity developer has to realize that the first years in the area are for seeing opportunities and taking advantage of them. Although a junior developer salary in Warsaw and Toronto differ widely, both positions are oriented toward giving knowledge rather than money. However, when it comes to a senior developer salary, there is a wholly contrasting situation. No matter where such a professional resides, he/she will receive a competitive salary, which is usually multiple times higher than the average wage in the country.

Unity Developer Salary Comparison by Big Cities and Experience Level

Junior  Middle  Senior 
San Francisco $56,520 $101,660  $159,210
Toronto $42,200 $62,700 $93,000
Berlin $48,490 $57,030 $65,050
London $45,030 $62,350 $76,210
Warsaw $21,760 $31,070 $47,850
Kyiv $15,000 $27,000 $43,800
Singapore $26,600 $31,040 $53,220
Sydney  $53,000 $55,000 $70,000


  • Unity developer salaries reach up to $159,210 in San Francisco.
  • The average Unity developer salary in Toronto and London is similar, $62,700 and $62,350 correspondingly.
  • In Berlin and Sydney, Unity programmer salary is on the same level as well, $57,030 and $55,000, respectively.
  • Warsaw and Singapore pay $31,070-$31,040 per year to Unity programmers.
  • The average salary Unity developer in Kyiv is $27,000; meanwhile, junior developers earn $15,000 and senior — $43,800


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As you can see, a Unity game developer is a demanded profession on the international market, and the more experience and skills a specialist has, the higher one’s salary will be. The US is the leader in the area because it offers the most competitive wages and engages large numbers of developers to relocate to the country.

The average Unity programmer salary in the world is from $6,637 (India) to $50,923 (the US). Nevertheless, multiple factors affect the mentioned numbers, and they have to be taken into account as well.


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