Outstaffing for Canada as Alternative Way to Expand Your Team

Oksana Zabolotna
HBD at Qubit Labs

Does Canada outsource? IT outsourcing isn’t associated with most of the tech companies in this country. Canada is a progressive tech country with many business opportunities and one of the highest-paying countries worldwide. However, even a tech giant like Canada has faced a talent shortage. According to the Computing Technology Industry Association, Canada’s employers must fill an additional 250,000 technology jobs by 2025. Even the Canadian government needs thousands of technology workers they could not fill. Speaking in numbers, about 30 percent or 7,000 of 21,000 government IT jobs need to be fulfilled.  

Additionally, Canada is the country with one of the most challenging law regulations as far as employment is concerned. So, how can tech companies extend their team quickly? And why payroll outsourcing Canada help companies to solve payment headaches? Let’s find out in our new article.


Legal Issues in Canada for Remote Workers

Many employers know that time is essential when looking for a new employee in another country. Untold sums of money and valuable resources can be lost by a business when an important position remains unfilled for days, weeks, or even months. Therefore, it is essential for employers hiring from abroad to be aware of the timelines for bringing in various foreign workers. According to the Labour Market Opinion, it takes approximately 1 to 2 months to employ a new participant from a foreign country to your company. 

Another issue, the time it takes to hire a foreign worker and have them start working in Canada can vary greatly. The amount of time it takes to process an application can be significantly impacted by factors such as the employee’s nationality and occupation, as well as shifts in the workload and requirements of the government.

How to solve the problems with legal issues and start to cooperate with employees from different countries?

Offshore outsourcing Canada has become a living decision for most tech companies. The tech talent gap is a big challenge for Canada, not because of a lack of specialists, but because of the strict law regulation. That’s why outsourcing payroll for Canada is an extensive benefit for tech companies to simplify hiring new employees. 


What is Outstaffing Canada, and How Does it Work?

Outstaffing is a model when the skill gaps in your company get covered by the remote employees worldwide that work from their motherland and get hired by an outstaffing vendor. The vendor provides your company in Canada with high-quality remote specialists. All specialists work for your company but are officially employed in their own country. Additionally, medical and insurance packages for your employees are organized in their own country. So, you can skip arranging this process and transfer it to your outstaffing company. 

Payroll outsourcing Canada allows you to avoid all issues with the registration of your team, as the Canadian employment system is complicated and strict. It is unlikely that payroll management is an essential part of your business. Because it is not a core function, you will have less time to devote to activities that generate revenue if you spend time and resources on it. Suppose you assign payroll processing to an expert. In that case, you will better utilize your time in areas more closely related to your core business or revenue centers, such as customer service, sales, and marketing.

Payroll management in Canada takes a lot of time and attention, whether you have 10 or 100 employees. However, when you transfer it to a professional vendor, you can save a lot of time. Canada outsourcing payroll seems appealing when considering how much time is spent processing and managing the hiring process in this country. Additionally, if you make a payroll error or receive notice of a random audit, outsourcing payroll can help you avoid unexpected time losses. You can focus on your core operations while your service provider assists you in avoiding these errors.


What Benefits Does Offshore Outsourcing Canada Brings for Tech Companies?

As mentioned before, IT outsourcing Canada is an excellent decision for tech companies to save time and money and avoid headaches with registration and other issues. But let’s take a closer look at even more advantages of Canada IT outsourcing:

  • Easy Hiring 

Outstaffing for Canada is an alternative way to expand your team easily. As your remote specialists work and are employed according to the laws and rules of their country. Additionally, outstaffing companies prefer to hire IT specialists in tech hubs with easy law regulations and affordable taxes. 

  • Easy to Close Vacancies

Outstaffing Canada allows you to close the skill gap in your company a lot quicker. This is because you get a far bigger talent pool than your vendor provides. Hiring specialists in alternative locations with more accessible legal regulations significantly speed up the process. 

  • You Don’t Deal with Payrolls

With payroll outsourcing Canada you focus on your business goals while your outstaffing company takes care of all payroll headaches for your employees. In addition, outstaffing services help companies minimize expenses and quantify visible and hidden costs around payroll management.

  • Cost Savings

Payroll outsourcing Canada can help your business save money. Overhead costs like office space, equipment, and utilities are not your responsibility. Outstaffing Canada can be an appealing option for companies that want to hire IT specialists cost-efficiently. Moreover, the average salaries in alternative locations for hiring are much lower than in Canada. 

  • Better Management 

Outstaffing Canada gives more control and better management over your team. You can effectively manage your hired intelligent teams. After the company hires a remote team for you, you communicate with all participants directly. Or, if you don’t want to manage the team, your vendor will employ a project manager to take care of it.

Based on the many advantages we mentioned, offshore outsourcing for Canada is an excellent decision for tech companies who want to expand their team effectively and cost-efficiently.


Final Thoughts

Compliance with laws, regulations, and mandatory rules is one of the most challenging tasks for small and medium-sized businesses, especially when dealing with foreign governments. Companies may need a thorough understanding of various regulations to avoid breaking the law. This includes keeping up with immigration, anti-discrimination, labor, tax, and insurance laws.

Outstaffing Canada will be your best business opportunity if you cooperate with Qubit Labs. We hire in the top tech hubs with no headaches.


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