The Prospects of Using Offshore Resources for eCommerce Website Development

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By the term offshore resources, we refer to experts in the field of eCommerce, to whom a company can transfer its activities related to website development.

You hire a team of dedicated and experienced developers to work on your project while saving costs and making your business more effective. In the world of sales, it is crucial to be a skilled merchant, but an attractive and responsive website is a game-changer when it comes to eCommerce. Having an advanced set of basic features, chatbots, utilizing AR, and engaging viable promotion strategies are the keys to entering the market and becoming a trusted platform.

However, we understand that it’s quite challenging to be a master of all crafts and be able to establish your own site without experiencing errors. Undoubtedly, there are many tools you can utilize to develop a site, yet, it won’t be as unique and competitive as you wish it was. In particular, when it comes to transactions, clients should pay through your website so you can receive revenue from the platform.

It’s not a secret that the development of an eCommerce website demands large financial investments at each stage. Despite that, you will need to devote a lot of time and resources to launch the website, fix bugs, or implement new features. Qubit Labs has vast experience in finding top-notch offshore resources for any project, and we can assure you that transferring eCommerce website development would bring immense contribution to your project’s success. In this article, we plan to give you a couple of useful insights regarding applying offshore resources to develop an eCommerce website.

the prospects of using offshore resources for ecommerce website development

Shared Responsibility

As we have mentioned above, when implementing the offshore resource, you agree on the terms and conditions, as well as the impact and responsibilities shared while outsourcing. Although this might sound complicated, it moderates risk exposure because the service provider will be obliged to deliver adequate quality results and take responsibility for mitigating any negative consequences. Thus, your company will have one less area to worry about because the offshore resources will be in charge.

Ready-to-go talent pool

You can recruit offshore resources from all over the world and choose upper-class developers for your team. There is no need to focus solely on local talents anymore because you can enter the world market and cooperate with employees that would implement an alternative view on your project. Besides, you won’t have to take care of recruitment-related activities and other administrative tasks because an offshore development center implies having a team of professionals in every significant area.

All-round development

eCommerce Website Development is not only about functionality and its implementation but also paying attention to the small details that significantly affect the website’s future work. Cooperating with offshore resources will give you confidence in the platform’s streamlined performance and usability by creating a unique design, providing integration with any business management systems, and deploying it to your server. Also, they guarantee technical support, so if there are any problems, they will be fixed promptly.

Budget options

It is great when you can decide which professional you want to work with based on the average salaries in one’s region. Also, there are different payment methods, like hourly-based or a fixed cost given for a certain amount of work. This prospect allows you to enjoy one of the finest benefits of offshore resources, which is undoubtedly forward-looking because you can invest the saved money into the project’s promotion.

Focus on the project

When you are fully engaged in the development of your eCommerce website, sometimes, you wish you had ten hands or more than 24 hours in a day, right? Offshore resources will help you out in “conforming to the wishes” and become your reliable employees that take on the most complicated tasks. Thanks to such a division of responsibilities, you have time and assets to concentrate on analyzing the market or thinking about efficient marketing strategies while the professionals make your website shine.

Trends to Follow in Offshore Resources for eCommerce Website Development in 2021

The ever-changing environment affects the market, which starts to shift to meet new demands. Actually, it is expected to reach $5 trillion in 2021. Thus, all the merchants have to stay updated to keep an upper hand in the area of eCommerce website development. Offshore resources will be accountable for monitoring the updates and applying them to the projects to prevent you from headaches when implementing all the emerging functions into your platform. Now, let’s do a quick overview of the trends you should keep in mind this year.

  • Enhanced personalization. Having vast search filters, instant chats, and try-ons will increase customer engagement multiple times because of the website’s convenience and responsiveness count for a lot. Also, don’t miss loyalty programs because they help to build a deeper connection with the customers and make them want to return to your site. Some altruistic features, like delivery using less plastic, will also make your platform stand out.
  • Utilization of AR and virtual services. When looking at the picture, you don’t always understand how the product would look in real life, and that’s when AR enters the play. Your offshore resource can develop an app that will allow visualizing objects to see how they would look in their rooms. Moreover, you can engage in virtual consultations, providing a showroom experience.
  • Consideration of social commerce. One can not overestimate social media’s role in the modern world because the number of influencers is enormous. You can focus on integrations with bloggers from Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to interact with a larger audience to promote your services or products.
  • Implementation of creative ads. It is crucial to think outside the box and pay attention to different marketplaces. The offshore resource can create advertisements that will be shown in delivery apps or, in contrast, on the sites of large brands like Walmart or Amazon. Moreover, filters on Snapchat or Instagram can boost the conversion too.
  • Engagement of storytelling. When the product is placed like any other average good, the clients won’t have the desire to click on it. However, if there is a great visual representation, which includes your brand’s characteristics and shows how it can resolve the client’s problem, you will create an emotional connection. It will help to earn credibility and make customers truly believe that they are valuable for your organization.

Therefore, offshore resources are valuable for any merchant who aims to focus on a broad market and stay up-to-date with the area’s emerging trends. eCommerce website development is a responsible task that will positively affect your website’s future, so it would be forward-looking to transfer it to an offshore development center for the professionals to handle it. In case you came up with the idea of an eCommerce website but don’t know yet how to implement it correctly, Qubit Labs will readily help you find reliable offshore resources. Just contact us, and we will explore how to make your project succeed.


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