Top 30+ Web Development Companies

Oksana Zabolotna
HBD at Qubit Labs

Our lives have become so completely intertwined with technology and dependent on the internet that we can hardly imagine a business not having a website or even an app giving us access to the business’ activity at the tips of our fingers.

Chances are, each of us personally knows at least one IT professional, as this career path has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years.

So you either know someone who works for a software development company or has used the services of one. But what exactly should one expect of such a company and what functions can it perform?

The primary scope of work for a web development company comes down to developing ideas for, designing, creating and maintaining websites and applications. The company should be able to take care of the code, the web design, of project management, hosting and maintenance for you. Most software development companies will do content management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and even marketing and advertising.

Let’s take a look at a couple of types of soft-dev companies based on their location.


  • Local companies


From the sound of it, one can make out that these companies are located where you are. These two subtypes have completely different styles when it comes to pitching and marketing themselves, but the locality of their business reach does unite them in many ways.

Big agencies

Big agencies make their money on very high billing levels. There are several levels of staff they will offer you and all of their hours will be billed, sometimes in a very unrepresentative way in terms of experience and expertise levels of developers involved and what levels of those the job actually required.

The big agencies have instant credibility however and large businesses will always flock to the big guys for the feeling of safety and out of little restraint in resources.

Boutique companies

Boutique companies usually survive on referrals and this means the stakes of every job are much higher for them, hence the developers will always be a little more invested in your project. It’s worth mentioning that the fees of a boutique company will also be lower than that of a big agency.

Both of these, however, are limited in terms of the talent pool. They need to hire most of their employees locally and that sometimes is problematic if the company isn’t located in a megapolis. If that’s the case, then be sure to expect a significant price rise, too, regardless of whether it’s a big or a small enterprise.


  • Outsourced companies


Hiring an outsourced company in most scenarios means that the whole company is located overseas or there’s a local representative where you are and they manage the dedicated team that is still someplace else.

The key to a successful partnership here is to establish a clear, transparent and effective communication flow to tackle all the potential complications like time zones, working hours and company and interpersonal culture. Thankfully, there are plenty of online tools today aimed specifically at making remote work and communication smooth and productive. You can read more on that in our articles on effective communication with offshore developers and how to work with your remote team across time zones productive.

The cost of hiring offshore will most likely be lower than both big and boutique development companies you’d find on your local market. This is connected with a lot of expenses offshore dev companies don’t have to deal with.

Plus, a lot of times the company would be outsourcing in places where the cost of living is generally lower by international standards, so the fees don’t need to be through the roof.

The obvious advantage here, of course, is a world-wide talent pool that an offshore software development company can hire from. Simply having access to more high-quality developers than there are just in your area is an advantage many businesses value and seek.

Here are the Top 30+ Web Development Companies by Countries


Qubit Labs

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine; Tallinn, Estonia; Toronto, Canada

Type: Mid-size agency, offshore

About & services: Qubit Labs build dedicated teams in Ukraine and expand into BPO services, turnkey ODC setup finding smart and cost-effective solutions to all kinds of businesses across the globe. Additionally, you can rely on Qubit Labs for Consulting, IT Staffing, Project Management, Talent Mapping and Tech Support in areas like AI, Big Data, IoT and Web Design.

Qubit Labs offshore software development center banner



Location: US, Canada

Type: Web development

About & services: Webisoft is a digital transformation and product development consulting firm with a core of marketing, design, sales, and software development expertise.


LaunchPad Lab 

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Type: Boutique

About & services: With backgrounds ranging from engineering to law, LaunchPad Lab creates custom mobile and web applications designed for all devices and built to scale.

LaunchPad Lab Web Development Company


Location: Draper, Utah

Type: Big agency, offers offshore

About & services: Zibtek is a leading software development consultancy company that provides IT staff augmentation services including, project management, web and mobile development, UI/UX Design, Digital marketing, QA automation, dev ops, and support services.

Zibtek Web Development Company


Location: North Andover, Massachusetts

Type: Boutique

About & services: Isovera is a hip and small software development company that relies heavily on the image they create for the clients, hence valuing the high-quality delivery across the services they offer and platforms they work with.

Isovera Web Development Company


Location: McMinnville, Oregon

Type: Boutique, staff local to the US

About & services: A custom software development agency making web, mobile, and enterprise applications, focusing on helping organizations meet their digital objectives for web, mobile, cloud, desktop, or enterprise-wide efforts.

Buildable will offer Web apps, Cloud hosting, Mobile apps, Design sprints, Data visualization, Machine learning, Desktop apps, Integrations and Business analytics in all the basic languages like C#, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, SQL, Shell scripts/

Buildable Web Development Company

RoleModel Software

Location: Holly Springs, North Carolina

Type: Boutique, onshore team of 20+

About & services: RealModel can be your full service software development partner. They’ve been in business for 20+ years and have a very personal approach to their client and provide very tailored services.

