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The popularity of JavaScript continues to rise year after year, being one of the most promising modern programming languages. It has numerous scripts that allow you to create engaging interfaces, facilitate the development of web-applications,

and make your websites interactive and user-friendly. There are multiple JavaScript frameworks that are being launched and updated every day. Thus, it might be challenging for the users to understand which one among thousands of JS frameworks will correspond with their project requirements.

To avoid getting lost in the JavaScript library list when choosing the most suitable for your object, you should consider several factors. These might include specific requirements of your project or advantages and drawbacks of the framework. Prior to starting the realization of your web application, it would be impactful to conduct an analysis to select the top JS library. In this article, we will have a look at the most popular JavaScript libraries and define the advantages of implementing JavaScript frameworks into the development process.

What are JavaScript Libraries?

JavaScript libraries and frameworks are the tools for building dynamic web, mobile, or desktop apps using JavaScript programming language. Usually, developers implement them in cases when it is challenging or too long to solve the task with the usual instruments. Mostly, JavaScript technologies are utilized to write so-called Single Page Applications. Such tools are efficient when developing both full-fledged websites and functional modules. A library is a structured set of useful functions. Usually, it allows reducing the development time multiple times, allowing professionals not to worry about small details.

As for JavaScript frameworks, they are like carcasses of the application, which require developers to build the app’s architecture following a specific logic. Any framework provides functional like events, repositories, and data linking. Usually, these definitions change under the context. However, the distinction between the mentioned concepts is rather vague. A framework can contain a library, while a library can carry out framework-like methods.

Now, when we have addressed the question “what is a JavaScript library,” let’s see a couple of its benefits for the developers:

  • top JavaScript libraries significantly reduce the time and effort spent in the process of building a website
  • among the most significant JavaScripts effects is that it offers instant feedback from the users who engage with your website at a specific moment;
  • you can easily implement single-page applications
  • the amount of code decreases, and it is clear, which is positively reflected at the development speed and troubleshooting
  • the most popular JavaScript libraries imply having a structure of the app, which provides the modularity of an application, making it easier for several developers to work on the same project

JavaScript libraries are among the most preferred platforms for creating top-notch SPAs, social media, eCommerce products, and SaaS platforms. Without the use of frameworks, one can barely picture modern web creation. Certainly, there still are organizations that tend to use classic JavaScript, but in those cases, the speed and expense for implementation rise considerably. As a result, specialists have built up many frameworks to decrease the complexity of the classic version of this programming language. Further, we will explore the top JavaScript libraries to clarify their advantages and opportunities.

The benefits of JavaScript libraries: time, feedback, implementation, code, structure, web

List of JavaScript Libraries That are Sought-After Among Developers


It’s considered the top JS library, which is preferred by 43,3% of developers worldwide. jQuery has revolutionized the programming in the means of the client-based part of the web applications by involving CSS selectors to access the nodes of the DOM tree. A small-sized distributive, low threshold entry, well-organized documentation, easy scalability, and laconic syntax are the factors that make the developers choose it over other web development libraries. Moreover, you can use “Philter” or another JavaScript plugin in this framework.


This one is also on top of other JavaScript libraries because 35,5% of developers opt for it. It became that sought-after thanks to its flexibility, simplicity of migration between versions, and unidirectional data transmission. Also, it utilizes virtual DOM and JSX, which expands the syntax of a standard JS. The development with the usage of React.js provides great SEO optimization because it is more convenient for bots to look through the websites based on this framework.

This framework was initially developed for creating single-page applications. It has a low threshold entry, so even a junior software developer can write his/her first simple apps within a short period. It stands out among popular JS libraries thanks to two-way data binding and steady work with Google. When using the mentioned framework, there will be a minimal risk of errors.


Vue.js is a light modern framework that is used for developing user interfaces. It offers a view layer based on virtual DOM, which can be easily integrated with other JavaScript libraries, as well as into the project, which is already under development. It has an open-source code and helps to make the interface more user-friendly. Vue.js has a simple integration process, which can be easily learned. Also, it is adjustable within a shorter time than React or Angular.


Mostly, Node.js operates as a web server, but its capabilities aren’t limited to this. With its help, you can create window applications, and, sometimes, it is implemented in microcontroller programming. It allows you to send multiple requests at a time and independently create single tools. With Node.js, you can develop a website more rapidly than with other programming languages. Moreover, it is more web-oriented.

Most Popular JavaScript Libraries


Being an analog of heavyweight frameworks, this one is rightfully listed among popular JS libraries because it can be integrated into other projects. However, many developers prefer calling it a framework. Although it is lightweight, you still have to add the necessary functions with your code or by third-party plugins. It is considered to be among the first frameworks to implement the MVC model. It is compact, has excellent documentation, and is utilized in the development of many applications like Trello, LinkedIn, and WordPress.


This framework is oriented at developing client components of web applications. One of its specificities is that it takes place among front-end JavaScript frameworks. It allows creating full-fledged apps without the need to apply additional JavaScript technologies. Ember.js offers a single solution for client-based apps and has adequate backward compatibility.


Knockout.js is an MVVM framework that implements observables for monitoring the interface’s state. It expands HTML syntax, and the components of the created app are described briefly and succinctly. This framework provides sufficient support for browsers and has well-developed documentation.


The eight JavaScript libraries and frameworks listed above prove the popularity of JavaScript and show that they can significantly facilitate the developers’ tasks. To choose the library that will fit into your project, it is necessary to define your tasks and goals. After that, you can select the most appropriate one that will satisfy your business needs from the JavaScript libraries list.

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