How to Help the IT Industry in Ukraine When It Is Impossible to Resort to IT Relocation?

Oksana Zabolotna
HBD at Qubit Labs

For every person who runs a business, ensuring that your team is safe and feeling good is vital. Software engineers from Ukraine are doing their best to continue working productively. This article is an overview of how you can help instead of IT relocation from Ukraine. 

The Association of Ukraine’s IT industry remains solvent and financially stable – despite some recession incurred by the war. During the first month of the war, up to 80% of software development companies could minimize the war’s effects, recover successfully, and continue to support their ongoing relationships with their clients. 

IT Association Ukraine also reported that 77% of companies had retained their relationships with their clients without decreasing the volumes of IT services they provided during the pre-war times. Moreover, over 7% of developers continued working part-time, and 6% were laid off as their employers had to adjust to new circumstances. Additionally, up to 3% of IT specialists joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and had to leave their workplaces temporarily. Of course, you can always choose a relocation as an option, but unfortunately it is illegal for men to leave the country due to martial law. The Ukrainian government and companies do their best to make sure all people including software developers are in a safe place to live and work. 


How Ukraine is Helping Software Developers to Continue Their Work?

Yes, Ukraine is going through the war and now it is extremely important to make sure that everybody including software developers are safe. A lot of companies help their Ukrainian team to relocate within the country. Approximately 80% of Ukrainian programmers have relocated to safer regions of the country  like Kyiv, Chernivtsi, Lviv, Zakarpattya region, etc. Companies are helping them with relocation, making sure they receive the full salary and ensuring they keep all contacts with their clients the same as before the war. 

All the Ukrainian developers are welcome to work from IT hubs and coworking spaces which have already opened their doors for everyone who needs it. Coworking spaces are provided with all necessary working equipment for the developers so they can easily focus on their current and future projects.

Finally, all the companies keep in touch with foreign clients and investors to provide programmers with new business opportunities. It also helps to support our economy and help to rebuild our country after the victory. 


How Can I Help Instead of IT Relocation? 

You can still help the developers and Ukraine as well by providing job opportunities for our specialists and investing in Ukrainian startups. For those who can’t leave the country getting new projects will help to continue developing their work and personal growth as before the war. You can hire one specialist or the whole dedicated team from developers to project managers who will focus on your business straight away. Qubit Labs will organize it for you easily and quickly.

Investing in Ukrainian startups is another significant help that you can provide for our country. More and more successful startups continue developing as before the war.  Our startups keep on creating as Ukrainian investors are not afraid to invest. It clearly shows that the IT ecosystem never stops and even becomes more powerful. We believe in our courage and motivation, and Ukraine has already proved to be one of the top countries with the most driven, diligent, and motivated people. 

By paying salaries to your team you help the Ukrainian economy to grow because of paying taxes in Ukraine. You also provide new job opportunities for our developers which was extremely important during the war. Hiring developers from Ukraine – will make our IT ecosystem more powerful and robust than ever. We are proud that our developers always stay strong by showing their courage and dedication.  

Help Ukraine to stay strong by hiring our developers! 

Stand with Ukraine! 


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Oksana Zabolotna
HBD at Qubit Labs
Oksana is a team leader of sales and marketing team at Qubit Labs.