RoleModel Software Web Development Company


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Type: Boutique, employees all over the US

About & services: This small development company offers a hip and innovative approach to all of their services which include Product strategy, UI/UX Design and App development. They specialize in iOS, Android, Web frontend, and Web Backend.

DevScale Web Development Company




Cheesecake Labs

Location: Florianópolis, Brasil + San Francisco, California, USA

Type: Boutique, onshore team of 20+

About & services: Cheesecake Labs is a leading technology company, founded by friends, that builds and transforms businesses through strategy, design and development. Today the Cakers offer Full-stack Engineering, UI/UX Design and Decision Support on their part.

Cheesecake Labs Web Development Company

Baires Dev

Location: São Paulo, Brazil + several offices across North America & Europe

Type: Big agency

About & services: Having offices scattered across the Americas, Baires Dev offers bilingual developers from the top 1% of the world’s IT talent to take care of your project. They offer world-class software product development services from requirements and systems analysis, architecture and design to development, testing, migration, and deployment.

Baires Dev Web Development Company


Location: Florianópolis, Brazil + NYC & San Francisco

Type: Big agency

About & services: ArcTouch started developing iPhone apps over a decade ago. Today, they are a full-service software design & development studio that offers complete services to create lovable software experiences across a wide range of connected products. The services include Strategizing, Design of all kinds, Engineering and QA services, Growth services like A?B testing and App marketing (ASO, ASM) on top of basic support and maintenance.

ArcTouch Web Development Company


247 Labs

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Type: Big agency

About & services: 247 Labs offer solutions for Health and Learning businesses and not only. They offer Full stack for Web, front end, back end, servers, APIs, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu Phone, as well as solutions for mobile using cross-platform and native solutions.


TTT Studios

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Type: Boutique, 100% onshore

About & services: This is a Canadian Digital Innovation Studio offers in-house consulting, Design, Mobile and Web development along with Enterprise solutions and ensuring a strong Backend base.


Essential Designs

Location: Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Abbotsford, Burnaby, Surrey

Type: Big agency, onshore

About & services: Essential Designs build mobile applications for iOS & Android, web applications, and custom software, bringing you solutions on platforms like PHP, JavaScript, Swift & Objective-C, React, Magento, Node, Amazon Web Services, ASP.NET, Java, HTML5 & CSS3, React JS, WordPress, Angular JS & C Sharp.



Location: Toronto, Ontario

Type: Boutique

About & services: Limn is a modern up-and-coming design agency filled with a young spirit and desire to create. They offer conversion-driven design, UX Wireframing & Prototyping, User Interface Design, Brand Identity Design, Front End Development, Web applications, eCommerce, Cloud Infrastructure & Database Architecture, CMS and Software Integrations along with Market research and User Interaction Analyses.



Location: Toronto, Ontario + NYC, New York

Type: Boutique, onshore

About & services: OPTASY is an on-site and in-house team of Drupal experts, working with this CMS for more than 10 years and a full-service software provider with a confirmed “weakness” for full-cycle web projects. Services at OPTASY include Digital Strategy, Design, Web Development, Mobile & App, Maintenance & Support and Staff Augmentation.

Optasy Web Development Company



Dcsl Software

Location: London + Farnborough, Hampshire

Type: Big agency, onshore

About & services: A leading soft-dev company in the UK since the ’90s whose  Microsoft-approved software developers create bespoke software products, apps and operational systems for SMEs, enterprise, not-for-profit, government and funded start-ups.



Location: London, Leeds in UK + Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India

Type: Big agency, partially onshore

About & services: Intelivita offers three engagement models in web and mobile app development: part-time hiring, full-time hiring and hourly hiring. Intelivita is a web and mobile app development company creating solutions for all types of businesses.



Location: London, NYC, Boston, Austin, Raleigh/Durham & San Francisco

Type: Big agency, mostly offshore

About & services: This international and young company will get your business onto the the App/Play Store, will help with UI/UX Design and with Design research and will do anything your business needs through Ruby on Rails, React, Elixir & Phoenix, Python & Django and Elm.

Thoughtbot Web Development Company

Ready 4S

Location: Poole, Dorset + Cracow, Poland; NYC, USA

Type: Mid-sized agency, 100% in-house

About & services: Ready 4S is a soft-dev company ready to tackle your business’ issues from their offices in the UK, Poland and New York and bring you services like Mobile and Web Development, Android & iOS, App development for hire, Mobile app MVP.



Location: UK, USA and Asia offices

Type: Big agency, worldwide

About & services: TIVIX works with a mix of new ventures, Fortune 500 brands, and NGOs across a variety of sectors, so their service portfolio is large and you will find anything your business needs software-wise in their price-list.





Location: Minsk, Belarus

Type: Boutique

About & services: Brimit specializes in implementing sophisticated Sitecore, Office 365, Salesforce solutions across multiple layers of technology integrated with complex corporate systems.



Location: Berlin, Warsaw

Type: Boutique

About & services: YND is a digital product studio whose experts in software, hardware, design and strategy build products and push digital boundaries well beyond landing pages and mobile apps.



