Top Offshore Software Development Companies in Eastern Europe

Oksana Zabolotna
HBD at Qubit Labs

It is a well-established truth by now that CEE and especially Eastern Europe is a region where IT services are taken seriously and the whole region thrives off of the tech talent that the rest of the world has recently discovered and put to use. Eastern Europe is a fast-growing IT destination with over a million developers offering their services in the entire spectrum of technologies.

There are multiple reasons why this region has become so popular in the world of IT outsourcing and why companies around the globe have put their trust into specifically European developers.

As a rule, the CEE region can boast robust educational systems with a lot of attention paid to exact sciences and information technology, so the quality of talent produced in this region has always been at the high end of the scale. This also is a massive talent pool with millions of developers and a growing labor market as the supply of new talent is constant.

Central and especially Eastern European countries also have a leg up on most other destinations in terms of cost of services. Since a number of these economies are not a part of the EU and the cost of living is significantly lower in these countries, so the cost of services consequently can be much more attractive than prices in the west, allowing customers to save their budget without losing the high quality of the products.

Central Europe is a convenient place to work with no matter how you look at it. It’s not stretched over many time zones, a business can always find a work time overlap wherever in the world it might be based, and travel is simplified in the region with visa-free regimes and good infrastructure. It is also culturally convenient to hire developers from CEE as there is a minimal chance for a culture shock, work ethic discrepancies or misunderstandings as most IT specialists from Eastern Europe are well-proficient in English.

Selection Criteria:

  • IT Outsourcing service vendor
  • Development center in Eastern Europe
  • High rating on Clutch
  • Vetted review from clients on Clutch

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Top Companies in Ukraine

Qubit Labs

Qubit Labs logo

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine; Tallinn, Estonia; Toronto, Canada

Type: Mid-size agency, offshore/nearshore

About & Services: Qubit Labs build dedicated teams in Ukraine and expand into BPO services, turnkey R&D setup finding smart and cost-effective solutions to all kinds of businesses across the globe. Additionally, you can rely on Qubit Labs for Consulting, IT Staffing, Project Management, Talent Mapping and Tech Support in areas like AI, Big Data, IoT and Web Design.


Let’s take a closer look at Ukraine,

one of the biggest and well-known IT outsourcing destination. There are plenty of reasons including many of those mentioned above, for it to be headlining the list of countries to outsource IT-related solutions from.


Great tech education

Historically, Ukraine has made a name for itself with its technical education as Russian and Ukrainian educational systems were a hallmark of tech schooling throughout the 20th century. Ukraine’s V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and National Technical University of Ukraine produce top-notch software engineers the whole world is after.


Fluent English

Another reason for companies to keep choosing Ukraine as their IT destination is the well-established communication and English proficiency of the Ukrainian developers. While communication is so important when working on a project over distance, and many companies can share plenty of unpleasant experiences with language barriers hindering proper workflow when hiring developers overseas, the majority of developers will pleasantly surprise you with English fluency.



Since the demand for Ukrainian developers has only been growing in the past few years, it’s logical that when hiring developers in Ukraine, you will end up working with people with an extensive experience of working with international projects and your business will most likely benefit from this cumulative knowledge of previous mistakes, fixes and wins.


Average rates

The Ukrainian economy is a work in progress, and the cost of living there is much lower compared to any western states. This gives Ukrainian developers a solid advantage because they can offer their services at lower prices without sacrificing any comfort of life for themselves and still deliver products of the comparably highest quality.


Strong work ethic

Ukrainian developers have earned their name worldwide with high efficiency, clear communication and high standards of work ethic. Portfolios of happy clients are probably the highest valued currency in the world of IT outsourcing and Ukrainian developers can boast quite the riches.


Comfortable time zones

As mentioned above, the whole region is a very convenient place to outsource because it more or less is in the middle of the world. Having developers in Ukraine working on your project, you will always find a work time overlap, wherever you are based. This way you can save yourself and the offshore team a lot of time and consequently, money.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire Developers in Ukraine?

Below we’ve listed the best offshore software development in Eastern Europe.


5 Top Companies from Bulgaria



Bianor logo

Type: Mid-size agency, offshore

About & Services: Bianor helps Telcos, media companies, and content providers to develop live video streaming and video-on-demand distribution solutions. They also build dedicated teams, develop IT solutions, provide business analysis and are experts in UI & UX design.


Coherent Solutions

Coherent Solutions logo

Type: Big agency, offshore

About & Services: Coherent solutions offers full life-cycle software development services in a wide variety of technologies for an equally wide array of industries. You can hire dedicated teams to help you with anything from mobile dev, to eCommerce to Blockchain.



