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CRM developer salary is something many people want to know, and this fact is not surprising. Modern businesses face unique challenges in an incredibly competitive digital space. One of the biggest challenges is to generate leads and turn them into loyal clients when a modern client wants more than just a high-quality service or product. The thing is that they expect businesses to deliver ideal customer service and to resolve the problem, companies had to adapt to the CRM quickly.

However, you might want to learn more about CRM developer salary and what these professionals do before you decide to hire one. Here, you are going to find all the important information.


What Does a CRM Developer Do?

To understand what such an expert does, you should figure out what CRM is in the first place. This is a customer relationship management, which is a sort of digital platform utilized by companies to store and organize client, prospect, and staff data. Thanks to this, it is possible to visualize the relationship between people and the business, with a variety of features to help attract new clients and retain the existing ones. The goal is to make interactions smoother and more efficient, and this improves the client`s relationship with the organization.

CRM developers do everything according to the requirements of the business and use a variety of processes, tools, and workflows that are specific to that organization. Even though there are a lot of pre-built CRM systems, they are not able to cover bespoke functionality. This is where these experts shine by bringing in unique plugins, modules, and integrations to ideally align with the needs of a company.

CRM expert will do the following:

  • These people can help companies store, track, and organize customer data. One of the main responsibilities of such an expert is to help businesses with their customer service. They collect information from client habits and shift it to a server where it is further managed and analyzed. This saves space on other servers that belong to the company and puts all data in one accessible place. The professionals can tap into different databases and make sure that all information is up-to-date and legible. All businesses should analyze their customer data so that they can deliver the best service possible. A CRM developer salary is competitive because these experts can predict trends for the future and maintain consistency with service.
  • These professionals utilize a variety of software tools. Just like any other good programmer, the experts utilize different software to monitor behavior. They remove digital roadblocks so that businesses can sell more in a short time. Microsoft Dynamics 365 happens to be an essential program for CRM integration, and it is created for client relationship management. It makes it possible for programmers to compile important data easily and harness data for future use.
  • They utilize CRM lead generation. Leads imply potential customers in business, which means that businesses never stop looking for more leads to succeed. If you hire CRM developers, they will increase lead generation with the help of methods, such as measuring call metrics, interacting via SMS, and sending faxes.

Before learning CRM developer salary rates, you should also figure out more about the basic skills of these professionals:

  • Organization and time management skills so that they can successfully meet deadlines.
  • Fluency in one or more programming languages, like JavaScript.
  • Communication skills so that they can discuss customer needs effectively and let them know about challenges, changes, or updates to the CRM system.
  • Teamwork and collaborative skills to effectively work in a team environment.
  • Problem-solving skills to deal with bugs or faults in coding.
  • Great knowledge of how frameworks, databases, and other accessibility features function on a CRM system.


What Is CRM Developer Salary Like?

In general, a CRM developer salary is quite competitive, which means that more and more people are willing to become professionals in this field. At the same time, salary can range widely depending on a variety of factors, including certification, education, the number of years an expert has spent in the profession, and additional skills. Below, you can find more information about their salary in top outsourcing locations in Eastern European countries and the Caucasus Region.


Salesforce CRM Developer Salary

Salesforce CRM Developer Salary

But who is a salesforce developer? This is a special type of computer programmer whose task is to write software on the Salesforce platform or a different piece of cloud technology. The responsibilities can range from developing apps to creating websites, so these experts must be able to work with computer code such as HTML and JavaScript daily.

Country Taxes Junior Middle Senior
Ukraine 6% $1000-1800 $2000-4000 $4200-6500
Azerbaijan 12% $900-1600 $1800-3500 $3700-5500
Kazakhstan 12% $1000-1800 $1800-3700 $4000-5500
Georgia 1% $1000-1800 $2000-3800 $4000-6500
Romania 16% $1300-2200 $2500-4000 $4000-6000
Bulgaria 10% $900-1700 $1900-3700 $4000-5600
Moldova 12% $900-1500 $1800-3500 $3700-5500
Poland 9% $1200-2500 $3000-5000 $5200-7000

As you can see, you can hire a professional from any country you like because there are a few options. At the same time, a Salesforce CRM developer salary differs from one place to another. There are also junior, middle, and senior professionals. It means that if you decide to hire an expert from Poland, you will have to pay the highest salesforce CRM developer salary which would range from 3000 to 5000 dollars for a middle specialist. Such a great difference also implies that you can hire an outstanding expert for a lower cost.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Salary

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Salary

Microsoft Dynamics happens to be a suite of resource planning and customer relationship management applications. This kind of specialist creates and customizes apps and software for their customers. It means that the responsibilities of these professionals focus on assessing the operation and IT needs of a business or company. The experts also create extensions that will be used with existing applications. In addition to that, they are required to test the developments on a company`s network and integrate them with the current systems. The specialists tend to work in a cloud-based environment or with SQL servers.