Location: Poznan; London; Astoria, NY

Type: Boutique

About & services: World’s #2 Web & Mobile App Development Company and #1 Python & Django Developers, Merixstudio delivers a full spectrum of IT services from consultations to product design to app development.


The Software House

Location: Gliwice & Krakow, Poland; Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Type: Mid-size agency, on-shore

About & services: A company started by friends and grown with care and personal interest, The Software House has a 4.9/5 rating on Clutch and will deliver high-quality soft-dev solutions to your business big and small.



Location: Poznań, Poland

Type: Boutique, in-house, outsource

About & services: Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a startup in stealth mode – Netguru gives their clients the creative, technical and business talent their project requires when it comes to any stage of software development.



Location: Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Type: Boutique

About & services: At Selleo you’ll find the following services:

UX/UI Design Consulting

Custom Software Development

DevOps & Cloud Consulting

GraphQL APIs Development

Shopify Experts

Ruby on Rails Developers

Elixir Developers

Node.js Developers

Ember.js Developers

React.js Developers



Location: Poznań, Poland

Type: Boutique, in-house, outsource

About & services: This is Europe’s largest Python software house and their site reads “For companies with big projects and fast deadlines.” STXnext offers End-to-End development, consulting and team extension.


First Line Software

Location: Prague; Brno; The Hague; Gloucestershire, UK; Cambridge, MA; Doreen, Victoria, Australia

Type: Big Agency, in-house

About & services: First Line Software is a prominent provider of software engineering, software enablement, and digital transformation advisory services to clients across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.





Location: Brisbane QLD

Type: Big Agency, in-house

About & services: Experts at Evolut build websites, apps, digital campaigns, augmented reality, a virtual reality since 2004. Here you’ll find solutions for your app and web development, design, digital marketing, conversion optimization and data analytics.



Location: Sydney; Melbourne; London; Toronto; Murphy, TX; Ahmedabad & Pune, IN

Type: Big Agency, onshore & outsource

About & services: TatvaSoft is a CMMI Level 3 and Microsoft Gold Certified Software Development Company that focuses on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective IT outsourcing services.



Location: Melbourne, New York, Boston, Dubai, Kochi, Trivandrum

Type: Big Agency, onshore & outsource

About & services: Fingent is a global IT company providing strategic IT business solutions and services for complex business problems, in multiple industry sectors including retail, healthcare, finance, education, and more.



Location: Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Albury-Wodonga, Perth, Geelong, Australia & Bali, Indonesia

Type: Big Agency, onshore & outsource

About & services: As one of the longest-standing independent digital agencies in Australia with over 130 awards, Luminary is a safe choice to go to for anything related to content, design and UX, digital strategy or web/app development.


Appetiser Apps

Location: Melbourne, Australia & Düsseldorf, Germany

Type: Mid-size agency, onshore & outsource

About & services: From iOS to Android to web applications – Appetiser Apps have developed apps for mobile safety, renting, building cost estimating and dating with its team of 100 spread across 4 continents.





Location: Singapore

Type: Mid-size agency, onshore & outsource

About & services: Osmium brings web, video, SEO social media and branding solutions to your business.



Location: Shanghai, China & Sydney, Australia

Type: Mid-size agency, onshore

About & services: JustPro is a digital transformation company with more than 20 years of experience. Here, apart from standard digital services you’ll be able to get solutions in Industrial Automation & IoT Applications and RFID & Barcode Development.



Location: Tokyo, Shanghai, Dubai, London, Berlin, New York & 20 more offices

Type: Big agency, onshore

About & services: Monstar-Lab provides solutions for effective strategies with global insight, precisely executed with cutting-edge technology, all at scale.



Location: Guangzhou, China

Type: Boutique, onshore

About & services: Beansmile help a range of establishments from one-person companies, to Fortune 500, to universities to NGO’s with their software development projects since 2010.





Location: Ahmedabad & Rajkot, India + 7 offices in the USA

Type: Big agency, onshore & offshore

About & services: AllianceTek offers on-shore and off-shore dedicated teams for projects in all the standard digital spheres from software development, to UI & UX design to support & maintenance.


Capital Numbers

Location: West Bengal, India; San Francisco, USA; Beerwah, Australia; Stockholm, Sweden

Type: Big agency, onshore & offshore

About & services: Capital Numbers is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified digital solutions company with 400+ experts working full time across 3 Delivery Centres and allowing businesses to ramp up their team for Web, Mobile, DevOps, AI/ML, or UI/UX Development needs.



Location: Pardesipura & Jaipur, India; Sydney, Australia; Singapore; Johannesburg, South Africa; London, UK; San Jose & Atlanta, USA

Type: Big agency, onshore & offshore

About & services: CIS has established itself as a leading name in providing technology solutions and services that adhere to globally recognized standards and latest technology trends, offering optimized solutions and services across a wide range of industry domains.



Location: Saltlake, Kolkata, India

Type: Big agency, onshore & offshore

About & services: Brainium is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, award-winning software development company, and a Google Partner offering Web Development, App Development, Digital Marketing, and On-Demand Hiring.


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