Mentormate logo

Type: mid-size agency; onshore, off-shore

About & Services: Founder Björn Stansvik in partnership with a group of developers in Bulgaria tapped into the pool of abundant technical expertise the country offers and grew MentorMate into a full-service development company with five offices across the country (7 globally), 550 employees and 30+ development languages available for your project.



Childish logo

Type: mid-size agency; onshore, offshore

About & Services: According to their own website, these are the things this company is good at custom software, dedicated teams and IoT solutions. Childish is a software development company with a noble cause. It is 50% owned by one of the biggest and most efficient NGO in Bulgaria, the Give a Book Foundation and half of the company’s profits go to support an initiative called Give Time.



Type: small agency; offshore

MiracleMill logo

About & Services: Miracle Mill is a Swedish-owned and operated web, mobile, and desktop development company founded in 2009, with development offices in Bulgaria and North Macedonia. They are cloud enthusiasts and have delivered 100+ web and mobile solutions in a wide range of technologies and across industries.


Top 5 Companies from Poland


Apptension logo

Type: mid-size agency; offshore

About & Services: Their mission is to merge creativity and technology to deliver sustainable products that lead to a market change. Apptension’s services range from classical web and mobile development to augmented and virtual reality and to product design.



Stepwise logo

Type: mid-size agency; offshore

About & Services: Stepwise offer all the services you might need to scale up your business. They dabble in Product design, custom software development and data engineering & ML. Developers at Stepwise will also help your business with solutions related to the Google Cloud Platform.



STXnext logo

Type: Boutique, in-house, outsource

About & Services: This is Europe’s largest Python software house and their site reads “For companies with big projects and fast deadlines.” STXnext offers End-to-End development, consulting and team extension.



Neoteric logo

Type: Big agency, in-house, offshore

About & Services: Neoteric can build an interdisciplinary team that aligns with the needs of your business and provide a full spectrum of services from web development, AI, SaaS development, to product design, robotic process automation.


Gecko Dynamics

Gecko dynamics logo

Type: Big agency, in-house, offshore

About & Services: Founded in 2002, Gecko Dynamics is a big software development company, providing a full-service development of web & mobile applications, custom systems, SaaS products and IT solutions.


Top Companies in Romania


AB4 Systems

Ab4 systems logo

Type: Boutique, offshore

About & Services: AB4 Systems help big organizations and funded startups develop digital experiences for their clients. The work with product strategy and design, software engineering, data science, QA and testing while also offering services in marketing and audit.



Arobs logo

Type: Big agency, offshore

About & Services: AROBS Transilvania Software is one of the most important and well-recommended software development companies in Romania with 7 offices across the country, 6 international branches and about 1000 employees. You will get any solution your business needs from this Romanian giant.



Neurony logo

Type: Big agency, offshore

About & Services: Neurony specializes in something that software consultancies often steer clear of robust, high-complexity web applications. They are a web app development company with a strong affiliation for business development and planning. Neurony is recognized by Clutch as having some of the top developers in Romania.



Deventure logo

Type: Big agency, offshore

About & Services: Deventure builds exclusive, on-demand custom software and delivers high-end full-stack development services. With offices in Romania, Ireland and Germany Deventure has grown into a well-established and reliable company with high-quality services in web and mobile development UI&UX design and business intelligence.



Synergo logo

Type: Big agency, offshore

About & services: Web and mobile, distributed back-end systems, database design, front-end dev, design, business intelligence, IoT and machine learning – all of it can be done by the guys from Synergo for your business. As their website says, it’s like having your own IT department, for a fraction of the cost.





Apriorit logo

Type: Mid-size agency, offshore

About & Services: They call themselves cybersecurity geeks and balance-obsessed data architects and they specialize in research, development and quality assurance. As a software outsourcing firm, they focus on a selected range of technology domains – SaaS development, cybersecurity, virtualization, cloud computing among others.



RabIT logo

Type: Boutique agency, offshore

About & Services:  RabIT is a small software development company founded in 2014 and working mainly with companies based in Europe and North America that represent a wide range of industries from the areas of Medical, Wholesale, Retail, Media, Finance and EdTech. RabIT pride themselves on simplifying internal processes for enterprises and digitizing their solutions.


Coding Sans

Coding Sans logo

Type: Boutique agency, offshore

About & Services: Coding Sans is a full-stack Javascript development company creating serverless cross-platform and web applications. They prefer NodeJS or Golang on the back-end side and Angular and React are our top picks for the front-end.


Integral Vision

Integral Vision logo

Type: Boutique agency, offshore

About & Services: The three main words at work at Integral Vision are “design”, “develop”, “support”. This software development company will help your business if you need integration with other systems, support for your business processes, your data visualized, or if you’re looking to build something with community-building, e-learning purposes or online shopping.



