SQL Developer Salary Worldwide in 2022: An Overview

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Updated – October 5, 2022

The demand for SQL developers continues to rise because this is a general-purpose programming language that enables an effective interaction with Bid Data. It has a well-defined structure and follows established standards. Almost all databases use SQL, and some of them include the abbreviation of this programming language in their name. These include Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, to name a few.

The current job market is full of offers for skilled SQL programmers, so it’s necessary to be aware of the average SQL database developer salary in the world to stay competitive. Qubit Labs is here to help you understand the situation in the industry and be able to attract top SQL programmers to your dedicated development team.


SQL Developer Salary in USA by Experience Level

Different sources mention contrasting numbers, for example, according to Zippia, a mid-level SQL developer salary in the US is around $91,000 per year.


Source: Zippia

Meanwhile, as per PayScale, this number reaches  $76,529per annum.

developer salary

Source: PayScale

So, to understand the SQL programmer salary you’ll pay to your developers, it’s necessary to take into account the state. The wages in, say, San Francisco and Atlanta differ several times. That’s why we have selected some of the most rapidly developing tech hubs of the US to see the average SQL developer salary in USA for each experience level. 

SQL Developer Salary in USA by Experience Level

Junior Middle Senior
Atlanta $55,327 $91,211 $118,400
New York $70,000 $110,000 $121,425
Chicago $58,900 $98,100 $110,344
San Francisco $61,325 $119,890 $123,000
Washington $59,144 $110,386 $112,880
Austin $53,855 $109,766 $112,000
Seattle $59,133 $111,641 $116,533


  • In Atlanta, a junior SQL developer salary is around $55,327. Meanwhile, mid-level programmers earn$91,211 per annum and the most experienced ones—$118,400.
  • SQL developer salary NYC and in the whole state ranges between $70,000 and $121,425 per year. At the same time, the average SQL engineer salary in New York is $110,000.
  • As for Chicago, an entry level SQL developer salary there is around $58,900, and the average pay reaches $98,100 per year. A senior-level SQL specialist in Chicago makes $110,344
  • San Francisco is the highest-paid state with the most attractive SQL developer salary range. A junior SQL developer salary in the state is $61,325, a mid-level—$119,890, and senior developers earn $123,000 per annum.
  • Washington pays a JR SQL developer salary of $59,144 per year. Meanwhile, the average pay for SQL development in the state is $110,386. A senior SQL developer salary in Washington reaches $112,880
  • In Austin, the average SQL database developer salary is $109,766 As for entry-level SQL specialists, they are paid $53,855 per year and seniors—$112,000.
  • Seattle offers the SQL entry level salary of $59,133 per annum. Meanwhile, mid-level SQL specialists make $111,641 and senior programmers earn $116,533 per year.


The Average Annual SQL Database Developer Salary in the World

When comparing SQL engineer salary in the world, we have decided to settle for the average numbers. There are many factors, like the availability of additional skills, additional qualifications, and the company’s size and specialization, to name a few, that affect the wages. 

For example, as per Talent.com, the average SQL database developer salary reaches $66,403 per year.  

At the same time, Australia pays the average SQL server developer salary of $74,674 on an annual basis.

To make things more clear, let’s take a closer look at the average SQL developer salary in the world’s flourishing IT hubs

SQL Database Developer Salary in the world

USA $91,000
UK $73,000
Canada $69,112
Australia $75,000
Germany $60,899
Finland $52,113
Singapore $61,550
Israel $90,358
Ukraine $20,000
India $10,000


  • The average SQL developer salary in USA is $87,000 per year.
  • In the UK, a mid-level SQL programmer salary reaches $71,560.
  • Canada pays the average SQL server developer salary of $65,470 per annum.
  • SQL engineer salary for mid-level programmers in Australia is $73,950.
  • Germany offers an average SQL developer salary of $59,160 a year.
  • In Finland, the annual SQL database developer salary reaches $50,440.
  • Singapore pays the average SQL server developer salary of $55,660.
  • The average SQL developer salary range in Israel is $88,900.
  • In Ukraine, the annual SQL developer salary is $18,000 on average. 
  • India pays the average annual SQL engineer salary of $10,000. 


Freelance SQL Developer Salary in the World’s IT Hubs

It’s often when the companies opt for the services of freelance SQL developers instead of hiring in-house or outsourced specialists. Usually, this option is more expensive than the others, so to make our comparison of the average SQL developer salary worldwide and save your time, here are the average hourly rates of freelance SQL programmers:

Freelance SQL Developer Salary in the world

Los Angeles $100
London $80
Toronto $80
Copenhagen $63
Seoul $55
Amsterdam $55
Stockholm $50
Barcelona $45
Tokyo $35
Taipei $30


  • The highest freelance SQL database developer salary is in Los Angeles $100 per hour.
  • In London, the hourly SQL developer rate is $80.
  • Toronto pays $80/hour as the freelance SQL server developer salary.
  • The average hourly rates for SQL programmers in Copenhagen are around $63.
  • In Seoul and Amsterdam, the hourly SQL engineer salary is the same—$55.
  • Stockholm pays $50 per hour to freelance SQL developers.
  • The average SQL freelance hourly rates in Barcelona and Tokyo are similar—$45 and $35 correspondingly.
  • Taipei takes tenth place in the mentioned table, offering the average SQL programmer salary of $30 per hour. 


SQL’s Popularity

According to the most recent research, SQL is the third most popular web development language. After questioning 57,378 respondents, it was found that 54,7% of them prefer SQL over other programming languages. As for the professional developers, this number reaches 56,9%. 

Actually, it’s not surprising because data use and processing are critical for the IT industry, and SQL helps to facilitate these activities, allowing to deal with terabytes of generated data.  

sql popularity compared to other popular programming languages


What are the advantages of using SQL?

In general, SQL is a powerful tool that allows users, programs, and computing systems to access the information stored in relational databases. The most significant benefits of SQL are the following:

  • Allows users to describe data
  • Allows users to define and manage data in the database.
  • Allows embedding into other languages using SQL modules, libraries, and pre-compilers.
  • Allows users to create and delete databases and tables.
  • SQL is easy to use in applications that need to access databases. The same SQL statements are used for both interactive and program access
  • With the help of SQL, it is possible to represent such a data structure that a particular user will see it in various representations


Wrapping Up

As you can see, SQL has several significant advantages and is sought-after on the market. If you want to attract top-tier specialists, it’s essential to offer them a competitive SQL developer salary. According to our research, the highest rates for this programming language are in the US and Western Europe. 

However, you can opt for outsourcing and pay less money while receiving high-quality services.

In case you’re new to outsourcing software development, let Qubit Labs help you. We are experienced in this field and have several successful corporations in our portfolio. So, don’t hesitate to contact us and start turning your ideas into promising projects.


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