List of Top Software Development Companies in Germany

List of Top Software Development Companies in Germany

Just a few years ago web development consisted of a framework with some text on the pages, and you were ready to go. Thus, no special skills were needed. Nowadays, when there are lots of similar business types, people are more mobile and all their data slowly travels to the cloud, a need in a full web-based software has become a reality.
So, which software development company in Germany can provide these services? Let’s dwell on the best web dev companies in this region, their advantages and prices.

Mobiteam5$25 - $4910 - 492014Heikonaut, E-Medicus, Martely, Ininterior, DocDok.Health
X1 Group5Undisclosed50 - 2492010Kauferportal, iFunded, Rautenberg Media, Kreditech, Finiata, Budget Energie
Qubit Labs5$25 - $3521 - 802015NanoReality, InsuranceMenu,, Roomeze, TraxGo, Drastic Fun
Zignuts Technolab4,9$25 - $4910 - 492012Xkeeper, Comedie, Shipowner, Quickkonnect, DiPos
Studio Humm4,9$100 - $1492 - 92017Oracle, Solvemate, EyeEm, The Estate
Ape Unit4,8$100 - $14910 - 492010Finsbury ImmobilienScout24,, Monotype, Montblanc, Statoil
Instinctools4,6$25 - $49250 - 9992000 Daimler, Fujitsu, SAP, Burda Digital, EnBW, Heinrich Schmid
Inpsyde4,5$150 - $19910 - 492006Smashing Magazine, Mercedes Benz, Bernina, ZDF, SAP, PayPal
Lean Apps4,5 $25 - $4950 - 2492013Allianz, Infinia, Stabilo, KRA-MIS, BMW, P&G
Cocomore AG4,3$50 - $9950 - 2492000Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, PwC, SCA

1. Mobiteam


Mobiteam is a web development company from Germany, Berlin. This agency has been operating on the market for 8 years now, and now they can boast about its numerous clients like CyberSecurity Awareness, Feeco International, wpmatic and others. Mobiteam focuses on creating solutions for e-commerce – web development, creating web portals, landings and catalogs.
Mobiteam rating on is 5.


2. X1 Group


One more web development company in Germany is X1 Group. Besides office in Berlin, they have development centers in Eastern Europe. What are their services? X1 Group specialize in custom software development, mobile app and web development. Their target audience are SMBs in financial industry.
X1 Group rating on is 5.

3. Qubit Labs


If you’re looking for web development services in Germany, you can address Qubit Labs. This company offers IT staffing services to set up remote dedicated teams. The candidate pool consists experienced specialists with the huge background as well as of young and energetic engineers who have their minds free of industry clichés and patterns. Such a combination allows to build and grow truly awesome teams, that create innovative solutions. If you want to accelerate your business, get remote development team in Ukraine faster than ever before, save up to 60% by hiring dedicated developers. And at the same time retain control at every stage by managing your developers directly, consider dedicated team model.
Team of high-qualified recruiters pre-screen and send you best candidates, and you interview and approve developers, which will join your team. Qubit Labs run back-office and all HR processes. You are always welcome to visit your developers, work in our office for as long as you need!
Qubit Labs rating on GoodFirms is 5, – 4,8.

4. Zignuts Technolab

Zignuts Technolab mainly delivers web dev projects for small and mid-market businesses. As lots of other software development companies in Germany, they provide full range of services needed for application creation: analysis, development, branding, design, build, deployment, and aftermarket support. Zignuts Technolab’s top experience is in tourism, leisure, entertainment, business and financial services.

5. Studio Humm

studio humm

This a full-cycle digital transformation agency that provides all types of services for business – web development, design and even strategy for promotion your website or app in the internet.
“Whether it’s building a brand, designing a social campaign, or developing a website, our approach emphasises clarity and exceptional aesthetic quality.”
Studio Humm rating on is 4,9.

6. Ape Unit

ape unit
Ape Unit is a small design and development agency located in Berlin. They build outstanding applications by putting UI/UX engineering and graphic design prior to technical design and development, and their web applications are truly intuitive user-friendly. Ape Unit works with small to mid-size businesses on information technology, e-commerce, and geolocation projects.
Ape Unit rating on is 4,8.

7. Instinctools


This web design and development agency covers the demand in programmers in Germany. This company can boast about cooperation with Daimler, Fujitsu, Burda Digital, etc. Among their main technologies there are Java, Python, Go, PHP, and Ruby on Rails.
Instinctools has got such awards as and GoodFirms.
Instinctools rating on is 4,6.

8. Inpsyde


Inpsyde is a 10-year old custom web software development company with strong knowledge in both older ‘Internet 1.0’ technologies and cutting-edge contemporary tech. Inpsyde is not only a development company, but they also offer all possible services for web presence such as consulting and conception, audit, content management and migration, ghostwriting, image management, to help your business achieve a great place on the web.
Inpsyde rating on is 4,5.

9.Lean Apps

lean apps

If you’re looking for fast development solutions, Lean Apps is the right place. It takes them only six weeks to launch your idea. They help their clients with digital strategies, UI/UX design, front-end and back-end development. In addition, Lean Apps offers data analytics services.
Lean Apps rating on is 4,5.

10. Cocomore AG


Cocomore AG specializes in the development of IT and communication custom web software. One of the key features of Cocomore is good knowledge of web-based customer-managed communication and management (DCRM) systems. Other usual web-based projects Cocomore has delivered are CRMs, BPMs, SEO and SEA, performance marketing applications, and lots of diverse E-Commerce products.
Cocomore AG rating on is 4,3.


Literally, almost any kind of software can be web-based. This means, that you don’t need to download, install, and setup anything. Instead, you simply use your usual web browser to access the information and/or functionality you need. As this approach requires a lot of expertise, we have gathered some of the best web-based software development companies in Germany, that are able to deliver anything your business might need.

If you need a piece of a web-based software, a web-system or a complex website with a huge amount of coding, and are searching for a reliable partner in Germany, this list will be handy for you. We made sure to mention all the companies, studios and teams based in Germany or having office locations in this country, that can help you throughout the whole process of designing, building, and supporting a web application from scratch.

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