Type: Boutique agency, offshore

About & Services:  Webtown has been operating on the Hungarian market since 2005 and their services are based mostly on Java and PHP, but not limited to those. They have over 400 successful projects and are connected with big names such as Raiffeisen Bank and K&H Bank.

Czech Republic



Type: Mid-size agency, offshore

About & Services:  STRV were named a Clutch Leader in 2020 and work with any business, be it a Fortune 500 or a stealth startup, creating human-centered products. You can come to STRV for design or market research, for iOS or Android development, for product strategy or analytics and metrics – they have 400+ projects behind their backs.


GTM Plus

Type: Mid-size agency, offshore

About & Services:  GMT Plus offers to augment businesses’ dev capabilities with outsourced web and mobile development teams. They build dedicated teams who in turn build end-to-end software or augment your company’s dev team with IT specialists of particular skills.


Limestone Digital

Type: Mid-size agency, offshore

About & Services:  With offices in Czech Republic, Ukraine and the USA, Limestone Digital has a good track record of assembling, operating, and managing top tech-savvy engineering teams.



Type: Mid-size agency, offshore

About & Services: Cleverance has been developing software for 19 years, from tweaking existing systems to the comprehensive redesign and overhaul of entire systems in the financial, telecommunication and industrial sectors. They use the RUP and SCRUM methodologies to manage projects, and ITIL to configure processes and services.



Type: Mid-size agency, offshore

About & Services: Blueberry are software developers who have really strong opinions on design and functionality. They need to make sure that your idea is going to work and look good before they start “hacking”. You’ll find the whole spectrum of development services at Blueberry, too.





Type: Big agency, offshore

About & Services: Altoros develops and implements custom software solutions tailored to specific business needs, as well as focus on automating the existing workflows and facilitating data management. They have over 400+ remote software engineers with the most various tech background ready to boost your project.



Type: Big agency, offshore

About & Services: With over 15 years of experience iTechart have optimized the art of building dedicated teams and can offer your business a team of developers suited for your needs within 2 weeks of contacting them – assembled and onboarded.



Type: Big agency, offshore

About & Services: Spiral Scout has been on the market a little over 10 years and has proven their claim to the spot under the sun. The stats say, their average site increases sales by 350% and some of their applications are used by millions of people each day. You will find a full spectrum of IT services with Spiral Scout from design, to development of any kind, to DAM system, e-learning and eCommerce.



Type: Big agency, offshore

About & Services: Andersen is a software development company with a full cycle of services. The people are almost 1500, the experience is over 13 years and the development centers count 11 to date. Visit their site to find out about other stats and accolades.



Type: Mid-size agency, offshore

About & Services: SCAND is a custom software development company, founded in 2000 and located in Minsk, Belarus. Being one of the top IT outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe, they provide a full cycle of software development services: UI/UX design, web, mobile and desktop development, QA and testing services, DevOps, cloud app development.





Type: Mid-size agency, offshore

About & Services: Yopeso creates globally, big and small. With over 100 experts on board, 3 delivery centers in Europe and Asia, management and client advisors in Germany and the US, YOPESO offers cost-effective services on a global scale using a wide variety of technologies.



Type: Mid-size agency, offshore

About & Services: DasCoding have been around for 20+ years and their experts can help your business at any stage of the project development life cycle from requirements gathering to analysis, design, coding, testing, and maintaining your projects.



Type: Boutique agency, offshore

About & Services: Established in 2006, Terranet’s team of storytellers and engineers offers services in web and mobile development and custom CRM solutions.




Mercury Development

Type: Big agency, offshore

About & Services: From ideation to deployment and support, Mercury Development can assist with every step of the development cycle. They’ve created award-winning teams building apps for OS, OS X, Android and Windows platforms.



Type: Mid-size agency, offshore

About & Services: RockeTech develops MVPs for startups and complex platforms for enterprises with Java, JavaScript, Go, PHP, Swift, and other languages, as well as 100+ frameworks. They also dabble in consulting and management, Cloud & DevOps and Digital product design.



Type: Mid-size agency, offshore

About & Services: These guys craft premium enterprise-level software and offer several engagement models to accommodate businesses in various stages of development. They can help you assemble a dedicated team that corresponds to the specific needs of your project.


ADCI Solutions

Type: Boutique agency, offshore

About & Services: ADCI Solutions is a development company based in Russia that offers a full-stack development, starting from consultancy and strategy to UX/UI design, website development, and maintenance. They’ve been around since 2007.



Type: Boutique agency, offshore

About & Services: This relatively young company has collected several awards and recognitions from Clutch and other IT authorities in delivering their services. Websailors offer full-cycle development and will build a product customised maximally to your business needs.

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