Country Taxes Junior Middle Senior
Ukraine 6% $1000-1800 $2000-3700 $4000-5500
Azerbaijan 12% $800-1700 $1900-3500 $3800-5000
Kazakhstan 12% $800-1700 $1800-3500 $3800-5000
Georgia 1% $800-1600 $1800-3500 $3700-5000
Romania 16% $1100-2000 $2300-3900 $4200-5345
Bulgaria 10% $1000-2000 $2200-3500 $3800-5200
Moldova 12% $800-1500 $1900-3400 $3800-4800
Poland 9% $1200-2500 $3000-4700 $5000-6700

Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer salary can also be different depending on the chosen country and the level of professionalism. So, if you need a senior developer from Moldova, you will have to pay from 3800 to 4800 dollars. However, hiring a professional of the same level from Georgia can be a bit cheaper.


Hubspot CRM Developer Salary

Hubspot CRM Developer Salary

Hubspot CRM developers are required to develop and maintain the technology solution to make sure that the tools are customized and properly integrated. Their responsibilities also include developing reports and workflows that track client activity within a certain period to see trends in needs and behavior. Thanks to this, they figure out the opportunities for improvement. These experts must be able to map the client journey across every technology tool included in CRM solution, for example, DealHub, Hubsoft, DemandBase, PartnerStack, etc.

Country Taxes Junior Middle Senior
Ukraine 6% $900-2000 $2200-4000 $4200-6400
Azerbaijan 12% $700-1700 $1800-3600 $3800-5500
Kazakhstan 12% $700-1600 $1800-3600 $3800-5400
Georgia 1% $800-1800 $1900-3600 $3800-5400
Romania 16% $1000-2000 $2200-4000 $4200-6600
Bulgaria 10% $800-1800 $1800-3600 $3800-5200
Moldova 12% $800-1600 $1700-3200 $3400-4800
Poland 9% $1000-2200 $2400-4200 $4400-6800

 The amount of money this kind of expert receives is very similar to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer salary, but it also varies from one country to another. That is why you will have to pay from 900 to 2000 dollars if you hire a junior from Ukraine, for instance.


Why Choose These Locations to Find the Best CRM Developer?

You might ask why the approximate salaries are only mentioned for a few countries in the tables mentioned above. The thing is that in the modern, fast-paced business world it is critical to stay innovative and competitive. Having many years of experience in offering IT outstaffing services, we have witnessed the great power of hiring specialists from these countries. They are a goldmine for companies seeking to elevate their operations and to succeed.

While there are a lot of reasons why you should choose the best developers from these countries, we will mention just a few of them:

  1.     Large talent pool. One of the main advantages is that there, you can find an impressive number of talented developers. If you decide to go for IT outstaffing, you will tap into a pool of skilled experts who have a lot of experience in this area.
  2.     Time zone. The time zone difference between the mentioned countries and Western countries is minor, which means that it is easier for professionals to deal with clients. Therefore, your team and the hired specialists will be able to communicate with one another and solve problems quickly.
  3.     Cost-efficiency. Companies always do their best to save money, and outstaffing to these countries can help. Paying a CRM developer salary to someone from Ukraine can be more cost-effective than hiring and training new staff to deliver the same result. The thing is that it is less expensive to get an expert who already has the required skills for a certain task. In addition to that, your company can save a lot of benefits and office space. Besides, paying a Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer salary to someone from Poland will be much cheaper compared to salaries in the United States.
  4.     English proficiency. English is regarded as a universal language that allows people to communicate globally, and these countries are known for their good proficiency in the language. It means that you can be sure that the barrier to collaborating effectively will be removed, and you and the hired expert will understand each other.
  5.     Tech ecosystem. These countries are not only home to some of the best IT talents, but they also offer a thriving environment for tech businesses of all sizes. Many successful startups were launched there because those countries have some of the most beneficial regulations for that.
  6.     Experience working for foreign markets. These countries have enough experience in working for foreign markets, which can significantly simplify things.
  7.     Cultural similarity with Western markets. The influence of Western culture has had an impact on business etiquette there, which means that they apply a similar approach to business practices as seen in Western Europe and North America. It contrasts with a lot of other countries, where cultural differences can result in communication and cooperation challenges. Moreover, developers in these countries understand Western regulations and laws, which implies that there will be fewer compliance issues for customers from these regions.


Why Choose Qubit Labs?

Qubit Labs is a successful outstaffing company that has been on the market long enough to provide you with the services you need. We know everything about developers, CRM developer salary rates, and how to choose the best experts.

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If you allow us to pick a specialist or a team of specialists for you, you can be sure that you will work with the most talented and experienced individuals. We will also take care of other processes such as payroll and taxes, which means that you will only have to state your requirements and work directly with your team. Qubit Labs will do the rest and provide you with HR management, onboarding, retention, replacement, and relocation if needed.


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